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NJPW on AXS results: Kenny Omega vs. Alex Shelley


This week, it's part 2 of our look at Wrestling Dontaku 2015 (which took place on May 3, 2015) is again the theme of tonight’s show. We have a look at the IWGP title match, as well as some multi-man tags.

Interesting to note the title match isn’t the main event of this show, as Karl Anderson welcomes us to the program.

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega vs. Alex Shelley

This was fine, but didn’t feel it was anything too special. Omega camped it up big time during this match, using weapons and the like. It was also edited for time. There was some cool stuff towards the end, but it felt like just another title defense. Omega retained the title, pinning Shelley after the One Winged Angel.

Omega cut a hammy promo after the match, saying he won’t be in the Super Juniors tournament but will be ready to face whoever wins the Best of the Super Garbage tournament.

Maria vs. Amber Gallows

Karl Anderson started to speak. He didn’t care that he lost the tag titles to the Kingdom several episodes ago, he only cared about Maria. Usually he wants the championship, but the only thing he could think about in Ryogoku was Maria. He started saying all these nice things about Maria as beautiful music played. He wasn’t happy that Amber Gallows was coming to beat up Maria and was mad at Doc for instigating it. He hoped he could protect Maria in the match. 

So the match aired. It was pretty much angle oriented around Maria and Anderson, and little else. It was a fine mid card type of program, but it's really didn't rejuvinate a divison that sorely needed jumpstart after being stagnant for so many years. Anderson and Gallows argued a lot about Maria during the match. Maria did a few spots with Amber Gallows and got a near fall after a crossbody. Anderson and Maria ended up in the ring together. They danced for a bit before Maria low blowed him, then Maria got the big win with a inside cradle on Amber. 

Anderson in the post match seemed to have snapped out of his Maria infatuation. He said the Bullet Club is the strongest group in the last twenty years. He says Maria won’t get in the way. Everything they do is because they planned it.

Anderson, who in reflection has snapped back into the infatuation. puts over the Kingdom as good wrestlers, but they didn’t care about them. He only cared about Maria. The only thing he thought about, the only thing he thinks about during the day and night is for Maria to come to Bullet Club. He can win the G1, Intercontinental or World titles, but the tag team scene is his focus right now.

Makabe, Tanahashi and Shibata vs. Ishii, Yano and Sakuraba

Shibata and Sakuraba grappled, Makabe and Ishii beat each other up with stiff attacks and Yano pretty much avoided Tanahashi’s offense by doing his usual routine. This was a nice, quick six man bout with plenty of action and set the tone for future bouts. Tanahashi got the win for his team, gaining a measure of revenge by grabbing Yano’s hair and getting a flash pin over him while holding the hair.

Tanahashi was happy he finally got one over Yano now. All he has to do is wait, as he bets he’ll walk right into the mouse trap. 

Not a great week for match quality, but a nice show that highlighted some of the midcard antics that went on last summer.