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NJPW G1 Climax 28 night 11 live results: Okada vs. Elgin


More A Block action takes place this morning in Kagawa as the 28th G1 Climax heads into its eleventh day of action.

Kazuchika Okada will headline tonight’s show, this time squaring off against Michael Elgin, who is still fresh off a NEVER title loss. It took a while for Okada to get going, but lately he’s been building momentum with some big wins. While Okada looks to continue his streak of victories, Elgin’s abilities, however, could very well earn him a surprise win and stall Okada’s momentum.

Other bouts set for tonight include Hiroshi Tanahashi taking on YOSHI-HASHI, EVIL squaring off against Minoru Suzuki, Jay White taking on Hangman Page in a rematch from Strong Style Evolved back in March and Togi Makabe vs. Bad Luck Fale.

Join us for live coverage this morning starting at 6:00 a.m. EST. There will be English commentary, with Rocky Romero and Kevin Kelly calling the action.


Juice Robinson and David Finlay Toa Henare and Shota Umino

A typical opener. David Finlay picked up the win after landing the stunner on Umino. Get those C block points, I guess.

Guerillas of Destiny defeated Tomohiro Ishii and SHO

This was to hype the upcoming Ishii/Tama Tonga match. I will tell you guys one thing: if Ishii can get a great match out of this angle, I’ll vote him for Wrestler of the Year. Loa got the win, planting SHO with a sitout piledriver.

Tetsuya Natio and SANADA defeated Toru Yano and Gedo

Toru Yano and Tetsuya Naito are going at it next. Yano teased some of his tricks, including undoing the turnbuckle pad. SANADA scored the win, submitting Gedo with the cold skull. Naito tried to go to the back after the match with the turnbuckle. 

Kenny Omega and Chase Owens defeated Zack Sabre Jr. and Taka Michinoku

Usual tag team bout. Surprisingly, Owens and Sabre didn’t go after each other much, only briefly. Owens got the win with the package piledriver on Michinoku.

Sabre jumped Omega after the match, latching on a guillotine. Omega escaped, but Sabre’s intentions were made clear.

Kota Ibushi and Yujiro Takahashi defeated Hirooki Goto and YOH

Another standard tag team match. Ibushi/Goto moments looked really good, though! Ibushi cut off YOH with a springboard dropkick, then Yujiro followed with the pimp juice DDT for the win. 

Bad Luck Fale defeated Togi Makabe

Tanga Loa didn’t really waste time interfering, taking Makabe out of the ring. Fale threw him into some empty chairs in the crowd. Back in the ring, they have some pretty decent back and forth, both scoring some near falls.

Makabe blocks the grenade and sends Fale to the floor with two lariats. Loa pulls out the referee. He distracts Makabe on the top rope long enough for Fale to throw him to the ground. He takes Makabe’s chain, wraps it around his fist and strikes Makabe with it for the win. Well, at least that’s a new finish. Next.

Jay White defeated Hangman Page

Hangman took out White early with a suicide dive. White soon counters with a back suplex. White takes it back to the ring, but Page counters with a clothesline. Page actually does a really cool deadlift into a bridging pin for a near fall. 

White gains control and tries to suplex Page to the floor, but he makes it on the apron. Page tries for the buckshot lariat, but hurt his back when deadlifting White. White takes full advantage momentarily before Page fires back with a lariat.

White drops Page face first on the apron. He tries to take Page to the top rope and drop him back first to the floor, but Page fights back and lands a giant moonsault that wipes them both out. Page goes for another moonsault, this time in the ring, but White shoves the referee, then shoves a distracted Page to the floor.

There was actually a clever spot where White took out two chairs, and when the referee took away one, blasted Page with another. The referee sees the other chair and takes it away. White goes to grab Paige by the leg, but like the old Eddie Guerrero trick, slides his boot off. White tries to go for his finish but Page breaks free. White low blows Page when the referee isn’t looking and hits the bladerunner for the win.

Okay match, lame finish. Not as good as their match from a few months ago. Kind of a dissapointment, all things considered.

Minoru Suzuki defeated EVIL

Suzuki immediately jumped EVIL as he brawled with him in and out of of the ring. He took EVIL inside the crowd where he pelted him with steel chair shots. EVIL beat a twenty count and started to fire back with some lariats.

Suzuki cut him off, landed a penalty kick and, after EVIL fought it for a bit, took him down with an armbar. EVIL bailed to the outside, but Suzuki fired back by wrapping EVIL’s arm in a post and slamming it with a chair. EVIL fought back, using a chair to strike Suzuki (while his head was wrapped in another chair). In the ring, the two trade forearms until EVIL takes him out with a rolling elbow. 

EVIL has the advantage, but Suzuki cuts him off with the sleeper. EVIL tries to counter with the Everything is Evil, but Suzuki puts the sleeper back on. He then finishes off EVIL with the Gotch piledriver for the win. A decent match, but never felt like it went to the next level. Just kind of there most of the time.

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated YOSHI-HASHI

Tanahashi dominates the match early, out wrestling YH. He misses an elbow, alling YH to get an opening. YH counters, throwing Tanahashi out of the ring. He tries to skin the cat back in, but YH cuts him off with a dropkick. 

Tanahashi cuts him off and continues to dominate until YH strikes with an enziguri and a running powerbomb. He connects with the swanton bomb. When Tanahashi tries to fire back, YH strikes with a lariat then what looked like a fisherman’s buster into a side slam. 

YOSHI-HASHI tries to follow with karma. Tanahashi rolls out of the way, then with YH still holding his hand lays him out with the sling blade. He goes for the high fly flow, but YH rolls out of the way just in time. A sliding meteora follows, then tries for the butterfly lock but Tanahashi counters with a crucifix bridging pin for the win out of nowhere. A great finish to a fun match.

Kazuchika Okada defeated Michael Elgin

They trade offense early. Okada goes for the rainmaker, but Elgin counters with a powerbomb attempt. Elgin deadlifts Okada into a suplex, sending Okada out of the ring. They brawl on the outside where Okada blasts Elgin with a big boot over the guardrail, then drills him with a draping DDT.

Okada continues in the ring, grinding Elgin down. Elgin fires back with a powerslam. He takes Okada to the top rope, but fights him off. Okada jumps off, but Elgin grabs him and carries him up to the middle rope. Okada cuts him off, but Elgin plants him and goes for a top rope splash. Okada dodges, causing Elgin to crash face first on the mat.

Okada takes Elgin to the top rope and tries to dropkick him to the floor, but Elgin cuts him off and hits a big superplex. Elgin connects with a buckle bomb and some elbow shots, but Okada fires back. He tries to go for his dropkick, but Elgin cuts him off, only to eventually eat the dropkick anyway.

Elgin avoids the rainmaker and connects with a lariat, then another. Elgin connects with another buckle bomb, but Okada somehow manages to roll up Elgin for a near fall. Elgin takes Okada to the top rope again. Elgin tries for what looks like a splash mountain bomb off the top rope, but Okada counters with an arm drag. The two trade offense until Elgin catches him with a powerbomb, then hits the splash mountain bomb for a near fall.

Elgin tries for the burning hammer, but Okada falls to the floor and tries for the tombstone. They trade transitions until Okada finally hits the tombstone. He hits a rolling rainmaker, then his standard rainmaker and pulls off the win. A great main event, exactly what you would want between these two. 

A Block Rankings:

Hiroshi Tanahashi - 10
EVIL - 8
Kazuchika Okada - 8
Minoru Suzuki - 8
Jay White - 8
Bad Luck Fale - 6
Michael Elgin - 4
Togi Makabe - 4
Hangman Page - 2