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NJPW G1 Climax 28 night four live results: Omega vs. Goto

A rematch from the 2016 G1 finals headlines the fourth night of G1 action.

Continuing action in the B Block, Kenny Omega will face off against Hirooki Goto in the main event. The two had an epic battle nearly two years ago, with Omega pinning Goto to become the first wrestler outside of Japan to win the prestigious tournament. Goto will very likely look to avenge his loss here tonight.

Tetsuya Naito also has a big battle ahead of him, as he battles Tomohiro Ishii. The two can’t be anymore different: Naito is tranquilo, while Ishii gives his heart and soul into every match he does with fierce intensity. These two have had incredible matches in the past, and this promises to be no different.

Other G1 matches for tonight has Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Toru Yano (which is a fascinating clash of styles), Kota Ibushi taking on Juice Robinson and SANADA squaring off against Tama Tonga. 

Tune in this morning at 2:30 a.m. for live coverage. There will be English commentary by Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero.


Before the show started, there was a ten bell salute for Masa Saito, who passed away earlier this week.

Jay White and SHO defeated Michael Elgin and Ren Narita

This was a pretty good opener, hot action that followed the usual formula. Narita got some really nice near falls on YOH before he cut him off and submitted him with a high angle Boston crab.

Minoru Suzuki and El Desperado defeated YOSHI-HASHI and SHO

Oh no, this is going to be a bad couple of days for YOSHI-HASHI. Suzuki tortured him while Desperado worked on SHO. Suzuki-gun then just took turns destroying SHO. CHAOS tried to isolate Suzuki and work him over, but Desperado came in for the save. Suzuki cut off SHO and planted him with the Gotch piledriver for the win.

Suzuki cut a promo after the match, He's facing YOSHI-HASHI soon.

EVIL and BUSHI defeated Togi Makabe and Toa Henare

The usual formula here. Heels ganged up on both Makabe and Henare. EVIL got a hold of Henare and submitted him with the Banshee Muzzle.

Makabe jumped EVIL after the bell as the two had to be seperated.

Bad Luck Fale and Tanga Loa defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi and David Finlay

Tanga Loa was the focus of this match, and of course Tanahashi and Bad Luck Fale worked together. Loa got the win with, well, it’s a vulgar name. I’ll just keep referring to Loa’s finish as a sitout piledriver.

Hangman Page and Chase Owens defeated Kazuchika Okada and Gedo

This was pretty good. Okada and Page, who will face each other tomorrow, looked like they had good chemistry with one another. Page took out Okada with the shooting star shoulderblock and Owens followed with the package piledriver on Gedo.

B Block:

SANADA defeated Tama Tonga

Things started out slow. Tama Tonga wanted to shake hands. SANADA, playing the usual babyface dope, shook it and was immediately jumped. When they went to the floor, SANADA chased him until Tanga Loa came in and clotheslined him. That caused him to get kicked out, at least for right now.

SANADA started to build momentum, putting Tama Tonga in the paradise lock (he had tried to put it on SANADA earlier to no avail) then kicked him. He went for the skull end, but then Tama Tonga collided into the referee. This caused Bad Luck Fale and Tanga Loa to come in and lay out SANADA. Tonga covered him after a powerbomb by Loa, but he kicked out.

As Loa went to the apron, SANADA shoved Tonga into Loa, then SANADA bridged him for the win. Okay, not great. Doesn’t really bode well for Tama Tonga if all of his matches are going to end up with ref bumps and interference.

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Toru Yano

After some mat wrestling, they take it into the crowd where Sabre cuts off an attempt to throw him into the crowd and instead applies some holds. He tries to beat Yano to the 20 count, but fails. Yano actually managed to reverse an abdominal stretch as he takes him back to the outside.

Sabre cuts him off again and wraps Yano’s legs around a guardrail as again, he tries to beat Yano to the 20 count but again, Yano managed to make it in!  Sabre manages to lock in a triangle that takes down Yano. He tries to powerbomb Sabre, but it doesn’t work. He nearly passes out but somehow made it to the bottom rope.

Eventually, Yano did resort to his usual underhanded tactics. After smashing Sabre’s back into an exposed turnbuckle twice, he undid the other turnbuckle. But in the process, Sabre grabbed his leg and pinned him with the Gedo clutch. Really fun for what it was.

Kota Ibushi defeated Juice Robinson

Story of the match early was that Robinson would not let Ibushi hit the Golden Triangle Moonsault. Robinson stopped him a second time, sent him crashing to the mat and hit a powerbomb for a nearfall. They meet on the apron, where out of nowhere Ibushi busts out a jumping hurricanrana that sends Robinson to the floor. 

Ibushi starts getting wild. He hits a standing moonsault from the ringpost -- not even the turnbuckle -- all to the way to the barricades, wiping out Robinson. Juice cuts him off and after some back and forth, hits a double knee buster.

Juice went for the pulp friction but Ibushi puts him in the electric chair position. Juice fights back, but ends up taking a waistjacket suplex then is struck by the kamigoye for the win. Great match that played up the styles of both men very well.

Tetsuya Naito defeated Tomohiro Ishii

Naito played his usual game of keeping cool early while Ibushi laid in some sick chops. Eventually, Naito responded with some of his own. They hit each other hard before Naito took down Ishii with a neckbreaker. 

Naito drags his feet across Ishii’s face as he goads him on. Ishii responded by not only spitting at him, but took down Naito with a huge forearm shot that send Naito to the floor. Despite this, Naito shot back and went for a missile dropkick but Ishii no sold it and shoved Naito into the corner. 

The two meet on the top turnbuckle where Naito hits a sunset flip bomb for a good nearfall. Ishii fires back, hitting a giant powerbomb and follows with a sliding D but Naito kicks out. Ishii blocked the Destino and hit the lariat for another great kickout. Naito finally manages to put Ishii down with an engizugir so that he could gather himself.

Ishii blocks another Destino but Naito hits a rolling kick. Ishii goes for a vertical suplex but Naito lands the Destino out of nowhere. A second gives him the win in an awesome, epic match. Great heat, solid moves and a great aura of a knock down, drag out fight.

Kenny Omega defeated Hirooki Goto

They went for their finishers early, but both blocked them. Omega sent Goto to the floor with a hurricanrana. They brawl into the crowd, where Omega bodyslams Goto on top of the bleachers which does not sound very fun at all. Omega then hops on a ledge near the bleachers and jumps off with a moonsault in a very cool spot.

Omega works on Goto in the ring, hitting his signature moves and wearing him down until Goto finally grabs him and hits the ushigoroshi. He cut off Omega at the top rope and hit a sunset flip bomb. The two got up to their feet and started to exchange blows, with Goto getting the better of it.

Goto next connected with the shouten kai, then went for the GTR but Omega caught him in a roll up. Omega hit the v-trigger, then another, then a third. Omega hit the One Winged Angel, and that was it. A great, classic New Japan main event, though Ishii and Naito was better in terms of heat. 

Omega cut a promo after the match in Japanese, putting over the B Block. He made sure to point out that they weren’t the champion and he is.