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NJPW G1 Climax 28 night 13 live results: Okada vs. Suzuki


A killer rematch from last year’s G1 headlines tonight’s A Block action in Fukuoka.

Kazuchika Okada and Minoru Suzuki have faced each other three times in the last year, with tonight being their fourth. So far, Okada is ahead with one win, while the other two, including the match earlier this summer at Suzuki’s 30th anniversary show, went to a draw. Tonight, Suzuki looks to score that win that has eluded him over the last decade.

We have four other matches set for tonight as well. Hiroshi Tanahashi will clash with EVIL, Jay White will look to battle fellow CHAOS member YOSHI-HASHI (who has not approved of White’s actions as of late), Togi Makabe will battle Hangman Page and Bad Luck Fale (and probably the best of the new Bullet Club faction) will face Michael Elgin.

Join us for live coverage tonight at 5:30 EST. There will be English commentary.


Toru Yano and Gedo defeated Toa Henare and Ren Narita

The thirteenth night starts like the other 12 nights: Henare loses, young boy gets pinned, guy in the G1 gets his win. In this case, it was Yano, took down Narita with an amateur wrestling takedown for the win. 

Guerillas of Destiny defeated Hirooki Goto and YOH

I liked this a bit. Basically a match where the heels worked on YOH for a majority of the match until Goto came in with the hot tag. It’s him and Tama Tonga next. Loa eventually cut off YOH and pinned him with the sitout piledriver.

Juice Robinson and David Finlay defeated Zack Sabre Jr. and Taka Michinoku

This was also fun. I like the exchanged between Robinson and Sabre; that should be a good match. Finlay and Michinoku had a fun exchange before Finlay laid him out with the stunner for the win.

Sabre jumped Robinson after the match, clipping his leg, perhaps for future use.

Tomohiro Ishii and SHO defeated Kenny Omega and Chase Owens

Another fun tag. Ibushi/Omega is going to be something, that’s for sure. Omega accidently superkicked Owens, which led to Owens being pinned after a backstabber/brainbuster combination.

Tetsuya Naito and SANADA defeated Kota Ibushi and Yujiro Takahashi 

Some good stuff here as well. Naito worked both against his future opponent Ibushi and his former tag team partner Yujiro. SANADA submitted Yujiro with the skull end.

Naito invited Ibushi to the ring after the match, but Ibushi responded by throwing ice at him.

A Block:

Michael Elgin defeated Bad Luck Fale by DQ

The two struck one another in the ring. Outside, Fale targets Elgin’s bicep, which was torn during this tour. Fale had a nerve hold on. Elgin started to make a comeback, but had trouble lifting Fale due to his injury. He tried several lariats, and managed to take him down for a two count.

Elgin had Fale in the Elgin bomb position but, oh no, Tanga Loa came in. Elgin dispatched him and body slammed Fale. He went to the top rope, but oh dear, Tama Tonga came in with a chair and pelted Elgin with chair shots right in front of the referee for the DQ. Plodding match, usual bad finish.

The mean heels blasted Elgin in the bicep with another chair shot, then Tonga beat everyone in his path with chair shots. Everyone booed.

Hangman Page defeated Togi Makabe

This starts off hot when Page hits a big suicide dive on the outside. Back in the ring, Page actually deadlifted Makabe then slammed him back on the ring and covered for a near fall. Makabe mounted Page with some punches in the corner, but Page continued until Makabe clocked him with a lariat.

Makabe connected with a lariat to the back of the head and went for the Spider German. Hangman blocked it, but Makabe connected with a belly to belly. He went for the king kong knee drop instead, but Hangman rolled out of the way. 

Page connected with a superkick but Makabe connected with a lariat. Makabe hit the ropes but Page fired with a buckshot lariat then hit the rite of passage for the win. Very cool, quick finish to a good match.

Jay White defeated YOSHI-HASHI

They take it to the outside where White repeatedly slams him into the barricade and apron continuously. He continued his assault in the ring, including introducing a chair. He went for the blade runner, but YOSHI-HASHI countered with a roll up for a close two count. 

YOSHI-HASHI gets nailed while he was at the top rope and somehow is shoved into the referee once he’s back on his feet. White low blows him but YOSHI-HASHI avoided the blade runner again and connects with a back cracker and a fisherman’s buster. He went for karma, but White landed on his feet and hit the blade runner for the win. I dunno, this was fine I guess. Not bad, but felt a bit short.

Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated EVIL

After a bit of back and forth, EVIL gets the upper hand by focusing on Tanahashi’s injured bicep. You know, the one he’s had forever and hasn’t fixed yet. Eesh. 

They brawl in and around the ring. Tanahashi tries to get some momentum building, but EVIL cuts him down each time. Tanahashi escaped from the darkness falls but EVIL cut him off once again. He signaled for the Everything is Evil, but Tanahashi countered with a roll up. He finally starts to build momentum with the sling blade. Tanahashi hit the high fly flow but missed a second.

Tanahashi favored his injured arm on impact. EVIL hit the darkness falls and connects with a big lariat but isn’t able to get the job done. EVIL went for his finish again but Tanahashi kept blocking it until he actually hit it himself. Tanahashi then hit the high fly flow for the win. Another good match with a nice finish.

Kazuchika Okada defeated Minrou Suzuki

Suzuki jumped Okada as soon as he entered the ring, taking him into the crowd and destroying him with chair shots and guardrails. Suzuki even went after Red Shoes, who defended himself with a chair. Okada jumped Suzuki while distracted but Suzuki ended up throwing him into some chairs. 

Suzuki hit him with another chair as the referee started to count out Okada, but he made it in at 19. He continues to dominate. When Okada tried to build some momentum, Suzuki took him back down with an armbar and started to work on both arms. 

They start trading hard shots with one another. Suzuki gets the better of it with a palm strike, but Okada cuts him off and connects with the dropkick. Suzuki grabs Okada’s head, Okada lifts up Suzuki but he traps him in a sleeper, then the octopus stretch. Okada somehow manages to connect with a tombstone. 

Okada teases the Gotch piledriver. Suzuki reverses, but Okada counters back with a cradle tombstone. Okada hits the rolling rainmaker, then another for the win. A very good main event, easily the best match of the night with great heat and some really good action, though these two have had better matches in the past.

Okada closed out the show with a promo saying he needs to win his last few matches, and that he's got it in his hands.

A Block standings:
Hiroshi Tanahashi - 12
Jay White - 10
Kazuchika Okada - 10
EVIL - 8
Minoru Suzuki - 8
Michael Elgin - 6
Bad Luck Fale - 6
Togi Makabe - 4
Hangman Page - 4