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NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Report 5-27 Aomori report: Chase Owens vs. Jushin Thunder Liger

New Japan Pro Wrestling

by Bryan Rose,

Day 5 of the Best of the Super Juniors tournament took place early Wednesday morning. With Shelley out, there were only three matches.

Yohei Komatsu vs. Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly overpowered him early with some mat wrestling. Komatsu made the comeback on the outside and tried for a half Boston crab but O’Reilly got out of it. He counters with the armbar, but Komatsu reaches the ropes. The two exchange some great nearfalls, including a phantom cradle by Komatsu and a super stiff lariat by O’Reilly. But the latter prevailed, getting the win after a brainbuster. This was short, but pretty good.

Tiger Mask vs. Mascara Dorada

Tiger Mask played subtle heel in this match, working over Dorada, mostly on the arm. Dorada blindsided him with a dropkick and on the outside, did a huge ropewalk crossbody to the floor. He went for a moonsault, but Tiger Mask got the knees up. Dorada kicked out of the tiger driver and hit his finish, a variation of the Michinoku driver. Solid with a couple of fun spots by Dorada.

Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Chase Owens

There’s no love lost between these two rivals as Owens jumps him on the outside to start. Liger comes back with his rolling senton on the outside and applied a surfboard. Owens came back and used the referee a few times to distract Liger, including putting him in a leglock. Liger reversed a cradle piledriver attempt into a cradle, and when Owens got up laid him out with a palm strike. Owens came back once more, hit the throwback and finished Liger with a cradle piledriver. Short, but got the job done, nothing more.

Current Standings:

Block A:

Kyle O’Reilly (6)

Babaro Cavernario (4)

Gedo (4)

Ryusuke Taguchi (4)

Jushin Thunder Liger (2)

Beretta (2)

Chase Owens (2)

Yohei Komatsu (0)

Block B:

Tiger Mask IV (6)

Kushida (6)

Mascara Dorada (6)

Bobby Fish (6)

Nick Jackson (4)

Rocky Romero (4)

Alex Shelley (2) (Out of tournament due to injury)

David Finlay (0)

And here are recaps of the previous shows for quick reference:

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