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NJPW G1 Climax 28 night 12 live results: Ibushi vs. Goto


More blockbuster matches headline this morning’s G1 show in Kagoshima.

B Block returns to action tonight as Kota Ibushi and Hirooki Goto face off in the main event. Ibushi’s goal has been to wow fans with his incredible offense. Goto is in the position where he isn’t talked about much, yet is having some of the best matches of the entire tournament. When you combine these two together, it could potentially be a hellacious bout.

Kenny Omega and Zack Sabre Jr. will also face off for the very first time tonight. Their styles differ from one another -- Omega goes all out, while Sabre mainly focuses on submissions. It’ll be fascinating to see how they gel with one another, and with Omega’s continuing winning streak, one has to wonder when that streak will be broken.

Other matches for tonight include Tetsuya Naito vs. Toru Yano, Juice Robinson vs. SANADA and Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tama Tonga.

Join us this morning at 5:30 a.m. EST for live coverage.


Bad Luck Fale and Tanga Loa defeated Michael Elgin and Shota Umino

Kevin Kelly mentioned on commentary that Elgin is working through a torn bicep suffered during the Suzuki match a few days ago. He and Fale are next up, while Loa worked over Umino and eventually got the win with the sitout piledriver. 

Hangman Page and Chase Owens defeated Togi Makabe and Toa Henare

A solid tag team encounter. The English commentary team was pushing hard that Chase Owens had politicked to get a singles match (Henare vs. Finlay) changed to a tag team match to ruin the C-Block storyline they had been pushing, I guess to entertain themselves during this tour. Hangman pinned Henare with the Rite of Passage.

YOSHI-HASHI and SHO defeated Jay White and YOH

White goaded YOSHI-HASHI early by laying down and telling YH to pin him. YH refused, then turned his back on Jay like a dope and got jumped. There was an overarching story here where White constantly goaded YOH to do his bidding and not play by the rules despite this being a fight between four CHAOS members. 

White was looking to use a steel chair, but YOH stopped him. He went back into the ring where YOH became trapped in the butterfly lock. YOH submitted all while White was yelling at him.

EVIL and BUSHI defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi and David Finlay

Another typical tag match. EVIL/Tanahashi should be something tomorrow, though. EVIL got the win tonight, pinning Finlay with the Everything is Evil STO.

Minoru Suzuki and Desperado defeated Kazuchika Okada and Gedo

A lot of this was Suzuki and Okada, and it was great. Suzuki was a madman trying to beat up Okada, including using a pencil to stab him in the face. Eventually it did go to the juniors, where Desperado pinned Gedo with the angel’s wings.

B Block:

Tama Tonga defeated Tomohiro Ishii

The usual start to a Tama Tonga match went down here: was pretty back and forth early until Tanga Loa attacked. Ishii starts to no sell and powerslams Tonga. After Loa interfered again, Ishii took him to the ring and destroyed him. Tonga laid out Ishii with the waistlock DDT, but kicked out.

Ishii went for a powerbomb, and in the process Tonga grabbed the referee and they did their usual bump. Ishii powered out of a Guerilla warfare finish and took on both Guerillas of Destiny. Tonga reversed a brainbuster and hit a tongan twist on the chair...but Ishii kicks out at two.

Ishii denied the gun stun twice and wiped out Tonga with a lariat. Ishii hit the sliding D, but Loa pulled out the referee, Fale got involved and laid out Ishii with the grenade, Tonga covered but Ishii kicked out. Ishii blocked a gun stun and went for the brainbuster but in mid motion Tonga countered with the gun stun for the win. The crowd was into this, and despite the interference was okay.

Juice Robinson defeated SANADA

Starts off with some good back and forth action, including a count out tease at the start where both men entered at 19. SANADA began working on Juice’s arm and feels it when he lays out SANADA with a full nelson slam. 

A lot of this match has some fun back and forth encounters. Juice traps SANADA in his own submission, the skull end. He even goes for the moonsault, but SANADA dodges as Robinson falls on his hand. SANADA tries for his own powerbomb but rolls out of the way as well.

Juice takes off his cast but SANADA get the better of things and looks for the skull end. Juice counters with a pulp friction attempt, and despite blocking it once, a right hand lets Juice score the win with a second.

Tetsuya Natio defeated Toru Yano

Naito didn’t have any interest in locking up at first, but then jumped Yano when he had a chance. They brawl to the back where Naito somehow found tape and taped up Yano’s arm to a guardrail Despite this, Yano makes it in by 18, barricade still attached.

Naito removes the barricade and starts throwing him into guardrails outside the ring. Yano manages to undo a turnbuckle back in the ring, but after a ref bump Naito uses it to his own advantage, then smacks Yano with the turnbuckle. 

Yano kicked out and raked Naito’s eyes, introducing him to the exposed turnbuckle. He takes him down with, well, takedowns Naito cuts him off then eventually hits the Destino for the win. I've seen better Yano matches. Not bad or anything, but just okay instead of good or great.

Naito attacks Yano with the turnbuckle after the match for good measure.

Kenny Omega defeated Zack Sabre Jr.

Some great mat wrestling early leads to Omega nearly deadlifting Sabre, but Sabre gets to his feet. They take it out of the ring, where Omega throws Sabre into the crowd and hits a big springboard moonsault to the floor. They battle to the rampway where Sabre works on the leg he took down early in the bout.

Omega cuts off Sabre and goes for the “you can’t escape rolling senton but Sabre proves him wrong by escaping, then escapes a second time by trapping Omega’s neck. Omega gets up, avoids a Sabre submission by deadlifting him and connects with a v-trigger. He goes for the One Winged Angel but Sabre transitions and tries for an armbar..

Omega cuts him off and hits a snap dragon suplex. He goes for another v-trigger but Sabre counters with a heel hook. Sabre follows with a penalty kick and puts in the Orienteering with napalm death. Omega manages to escape as the two counters one another. Omega connects with a v-trigger and a roll-up. A crucifix roll-up out of nowhere gets the three count. Very good stuff, I don’t think a top tournament match but still was a fun match to witness. Good finish too.

Kota Ibushi defeated Hirooki Goto

They start off hot, with Goto getting the advantage after a clothesline on the apron. Ibushi cuts him off with a dropkick then connects with the Golden Triangle moonsault. They continue to go back and forth until Ibushi connects with a pele kick.

The two exchange strikes as Goto connects with an ushigoroshi. Ibushi cuts him off as they meet at the top rope. Goto cuts him off this time and went for a sunset flip bomb but Ibushi landed on his feet. Goto connects with a lariat and hits a reverse GTR, then goes for another but Goto locks him back in a sleeper.

Ibushi escapes and tries for the lawn dart but Goto puts him back in the sleeper. Ibushi avoids another GTR, then kept blocking it every time Goto went for it. Goto connects with the shouten kai, but Ibushi kicked out.

Ibushi hits a running kamigoye but Goto kicks out. A last ride powerbomb also doesn’t do the trick. A straight up kamigoye gets the job done. Another awesome match from these two, one of the better ones of the tournament. An epic, great back and forth battle. 

Ibushi cut a promo after the match, thanking his hometown.

B Block standings:
Kenny Omega - 12
Tetsuya Naito - 10
Kota Ibushi - 8
Zack Sabre Jr. - 6
Tomohiro Ishii - 4
Juice Robinson - 4
Tama Tonga - 2
Toru Yano - 2