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NJPW G1 Climax 28 night 14 live results: Naito vs. Ibushi


B Block will look to continue to impress tonight in Osaka, as some killer matches are set for this morning’s G1 Climax event.

In the main event, Tetsuya Naito will take on Kota Ibushi. These are some of the finest athletes in New Japan, and tonight could very well be another classic for these two, who already have several potential match of the year candidates under their belt.

Also set for tonight is a rematch from last year’s United States title tournament as Kenny Omega will battle Tomohiro Ishii. Omega hasn’t lost once in this entire tournament so far -- is tonight the night, or will he be one step closer to a perfect G1 tournament?

Hirooki Goto vs. Tama Tonga and SANADA vs. Toru Yano round out tonight’s card. Will Tama Tonga have his friends by his side? Will Toru Yano have something up his sleeve?

Join us this morning for the answers to these questions and more. Actions starts at 4 a.m. EDT this morning, with Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero on commentary.



This was your basic G1 show tag match. It was quick, with not a lot to it. 

YOSHI-HASHI hit a DDT on Fale, then went for a variety of suplexes, but he could not lift the big man. YH dropped Fale with a low dropkick, as SHO and Loa tagged in. SHO hit a spear on Loa, but Fale hit him from the apron, allowing Loa to take over. 

Loa hit a delayed vertical suplex, and picked up a nearfall, then hit a legdrop for another. SHO made a comeback and hit a backstabber, but Loa countered with a sidewalk slam. While Fale brawled with YH on the floor, Loa hit apeshit on SHO, and got the pin. 


A solid tag outing here, but nothing special. 

Suzuki jumped Page before the opening bell, and they brawled to the floor, while Desperado and Owens started off as the legal men. It quickly broke down into an arena brawl, and Suzuki hit Page with chairs and choked him with his own rope. 

Suzuki tagged in and hit Owens with some forearms, but missed a yakuza kick, allowing Owens to tag Page. Desperado jumped off the second rope into a big boot from Page, and Page hit a standing shooting star on Suzuki. Suzuki recovered and hit a PK for a nearfall.

Suzuki sidestepped a buckshot lariat, but ate a short clothesline from Page, who tagged in Owens. Suzuki got the rear naked choke on Owens. As Desperado held Page on the floor, Suzuki hit the Gotch on Owens, and got the pin. 


I think the story of YOH reluctantly teaming with White, while White tries to corrupt him is good, but has perhaps run its course. 

White and Makabe started out. Makabe hit a shoulder tackle on White, who quickly tagged out, not wanting to take any damage at all. Henare and YOH tagged in, and Henare ran wild with tackles and chops. 

YOH hit a flying forearm, and White pulled Henare to the floor, then sent him into the fence and the ring frame. YOH used a chinlock on Henare, until White tagged himself in. White hit a series of chops and uppercuts, but Henare countered with a Samoan drop, and tagged in Makabe. 

Makabe hit ten punches in the corner, and dropped White with a lariat. White countered with a snap Saito, forcing Makabe to tag in Henare. Henare hit a spear and made a cover, but YOH broke up the pinfall attempt. 

Henare went to the top, but White pulled the ref in the way, then crotched Henare on the top rope. White pulled Henare down, and hit the blade runner for the pin. 

After the match, White took a chair from under the ring and nailed Makabe and Henare. 


This was all action. Elgin's right arm and left knee were heavily taped, and they mentioned on commentary that Elgin might have a torn bicep. 

Tanahashi and Elgin were in first. Elgin impressed Tanahashi with his power moves, and both men tagged out. Finlay hit a flying forearm and a vertical suplex, then tagged Elgin, and they went to work on Umino. 

Elgin hit a series of strikes, but Umino countered with a dropkick, and tagged Tanahashi. Tanahashi hit a draon screw on Elgin and went for a cloverleaf, but Elgin escaped, and hit a powerslam. Elgin missed an enziguri, and Tanahashi hit an inverted dragon screw, working Elgin's left knee. 

Elgin escpaed a slingblade, and hit a big german on Tanahashi, then tagged Finlay. Finlay walked right into twist and shout, and Tanahashi tagged Umino. Umino hit a top rope dropkick, then slapped a boston crab on Finlay. Elgin needed three strikes before Umino broke the hold. 

Umino and Finlay had a hot sequence next, with Umino getting a series of nearfalls on cradles, until Finlay hit the stunner, and got the pin. 


Okada and EVIL looked great here, and they did a nice job of setting the stage for their match tomorrow. 

BUSHI and Gedo started out. Gedo went for BUSHI's mask, and BUSHI did some comedy spots with Gedo's beard. Okada and EVIL tagged in, and business picked up. Okada hit a forearm, kipped up, then planted EVIL with a DDT. He went for a flapjack, but EVIL countered, and hit a standing senton. 

EVIL went for a fisherman buster, but Okada countered with a knee-assisted neckbreaker, and both tagged out. BUSHI hit a missile dropkick, and the match broke down as all four men jumped in. 

Okada teased a dropkick on EVIL, then went for a rainmaker, but EVIL countered and hit Okada with a rainmaker. BUSHI hit the MX on Gedo, and got the pin. 


This was a complete comedy match. 

Yano jumped SANADA on the ramp during his entrance, and tied his feet together with his t-shirt. They rang the bell, and SANADA just beat the 20 count to the ring. Yano got a couple of quick nearfalls, then SANADA got one of his own with a rolling cradle. 

Yano rolled to the floor, and SANADA put him in the paradise lock on the outside. Rocky Romero jumped up from the commentator's table and untied Yano, who beat the count back inside. Yano used a turnbuckle pad on SANADA, but SANADA countered and hit a plancha. 

SANADA took a piece of the barricade and put Yano in the paradise lock around it, then taped the barricade to the post. Rocky again went for the save, but SANADA grabbed him and tied him up in the paradise lock as well. SANADA beat the count back inside, and got the countout win. 


This was a mess. 

They locked up and exchanged headlocks. Tonga took the ref, and Loa pulled Goto to the floor, allowing Tonga to take over. Loa hit a short clothesline on the floor, forcing Goto to beat the count back into the ring. Tonga choked Goto with his knee. 

Tonga hit a series of strikes, but Goto countered with a lariat. Goto hit a leg lariat in the corner, and a suplex out of the corner. Tonga went for a singer splash, but Goto sidestepped and hit a lariat in the corner. 

Goto went to the second rope and teased an ushigoroshi, but Tonga slipped out. Tonga again went for the splash in the corner, but Goto stepped out of the way and hit a clothesline for a nearfall. 

Tonga shoved Goto into the ref, and Loa jumped in. He hit Goto with a running powerslam, then fed him to Tonga. Goto was able to escape. After a series of misdirection spots, Goto was finally able to hit an ushigoroshi. Goto hit GTR, but as the referee counted, Fale ran in and pulled him out of the ring. 

The timekeeper rang the bell, but it was a miscommunication, as there was still another spot. Fale hit Goto with the grenade and put Tonga on top of him. Red Shoes ran down and teased counting, but then flipped off Fale and called for the DQ. 


This was a good match. The people are really into Juice, and the story of him fighting with a broken hand lays out a nice template for his matches right now. 

Sabre went for Juice's injured left hand right away. He used an arm wringer and teased applying a hold, but Juice was able to turn it into a striking battle, which he got the better of. Sabre, not able to match Juice strike for strike, went to his submission game. He used an armbar, then stomped on the bad hand. 

Juice went for a juice box, but Sabre escaped, then torqued on Juice's left hand with his legs. Sabre hit a series of slaps to the face, but Juice countered with a hard lariat, then a series of jabs. Sabre rolled to the floor, and Juice knocked him down with a plancha. 

Back inside, Juice went for a spinebuster, but Sabre jumped into a guillotine, then slipped to a double wristlock, then slipped to back mount and got a rear naked choke. Juice broke the hold, backing Sabre into the corner, then hit a cannonball. 

Juice went for a suplex, Sabre slipped back to the wristlock, but Juice overpowered him, and hit a jackhammer for a nearfall. Juice went for the juice box, and after Sabre slipped to an octopus, Juice was able to slip out and finally hit it. 

Juice went for pulp friction, but Sabre turned it into a triangle choke. Juice powerbombed his way out of it, then took off his cast. Juice hit a big left hand, then dropped to his knees, selling the bad hand. Juice went for pulp friction, but Sabre grabbed the left arm. 

Juice rolled through and got a nearfall off a cradle, but Sabre used that to tie Juice in knots. He had some kind of body triangle applied, while also pulling back on Juice's arms and legs, and Juice finally submitted. 


Two future hall of famers put on an absolute masterpiece here. The last ten minutes were some of the best pro wrestling you will ever see. What a great match. I think Ishii has had the two best bouts of the tournament so far, last weekend with Ibushi, and tonight with Omega. 

Omega taunted Ishii at the outset, hitting some light slaps to the face. It looked as though they may have botched a leapfrog spot, as there was a clunky moment, but they recovered and went back to work. Ishii hit a vertical brainbuster. Omega recovered and planted Ishii with a DDT, taking over the match. 

Omega hit you can't escape, then used a chinlock, twisting on Ishii's neck. Omega hit a series of kicks to as eated Ishii's back and neck, but Ishii shrugged them off. They traded chops, and Ishii hit a powerslam. Omega rolled to the corner, and Ishii hit a series of chops and elbows, followed by a suplex. 

Ishii teased a powerbomb, then stumble into the ropes. Omega slipped out and hit a snap rana. Ishii rolled to the floor, and Omega hit the terminator dive. Omega had a rough landing, and sold his bad heel. 

Back inside, Omega hit a kotaro krusher. Ishii recovered and hit a german into the corner, but continued to sell the damage to his neck and shoulder. Ishii hit a top rope brainbuster for a two count. Omega countered with a second DDT, and hit a v-trigger. He went for a second kotaro krusher, but Ishii escaped, and hit a suplex and a sliding lariat for a nearfall. 

Ishii went for a brainbuster, but Omega slipped out. Ishii went for a one-winged angel, but Omega slipped out and sent him face-first into the corner. Omega hit a v-trigger into the turnbuckle, then hit a powerbomb for a nearfall. Omega was bleeding from the mouth. 

Omega hit a short v-trigger right to the head, then another. He hit another, but Ishii no-sold it. Omega hit three more v-triggers, and Ishii continued to no-sell them. Omega hit a lariat for a nearfall, but Ishii bounced to his feet. Omega went for another v-trigger, but Ishii caught him and planted him with a powerbomb. 

Both men went to their knees in the center of the ring. They traded strikes on the mat, then got to their feet. They traded more strikes, until Omega hit a reverse rana. Omega blasted Ishii with a v-trigger against the ropes, then a double foot stomp on the apron, sending both men to the floor. 

Omega hit a missile dropkick to the back of the head, and earned a nearfall. Ishii was bleeding from the mouth. Ishii slipped out of a one-winged angel and stopped a v-trigger. Omega hit a v-trigger and a jay driller for another nearfall. 

Omega hit another v-trigger into the ropes, and got a two count. Ishii turned a one-winged angel attempt from Omega into a crucifix bomb, and got a two count. Ishii hit a series of forearms. Omega hit a v-trigger. Ishii hit a pair of lariats, and Omega took a flip bump off the second. Omega hit a brainbuster, but only got a one count, as the place exploded. 

Omega hit another v-trigger, but Ishii hit a pair of lariats, and hit the vertical drop brainbuster, and got the upset win. 


This was an incredibly physical match. It was excellent, and on any other night, would have been the best match on the card. But because of what they had to follow, they had a hard time getting the crowd, until the crazy last few minutes. 

Ibushi yawned as the opening bell sounded. I don't think I've ever seen anyone yawn in the ring before. 

Naito ducked a kick and slid into his tranquilo pose, before rolling to the floor and stalling. Ibushi hit a dropkick, and Naito rolled to the apron. Ibushi teased a suplex to the floor, but Naito blocked it, and attacked Ibushi's left leg. 

Naito continued to attack the leg, sending Ibushi into the security fence. Naito took the fight over the first barricade, and sent Ibushi onto a table. Ibushi struggled back inside, and Naito continued to target the left leg. Naito stomped on the leg, then hit a dropkick to the back, as the crowd in Osaka turned on Naito. Naito spit towards the crowd, then spit at Ibushi.

Ibushi jumped over another low dropkick attempt, then hit a foot stomp. Ibushi hit a standing moonsault for a nearfall. He went for a deadlift german, but Naito elbowed out of it. He went for a neckbreaker, but Ibushi escaped and hit a snap rana, as Naito rolled outside. 

Ibushi hit the golden triangle to the floor, then went back to the top rope, as Naito jumped back inside. Naito teased a top rope rana, but Ibushi blocked it, and dumped Naito to the floor. Naito climbed back to the apron. Ibushi teased a deadlift german back into the ring, but Naito blocked it. Naito hit a top rope dropkick, then a slingshot dropkick into the corner. 

Naito applied an inverted figure four. Ibushi sat up and they traded slaps, but the power of the hold was too much, and Ibushi had to reach for the ropes. Naito hit an inverted atomic drop and a flying forearm. He went for gloria, but Ibushi dumped him on his head with a suplex. 

From their knees, they traded forearm shots. They climbed to their feet, and traded more. Ibushi hit a series of kicks to Naito's legs, but Naito went back after Ibushi's left leg with a kick. Naito spit in Ibushi's face, then hit a spike package piledriver. 

Naito hit gloria, and hit a rope-assisted neckbreaker for a two count. They teased a stoppage, as Ibushi sold the damage to his head and neck from the neckbreaker, but he recovered, and dropped Naito with a high kick. Naito launched Ibushi into the turnbuckle, but Ibushi recovered and hit a backflip kick. Ibushi was bleeding from the mouth. 

They went up top, and Ibushi teased a piledriver while standing on the second rope, but Naito hit a reverse frankensteiner. Ibushi landed on his feet in the ring, and dropped Naito with a kick, leading to a double down. 

Naito rolled to the apron, but Ibushi pulled him back inside with a german, and dropped him right on his head. Ibushi hit a last ride for a two count. He went for a kamigoye, Naito went for destino. Ibushi went for kamigoye again, but Naito escaped and hit destino this time, for a two count. 

Ibushi spiked Naito with a side suplex, then hit a bomaye, then hit a kamigoye, and got the pin. 


Kenny Omega 12

Tetsuya Naito 10

Kota Ibushi 10


Zack Sabre Jr. 8

Hirooki Goto 6

Tomohiro Ishii 6

Juice Robinson 4

Tama Tonga 4

Toru Yano 2