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NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 6-2-15 report Ibaraki: Bobby Fish vs. Mascara Dorada


By Bryan Rose,

Day 9 of the Best of the Super Juniors tournament has arrived Results are below, followed by the current rankings and links to previous results.

Rocky Romero vs. David Finlay

Solid match. A lot of it was Romero working over Finlay. Finlay tried to put Romero in a overhead leg lock but cradled him for a nearfall. He tries it again, succeeding, but Romero gets to the ropes. Finlay pelted Romero with uppercuts but he made a comeback and draped Finlay on the ropes, hitting a springboard dropkick. He follows that up with a tombstone and gets the win. Turned into a really fun match.

Yohei Komatsu vs. Ryusuke Taguchi

This wasn’t interesting for about a third of a match, but it picked up in the end. Taguchi hit a hip toss off the top rope, but Komatsu switched a dodon for a nearfall people were really into. He beat an ankle lock, but Komatsu fell to another dodon and this time Komatsu didn’t kick out. The last few minutes were good.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Barbaro Cavernario

O’Reilly controlled early, but Cavernario came back, sent out O’Reilly and proceeded with a huge step up crossbody to the floor. Back and forth from here, but O'Reilly applying a sharpshooter but Cavernario quickly going to the ropes. He comes back and hits a bridging back suplex for the pinfall. This was fine.

Mascara Dorada vs. Bobby Fish

Dorada was in control early, but Fish knocked him off the apron with a kick and started to work on him. Dorada makes an amazing comeback, with a rope walk clothesline and a huge tope con hilo to the floor. They get back in the ring and he follows that up with a big moonsault for another nearfall. Fish cuts him off with a back suplex and a suplex into the ring post for a two count. Dorada tries to cut him off, but Fish grabs his leg and pelts him with kicks. A forearm shot and falcon arrow later gives him the win. Another pretty solid bout, though I think the best match of the night was probably Romero/Finlay.

Current Standings:

Block A:

Kyle O’Reilly (8)
Ryusuke Taguchi (8)
Chase Owens (6)
Jushin Thunder Liger (6)
Babaro Cavernario (4)
Gedo (4)
Beretta (4)
Yohei Komatsu (0)

Block B:

Kushida (10)

Rocky Romero (8)

Mascara Dorada (6)

Tiger Mask IV (6)

Nick Jackson (6)

Bobby Fish (6)

Alex Shelley (2) (Out of tournament due to injury)

David Finlay (0)

And here are recaps of the previous shows for quick reference:

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  • Day 2: Kushida vs. Nick Jackson
  • Day 3: Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Kyle O’Reilly
  • Day 4: Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Beretta
  • Day 5: Chase Owens vs. Jushin Thunder Liger
  • Day 6: Rocky Romero vs. Tiger Mask IV
  • Day 7: Kushida vs. Bobby Fish
  • Day 8: Kushida vs. Tiger Mask IV