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NJPW BOSJ day 5 results: Taguchi vs. Romero; Gedo vs. Matt Sydal


Day 5 results are in (though you probably already know that reading this evening’s edition of the Observer), which featured A Block action in Iwate:

Gedo vs Matt Sydal

The heel Gedo jumped Sydal immediately with a superkick to the gut. He was in control for most of the match. Sydal escaped from Gedo and took him down, remained in control and got the win rather quickly with a shooting star press. Okay for what it was.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. BUSHI

This was just there. Crowd was kind of into it, but not really. It was solid but the crowd hurt it a bit. There was a ref bump but O’Reilly avoided the mist and hit the brainbuster for a nearfall. The referee recovered way too quickly over that ref bump; doing it in every Bushi match is going to get really tiresome, plus they come up with the most contrived ways to execute them. O’Reilly immediately sank in the armbar and got the submission.

Kushida vs. David Finlay

Another solid match here. Kushida worked on Finlay’s arm early. Finlay came back with a German suplex and did the uppercut in the corner. Finlay broke out the stretch muffler but Kushida made it to the ropes. Some hot nearfalls toward the end. After some back and forth reversals Kushida got in the hoverboard lock and after some fighting, Finlay submitted.

Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Rocky Romero

Taguchi decided to wear a pirate costume to the ring. And when I mean costume, I mean a plastic hook and an eyepatch. Not imaginative, but gets the job done I guess. Another okay match. Everything looked fine, nothing wrong with it. Romero kicked out of a running hip strike. Taguchi went for another but Romero grabbed him. Taguchi countered by reversing into an ankle lock submission, which got him the win.

Current tallies:

Block A:

  • Ryusuke Taguchi - 6
  • Kyle O’Reilly - 6
  • Rocky Romero - 4
  • Matt Sydal - 4
  • Gedo - 2
  • Kushida - 2
  • Bushi - 0
  • David Finlay - 0

Block B:

  • Baretta - 4
  • Jushin Thunder Liger - 4
  • Ricochet - 4
  • Chase Owens - 2
  • Volador Jr. - 2
  • Tiger Mask - 0
  • Bobby Fish - 0
  • Will Ospreay - 0