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NJPW Best of the Super Juniors live results: Block finals


Tonight decides who’s in and who is out of the Best of the Super Junior 25 finals.

Both block finals will take place tonight.  KUSHIDA and Hiromu Takahashi will headline tonight’s show. Considering some of the matches that the two have had in the past over the IWGP title have been absolutely wild, this is one bout that is sure to excite Korakuen Hall this morning.

As far as who is alive, things go like this. For Block A, if Ishimori wins, he’s in no matter what. Ospreay needs to win and have YOH beat Ishimori in order to advance. If Ishimori and Ospreay both lose, then it gets more complicated. Either way, ACH and Kanemaru are eliminated no matter what.

Block B is simpler. Whoever wins between Hiromu Takahashi and KUSHIDA tonight makes it to the finals. One person who will still be alive if they falter, however, is Scurll. He needs to win his match tonight against SHO, then hope for a tie between Takahashi and KUSHIDA.

Join us for live coverage this morning at 5:30 a.m. Eastern. There will be English commentary.


A Block Match: ACH defeated Tiger Mask

ACH entered wearing a Tiger Mask mask. ACH rolled to the floor after Tiger sweeped his legs. Tiger followed him outside, and ACH chopped the post with his good arm. Tiger went to work on the arm. ACH missed a frog splash, and Tiger continued attacking the right arm. 

ACH made a comeback, hitting a lariat, and a top rope frog splash for a nearfall. He hit a Tiger Driver, earning a nearfall. He went for another, but Tiger reversed it, and hit one of his own, also for a nearfall. 

They went to the top rope, and Tiger hit a double underhook superplex for a nearfall. Tiger went for a Tiger suplex, but ACH countered, and rolled him up for the pin. Tiger Mask is eliminated from contention. A short, simple opener. They didn't do much. 

Both men finish the tournament 3-4. 

A Block Match: Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeated BUSHI

BUSHI attacked Kanemaru during the introductions. He sent him to the floor and went for a suicide dive, but Kanemaru moved, and BUSHI slammed into Tomoyuki Oka, sending him into the crowd. Kanemaru slammed another of the Young Lions on BUSHI. Back inside, he used a camel clutch, and teased ripping off BUSHI's mask. 

Kanemaru hit a drive-by dropkick on the apron, then DDT'ed BUSHI to the floor. BUSHI beat the count, making it back inside at 15. BUSHI choked Kanemaru with his t-shirt, then hit a rana and a missile dropkick. Kanemaru countered a neckbreaker with a botched tornado DDT, then hit an inverted DDT. 

Kanemaru went for a brainbuster, but BUSHI slid out. He hit an enziguri, and Kanemaru slid to the floor. BUSHI tried another suicide dive, and connected this time. Back iniside, he hit a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. He went for the MX, but Kanemaru shoved him into the ref, who took a bump. 

Kanemaru went for the whiskey mist, but BUSHI spraed him with the black mist. BUSHI used a backslide for a nearfall, but Kanemaru slid out. Kanemaru still had the whiskey in his mouth, and hit the whiskey mist, then hit Deep Impact for the win. BUSHI is eliminated. 

This was fine, but they didn't get much time. Both finish the tournament 3-4. 

B Block Match: Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Chris Sabin

They started out working each other's arms. Sabin hit a springboard armdrag. Taguchi did a series of dropdowns as Sabin ran the ropes, and Sabin hit a low dropkick. He hit a high cross from the top for a nearfall. 

Sabin used a hammerlock and an abdominal stretch. He used a backslide for a nearfall, then used a Garvin stomp. Sabin used a chinlock, then hit a sunset flip. He hit another, but Taguchi countered with a dropkick. He hit a hip attack, then a crossbody from the top to the floor. He followed up with a tope con hilo, taking control of the bout. 

Taguchi hit a springboard hip attack for a nearfall. They hit simultaneous lariats, leading to a double down. They traded chops. Sabin hit an enziguri and a yakuza kick, then connected with a top rope rana, and a missile dropkick, leading to a two count. 

Sabin went for All Hail Sabin, but Taguchi countered. They traded La Magistral cradles. Taguchi slapped on the ankle lock, hit Dodon for a nearfall, then applied the ankle lock again, and Sabin tapped. A slightly above average match.

Both finish the tournament 3-4. 

B Block Match: El Desperado defeated Dragon Lee

Lee jumped Desperado at the bell, hit a suicide dive, and followed with a tope con hilo. Lee got low-bridged, but bounced back immediately. He went for another tope, but Desperado moved, and Lee landed on his feet. My knees hurt just watching that. 

Desperado hit Lee with a chair he had stashed under the ring, then sent him into the crowd. He used a chair to attack Lee's left knee, which was taped up. Desperado posted the knee, then tied Lee to the tree of woe. Desperado went for the mask, but Lee escaped, and they traded lariats and strikes. 

Lee hit a snap suplex, then a series of forearm strikes. He went for Desperado's mask, and tore it badly. Lee missed a fottstomp, but connected with a dropkick. He hit the footstomp for a nearfall, and Desperado desperately tried to keep his face hidden. 

Desperado hit a spinebuster, then used a stretch muffler, but Lee made the ropes. They traded nearfalls. Desperado hit a low blow right in front of the referee, who had to pretend he didn't see it, and got the pin. 

After the match, Desperado ripped off Dragon's mask, and the Young Lions ran in to cover his face.

They worked at a crazy pace, and the match was probably good until the finish, but Desperado pulling on his torn mask the whole time was a major distraction. Both finish 3-4.

Tomoaki Honma came out for a promo, and announced that he's returning to action on June 23. 

A Block Match: Will Ospreay defeated Flip Gordon

They mirrored each other in the opening exchange. Both didn't connect on dives to the floor, and both landed on their feet. Flip hit a standing moonsault for a nearfall, then hit a vertical suplex. Ospreay hit a back elbow and a dropkick in the corner. Ospreay torqued on Flip's arms, and got a pair of nearfalls. 

The pace slowed, as Ospreay grabbed a headlock. They picked it back up, as Flip landed on his feet out of a suplex, then hit a springboard dropkick. He followed with a springboard spear for a nearfall. Ospreay hit a 619, then hit a springboard clothesline. Ospreay went for the Storm Breaker, but Flip escaped. Ospreay hit a standing Spanish Fly, leading to a double down. 

They traded elbow and forearm strikes. Flip connected with a rolling senton and a standing shooting star, but Ospreay countered with Cheeky Nandos. Ospreay went up top, but Flip hit a superkick, knocking Ospreay to the floor. Flip hit a springboard senton to the floor, then a 450 in the ring, earning a nearfall. Ospreay hit a cutter, and they did another double down. 

Ospreay hit a sidewalk slam, then connected with the Robinson Special. He went for the Oscutter, but ate a superkick on the landing. Flip went foor the Four Flippy, but Ospreay hung him over the top rope, and hit a shooting star. 

Ospreay hit a superkick and the Essex Destroyer for a nearfall. Ospreay teased a top rope Storm Breaker, then hit a top rope Oscutter. He immediately hit the Storm Breaker, and got the victory. 

This was very good. They did less in the way of flips than you might expect, but they had a great match anyway. Flip finishes the tournament 3-4, and Ospreay 5-2. Ospreay will win the A Block with an Ishimori loss. 

A Block Match: Taiji Ishimori defeated YOH

YOH hit a flying forearm, sending Taiji to the floor. He followed with a tope, and immediately went for covers back in the ring, getting three quick nearfalls. Taiji hit a seated senton, a hangman legdrop, a drive-by, and a standing moonsault, earning a nearfall. Ospreay came to ringside to watch the match, and Taiji jawed with him. 

YOH rebounded, hitting a dragon screw, a back elbow, a footstomp, and a neckbreaker. Taiji sent YOH to the floor, then hit a Golden Triangle. They took their time getting back into the ring. Taiji hit a knee strike, then slapped on a crossface, but YOH made the ropes. Taiji hit a dropkick, and a handspring enziguri. He covered, but YOH slid out and hit a superkick, leading to a double down. 

They traded strikes, but Taiji go tthe upper hand, and hit a ton of short forearm blows. They went to the top, and YOH hit a superplex into a falcon arrow, getting a two count.

Taiji hit a knee strike and a lungblower, getting a nearfall. He went for the Bloody Cross, but YOH turned it into a backslide for a nearfall. He got another close nearfall, but Taiji applied the crossface, and YOH tapped. 

A very good last few minutes, and they did a great job in convincing the audience that YOH might pull off the upset. Taiji Ishimori wins the A Block at 5-2, and advances to the final. YOH finishes 3-4.

B Block Match:  SHO defeated Marty Scurll 

Scurll caught one of SHO's imaginary arrows and laid into him with strikes. He hit a superkick on the apron, then went to work on SHO's left hand in the ring. Scurll continued to dominate the early going, using a modified sharpshooter, sending SHO crawling to the ropes. 

Scurll hit a superplex for a nearfall. SHO ducked a lariat and connected with a spear, as he looked to find his footing. SHO hit three lariats, and sent Scurll to the floor with a dropkick. Back inside, SHO went for a suplex, then hit a backstabber into a cross armbreaker, but Scurll reached the ropes. 

They traded superkicks, and Scurll hit a brainbuster, earning a two count. Scurll slapped SHO across the face twice, and SHO sold as though he was still feeling the damage from the brainbuster. They exchanged simultaneous strikes and lariats, and both collapsed to the mat. 

Scurll rolled into a cradle for a nearfall, and SHO followed with a lariat. SHO went for the SHock Arrow, but as Scurll tried to fight it, he settled for a piledriver. Scurll made it to his feet, and did the finger break on both of SHO's hands. 
Scurll stomped on SHO's head, but SHO kept fighting. Scurll swung the umbrella, but SHO ducked it, and broke the umbrella in half. He followed up with a powerbomb on the knees for a two count. He went for Shock Arrow, but couldn't connect the hands after the finger break. 

Scurll hit a lariat and applied the chicken wing, but SHO escaped, and locked on a choke, then hit a bridging german for a nearfall. SHO applied a rear naked choke and a body triangle, but Scurll climbed to the second rope and jumped off, breaking the hold. 

Scurll stomped on SHO's hand, then jumped on his head, then applied a hammerlock and rained down elbows on SHO. They teased a stoppage. Scurll went for the chicken wing, but SHO powered out, and hit the Shock Arrow, and got the pin. 

I don't like hard slaps to the face. Putting that aside, this was the best match on the show to this point. Scurll is eliminated from contention, and finishes at 4-3. SHO finishes 3-4. 

B Block Match: Hiromu Takahashi defeated KUSHIDA

Collar and elbow tie ups. Lots of them. They locked up for a long time, and it worked.These guys are great. Hiromu went for the sunset bomb, but KUSHIDA blocked, and hit a senton bomb from the top rope to the floor. KUSHIDA used a wristlock, setting up the Hoverboard later. He stomped on Hiromu's left hand, then used an armscissors, continuing to work the left arm. 

KUSHIDA went for a handspring elbow, but Hiromu countered it into a german. He followed with a shotgun dropkick from the apron to the floor. Back inside, he hit a lariat and a dropkick, and begged KUSHIDA to fight back. Hiromu used a tarantula, then a senton from the top rope. He then moved to a sleeper hold as the pace slowed. 

They picked it back up with a hip toss and a cartwheel dropkick from KUSHIDA. He teased BAck to the Future and applied the Hoverboard, but Hiromu locked his hands, escaped, then hit a flying headscissors. KUSHIDA applied an armbar, but Hiromu reached the ropes. 

KUSHIDA hit a dropkick to the left arm. he went for a lariat, but Hiromu turned it into a powerbomb. KUSHIDA hit a Pele kick, but Hiromu caught him coming in and suplexed him into the corner. Hiromu went for a Frankensteiner, but KUSHIDA blocked it. KUSHIDA applied a kimura, then jumped to the mat, jamming Hiromu's damaged left arm. 

KUSHIDA applied the Hoverboard, and Hiromu did a masterful job of selling it, before finally rolling through and hitting the Dynamite Plunger. Hiromu couldn't follow up, and both men sold on the mat. 

They finally got to their feet to trade strikes. Both were on the verge of collapsing. KUSHIDA went to take the arm for the Hoverboard, but Hiromu grabbed an arm and locked on the triangle. They teased a stoppage, but KUSHIDA fought and reached the ropes. 

Hiromu followed with an inverted piledriver, then went back to the triangle, and KUSHIDA tapped. Hiromu Takahashi wins the B Block, and will face Taiji Ishimori in the finals tomorrow. 

Ishimori showed up after the match as Hiromu cut a promo. He did the Bullet Club gun taunt, then left, as Hiromu promised to win the tournament and have fun doing it. 

I personally liked the Scurll/SHO match more, but if you wanted to say that this was the best match on the show, I wouldn't argue with you. Both of the final two matches are worth going out of your way to see. 

Final Standings

A Block

Taiji Ishimori 5-2

Will Ospreay 5-2

YOH 3-4

Flip Gordon 3-4


Yoshinobu Kanemaru 3-4

ACH 3-4

Tiger Mask 3-4

B Block

Hiromu Takahashi 5-2


Marty Scurll 4-3

Dragon Lee 3-4

Chris Sabin 3-4

El Desperado 3-4

SHO 3-4

Ryusuke Taguchi 3-4