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NJPW G1 Climax 25 Night 3 (July 24) results: Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

by Bryan Rose,

Tonight’s show in Kyoto is not a fixed camera show, but is still without commentary. I am guessing that has something to do with Samurai TV, though I’m not sure.

David Finlay, Jay White, Mascara Dorada and Michael Elgin vs Satoshi Kojima, Tiger Mask, Yohei Komatsu and Jushin Thunder Liger

This was rather short, but fun. Elgin did a lot of his power moves including reversing a double suplex from Tiger Mask and Liger as well as driving Kojima and Komatsu down with a double powerslam. Finlay tried to hold Kojima for Elgin but Kojima dodged him and Finlay ate a lariat. Kojima eliminated Elgin then pinned Finlay after another lariat.

Yujiro Takahashi and Cody Hall vs. Tomohiro Ishii and Yoshi-Hashi

This was pretty good. Takahashi and Hall held their own, and Hall got a lot of offense in and looked pretty decent. Ishii was on offense a lot and worked hard to make this a pretty fun match. Yoshi-Hashi and Hall were the two in the ring going at it. Hall at one point had Yoshi-Hashi in the Razor’s Edge but Hashi escaped. He got the win for his team after a swanton bomb.

Karl Anderson and Tama Tonga vs. Captain New Japan and Hirooki Goto

Solid match with the typical ending. Anderson and Goto were the highlights of this match since they are due to meet shortly. Usual finish had Captain New Japan running wild on Anderson, but getting stopped and dropped with the gun stun for the win.

Kazuchika Okada, Gedo and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ryusuke Taguchi, Yuji Nagata and Tomoaki Honma

Okada and Honma had a brief exchange early that the crowd was TOTALLY into. I can’t wait for that to go down. This crowd is like night and day from Day 2 as they were completely into the match. A lot of it was Nakamura in with guys like Taguchi and Nagata. Honma came back in and worked with Okada for a bit more before Gedo was tagged in, who eventually falls to a top rope kokeshi headbutt.  

Doc Gallows vs. Kota Ibushi

Another solid match, pretty good while it lasted actually. Ibushi did his offense and looked good, especially selling for Doc. Gallows looked good here as well. He got nearfalls with one man Magic Killer and a falcon arrow. He went for the Gallows Poll, but Ibushi countered with a hurricanrana, but Gallows grabbed him though Ibushi slipped. They got it together as Ibushi floated over Gallows and rolled him up from behind for the win. 

Togi Makabe vs. Bad Luck Fale

This was better than you’d think. Not that it was astounding or anything but it was a good back and forth brawl that didn’t last all that long, making it fine for what it was. It was basically a mean guy match where they traded offense back and forth. Fale won after a Bad Luck Fall by Fale. 

AJ Styles vs. Toru Yano

Really fun match. Not that it was the best one of the tournament or anything, but this was really well worked with both guy’s styles blending in perfectly with one another. AJ did all of his stuff and worked hard with Yano, who was here doing his normal routine of using every trick in the book to get a surprise win on AJ. AJ worked on the leg early. Yano mounted a comeback by crotching him. He suplexed him twice into the exposed turnbuckle and hit his powerbomb for a great nearfall. Yano low blowed him and rolled him up but didn’t get it. Yano went for another one but AJ countered into the calf killer and Yano tapped out. 

Katsuyori Shibata vs. Tetsuya Naito

This was awesome. Shibata just nailed Naito with some stiff shot after another, continually paint brushing him in the corner with kicks and everything. Naito came back regardless and despite being destroyed came off as a total heel and it was great. Everything they did looked crisp and came off like it meant something. Naito worked on Shibata’s leg for some of the match, but Shibata came off strong and dominant. Naito made a comeback and was plastering Shibata with slaps when Shibata took him down with one of his own, put on a sleeper, and once Naito was subdued nailed him with a penalty kick to win. Easily the best match on tonight’s show so far. 

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan

All that it took for the crowd to completely side with Tenzan was for Tanahashi to slap him on the chest after a clean break in the corner. Crowd was hot for this the entire match. Tanahashi is such an excellent ring general, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone; he totally knows what is needed to have a great match here and he sure as hell did. Really good back and forth match. Tenzan had a few great nearfalls, including having Tanahashi in the anaconda vise and attempting to pin him with a anaconda buster. Tanahashi, however, managed to get the win after a sling blade and a high fly flow.