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New World of Stardom champion crowned at Dream Queendom


A new World of Stardom champion has been crowned.

Syuri won the Wonder of Stardom Championship at this morning’s Stardom Dream Queendom 2021 event, the company's final show of the year. She won the match after pinning Utami Hayashishita, who had held the championship for over 400 days, defeating Mayu Iwatani on November 15, 2020. Both the World of Stardom and the SWA Championship were on the line; Syuri retained the latter championship.

After the match, Syuri first thanked her mom in heaven, then thanked Utami from the bottom of her heart. Utami was helped to the back as Syuri said at long last she had the top belt in Stardom. She said she would live the next year without regret and asked the Stardom fans for their support going into 2022.

Syuri and Utami have been feuding for most of 2021. On June 12, the two had a match that ended in a double KO. Another match, which took place in September as part of the 5STAR Grand Prix, ended in a time limit draw. This morning's match had no time limit.