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NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Saitama report 5-23-15: Kushida vs. Nick Jackson

New Japan Pro Wrestling

By Bryan Rose,

Day 2 of the Best of the Super Juniors has been uploaded on New Japan World’s website. The full show didn’t air; rather it was just the three BOTSJ matches that took place on the show. It was a hard camera, no frills sort of setup.

Alex Shelley was scheduled to face Rocky Romero on this card, but suffered what appears to be an injury to his heel during his bout with David Finlay and thus wasn’t able to compete here. It seems like they’re postponing the match until they can determine if Shelley will be able to compete or not.

Gedo vs. Yohei Komatsu

This was fine, nothing noteworthy. Gedo took control of most of the match and threw Komatsu around the outside. Komatsu made a comeback, including sinking in the rolling boston crab, but Gedo was able to escape. Gedo caught Komatsu off guard with the complete shot out of nowhere and pinned him with the Gedo clutch. This got enough time and the pacing was good enough for it to be the best match on the card, though it wasn’t anything blow away.

Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Barbaro Cavernario

Comedy spots start this one out, with Taguchi coming to the ring wearing Cavernario’s bone on his head and both of them doing Taguchi’s poses. Cavernario took out one of the turnbuckles and did Sami Zayn’s suicide dive through the corner. Taguchi comes back with a big tope con hilo. Then he just picked up a win out of nowhere with a seated butt attack. You heard me right. Not that good, just goofy comedy with one or two good spots.

Nick Jackson vs. Kushida

Decent back and forth match. Nothing wrong with it all, but wasn’t there much in terms of heat, though eventually they got into Kushida. He was in control until Jackson kicked him and landed a 450 splash for the win. Not much else to it and the finish felt pretty anticlimatic.