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NJPW G1 Climax 28 night ten live results: Kenny Omega vs. SANADA


A night of fascinating bouts headlines the tenth night of G1 Climax 28 action, with tonight hosting more B Block action.

SANADA will be taking on IWGP Heavyweight champion Kenny Omega in the main event. Omega has yet to be beaten, and at this point anyone and everyone is looking for a mistake. SANADA scored a big win over Kota Ibushi a couple of days ago, and could be looking to score a massive win (and perhaps a future title match) if he can knock off Omega tonight.

Other matches include Tetsuya Naito vs. Hirooki Goto, Kota Ibushi vs. Tomohiro Ishii (which promises to be very hard hitting based on previous encounters), Juice Robinson looking to outwit Toru Yano and Zack Sabre Jr. will be the one tonight to try and avoid Tama Tanga and the constant interference.

Join us for live coverage starting at 5:00 a.m. EST. There will be English commentary.



Makabe and Henare withstood an assault from the Bullet Club OG's at the opening bell, and Makabe sent Fale into the fence on the outside. Henare was quickly overcome, and Loa and Fale worked him over. 

Makabe got a tag and hit Fale with punches in the corner, and got a nearfall off a lariat. Fale got to his feet and hit a shoulder tackle, and the two made simultaneous tags. 

Henare hit Loa with a shoulder tackle, a Samoan drop, and a tackle off the top. He went for an uranage, but Loa slipped out, hit a lariat, and then hit apeshit for the pin. 

A standard tag opener. Henare got a little bit more offense than you might expect. 


They had a nice match and fit a lot into six minutes. 

White played total opportunist heel, begging off from Page, and tagging in YOH. White jumped back in and attacked Owens, and took him to the floor, where he sent him into the ring frame and the barricade. 

White tagged in as the legal man. Owens went for a side effect, but his back gave out, damaged from the earlier attack. He got the side effect on the second try, and tagged in Page. 

Page hit a dropkick on YOH into a standing moonsault on White for a nearfall. White recovered and hit a Saito suplex, before tagging YOH. YOH hit a slingshot stomp to Page's back, then hit a neckbreaker. Owens jumped in for the save, but White took him to the floor, leaving Page and YOH. 

Page went for the rite of passage, but White blocked it from the apron. White held Page for YOH to attack, but Page ducked, and YOH hit White. Page hit YOH with the rite of passage, and made a cover. White had the opportunity to break up the pin, but didn't, furthering the White/CHAOS storyline. 

After the match, White attacked Owens on the floor, before running away. 


I know I'm not breaking any news here, but Suzuki is such a special performer. He did more here than you might expect in an undercard tag. 

Did you know that Suzuki-gun wrestlers often jump their opponents just seconds before the opening bell? They did that here. They brawled all over the arena. Suzuki hit EVIL with a chair and laid him out in the crowd. Desperado worked over BUSHI in the ring, and choked him with his t-shirt. 

Suzuki nailed BUSHI with hard forearms and laughed, but BUSHI was able to make it to his corner and tag EVIL. EVIL hit a neckbreaker on Suzuki for a two count, and the two traded forearms and chops. 

They had an awesome sequence where EVIL went for everything is EVIL and Suzuki went for the Gotch, but both slipped out. BUSHI got a tag and ran wild on Suzuki, and got a nearfall off knees in the corner. 

BUSHI hit a missile dropkick, but Suzuki got a rear naked choke. EVIL made the save briefly, but BUSHI pulled hi to the floor. Suzuki got the choke again, then hit the Gotch, and pinned BUSHI. 

Suzuki and EVIL had a pull-apart after the match. 


This was a lot of fun. SHO didn't look as good or explosive as usual, perhaps because Umino's continued rise was the focus of the match. 

YOSHI-HASHI got some offense on Tana, but The Ace hit a crossbody off the second rope, pausing the action, and allowing both to tag out. SHO and YOSHI-HAHSI then doubled up on Umino. YOSHI-HASHI hit a vertical suplex for a nearfall, but Umino came back and hit a missile dropkick. 

Umino tagged Tanahashi, who hit a dragon screw and a senton on YOSHI-HASHI. YOSHI-HASHI hit Tana with chops and a headhunter, before tagging SHO. SHO hit some forearms on The Ace, before falling to twist and shout. 

Tanahashi tagged Umino, who ran wild with forearms and a missile dropkick on SHO. Umino used a crab on SHO. YOSHI-HASHI came in for the save, but Umino hit him with a dropkick. SHO was able to get an armbar on Umino, but Tanahashi saved. 

Umino got a pair of nearfalls on SHO, including with a la magistral cradle, but could not put him away. SHO hit a lariat for a nearfall, then hit the five star clutch for the pin, while YOSHI-HASHI kept Tanahashi at bay on the floor. 

Tanahashi and YOSHI-HASHI had a staredown after the bout. 


Okada and Elgin clearly saved their best stuff for their singles match tomorrow, but they did enough teases that it left me wanting to see that match. 

FInlay and Elgin did some comedy with Gedo's beard, and worked him over. Okada made the save, and Okada hit Finlay with a slingshot senton. Okada and Gedo then grabbed Finlay's beard, and went to work. 

Okada used a chinlock, and Finlay escaped, hitting a belly-to-back. Elgin tagged and hit a back elbow off the middle rope, and hammered Okada with a clothesline. Elgin hit a bridging belly-to-belly for a two count, then went for the falcon arrow off the top, but Okada blocked it. 

Okada hit scooby dooby doo off the top for a two count. Elgin hit a hard elbow, but Okada hit him with a flapjack. Okada went for a tombstone and a rainmaker, but Elgin slipped out and hit a powerslam, leading to a double down. 

Both men made tags, and Finlay ran wild on Gedo. Finlay went for a cutter, but Gedo slipped out. Gedo went for the Gedo clutch, but Elgin pulled him off and hit a suplex. 

Okada jumped in for the save, but Elgin threw him to the floor, allowing Finlay to hit a stunner on Gedo, picking up the win. 


This was a clash of styles to say the least. The parade of DQ finishes in the Bullet Club OG's matches continued here. 

Tonga briefly tried to wrestle with Sabre, but Sabre clearly had the technique advantage, so he turned it into a brawl. Their seconds, Loa and TAKA got involved and took bumps on the floor. 

Tonga worked very methodically, taking the first five minutes on offense. Sabre finally mad a comeback, and got a nearfall off a bridging clutch out of the corner. Tonga got a nearfall off a rollup, but TAKA nailed him from the outside coming out of it. 

Tonga went for a gun stun, but Sabre turned it into an armbar. Tonga hit the ref while swinging his arms in the hold, and he took a bump. With the referee out, the GOD doubled up on Sabre. Tonga went for a gun stun, but accidentally hit Loa. 

Sabre used a triangle and Tonga tapped, but there was no ref. Tonga hit a gun stun as the ref recovered, but Sabre turned it into an armbar. Tonga looked as though he was ready to tap, but Fale lumbered in and hit Sabre for the DQ. 


This was a total comedy match. 

Both broke cleanly on the ropes in their opening exchange, but Yano's vow to turn over a new leaf continued to go out the window. He got frustrated and kicked Juice, who countered with jabs and sent him to the floor. 

On the outside, Yano taped Juice to the security fence and hit his broken hand with a chair. Yano untied one corner pad, then another. They did some comedy spots with both pads, and Juice used an airplane spin on Yano, leading to more comedy. 

They traded forearms, until Juice hit a suplex and a standing senton for a two count. Juice sent Yano into an exposed buckle, but Yano countered with an inverted atomic drop, and sent Juice into the exposed buckle. 

Yano got a pair of nearfalls off cradles, but Juice fired back with jabs. Juice removed the cast from his broken hand, and after a series of reversals, hit pulp friction and got his first win of the tournament. 


This was absolutely insane. I think this was the best match of the tournament so far. Both are masters of their craft, and far be it from me to claim to know what was real and what was just selling, but it was jarring just how brutal this was and how many hard shots to the head and neck both men took. 

They went after each other right at the opening bell, and had an intense exchange of strikes and tackles. Ishii got the better of the exchange, and demanded more from Ibushi. Ishii no-sold all of Ibushi's strikes, and knocked Ibushi down with a chop. 

Ibushi came back with a dropkick, and Ishii was taken off his feet for the first time. Ibushi hit a snap rana, and Ishii rolled to the floor. Ibushi hit a plancha, but overshot it a bit, and Ishii took the move on his head and neck, right on the floor. 

Ibushi took the fight into the crowd, and hit a rana on the floor, before climbing to the second level of seats, where he hit an insane moonsault to the floor. Back in the ring, Ibushi hit a slingshot dropkick, and a bridging german, earning a nearfall. 

Ishii no-sold a kick to the chest, and dropped Ibushi with a forearm shot. Ishii hit a delayed vertical suplex from the second rope, but Ibushi no-sold it. Ishii hit two more suplexes on the mat, and Ibushi no-sold both, before hitting an enziguri. 

Ibushi no-sold a series of forearms, and knocked Ishii down with a palm strike to the chest. Ibushi lawn-darted Ishii into the turnbuckle pad, then taunted him with short kicks. They had a slap fight, and Ibushi knocked Ishii down again. He hit a series of kicks to the head and neck, and Ishii fired back with chops to the throat, and slaps to the head. 

Ibushi fired back with closed fists to the chest, which were sold as throat strikes. Ibushi hit a last ride for a nearfall. He pulled the kneepad down, then hit a straightjacket suplex, dumping Ishii right on his head. 

Ishii recovered and nailed Ibushi with a kamigoye and a jackknife last ride for a nearfall, then inside-outed him with a lariat for another nearfall. 

Ishii went for the brainbuster, but Ibushi reversed and hit one. Ishii no-sold it. Ibushi hit a diving knee to the face, but Ishii kicked out at one. 

Ibushi hit a series of strikes, then hit a kamigoye, and got the pin. 


This was good, their work was solid, but they never found a higher gear, and they had the unenviable task of trying to follow the previous match. 

Naito teased a clean break on the ropes, but then kicked Goto, and they traded shots. Naito teased a dive, Goto jumped back inside. Goto went back outside, Naito teased again, and Goto jumped back in and dropped Naito with a shoulder tackle. Goto worked a chinlock. 

Naito clotheslined Goto with the top rope, then dropped him with a neckbreaker on the apron. Naito sent Goto into the barricade, and Goto just beat the count back inside. 

Naito hit a swinging neckbreaker. They traded strikes. Naito spit on Goto, and went for an irish whip into the corner, but Goto reversed and hit a clothesline. Goto hit a leg lariat in the corner, then hit a Saito suplex for a two count. 

Naito hit an inverted DDT, a kick to the back, then hit his slingshot dropkick in the corner. Naito hit a top rope rana for a two count. After a misdirection spot, Goto hit a lariat and an ushigoroshi for a nearfall. 

Goto teased the GTR, but Naito floated over and hit a german. Naito hit a flying forearm. He went for destino, but Goto countered with an inverted GTR. He could not make a cover, and after struggling to his feet, hit a kick. 

Goto went for the GTR, but Naito hit a snapmare. Naito went for destino, but Goto hit a pair of headbutts. He went for the GTR again, but Naito hit destino for a nearfall. Naito hit a second destino, and this time, it was enough to get the victory. 


On any other show, this would have been talked about as the best bout of the night. An excellent, excellent main event. Ibushi and Ishii were just impossible to follow tonight. 

They started simply, both working the left arm, with Omega perhaps earning a slight edge in the opening exchange. SANADA sent Omega to the floor, and teased a dive, but Omega backed off. SANADA opened the ropes to allow Omega back inside cleanly, and Omega used the opportunity to attack SANADA's left leg. 

Omega sent SANADA into the railing, then dropped him knee-first on the apron. Back inside, Omega pulled the hair, and stomped on the injured leg. They traded strikes, but Omega went back to working the leg. SANADA was able to counter with a shotgun dropkick off the second rope, but immediately went back to selling the damage to his leg. 

SANADA hit his leapfrog dropkick spot, into a plancha to the floor. SANADA went for a TKO, but Omega hit you can't escape. On the landing, though, he hit SANADA's knees, and briefly sold his legitimate heel injury. SANADA rolled to the floor, and Omega hit the terminator dive. 

Omega hit the kotaro krusher. SANADA side-stepped a v-trigger, did the Flair flip into the corner, but then slingshotted off the ropes right into a powerbomb. Omega went up top and hit a missile dropkick to the back of a kneeling SANADA. Omega hit a snap dragon, and cradled SANADA for a nearfall. 

Omega hit a huge v-trigger, then another. SANADA blocked a third, landed a series of strikes, then ate another knee. SANADA was able to recover and hit a tiger suplex, but Omega kicked out of the bridge. 

Omega hit another v-trigger, then hit a jay driller for a close nearfall. Omega hit another v-trigger and went for the one-winged angel, but SANADA turned it into skull end. Omega backed away from a moonsault, then missed a v-trigger into the corner pad. 

SANADA applied skull end, and as Omega faded, released the hold. He went for another moonsault, but missed again, and sold the knee. They exchanged a series of forearm shots, and Omega finally buckled. 

SANADA hit a knee, then skull end into a moonsault, but Omega turned it into a spike piledriver. Omega hit another v-trigger. SANADA slipped out of a one-winged angel, but Omega maintained control of his wrists, and was finally able to hit his finisher. Omega covered, and got the pin to go to 5-0. 


Kenny Omega 10

Tetsuya Naito 8


Kota Ibushi 6

Zack Sabre Jr. 6

Hirooki Goto 4

Tomohiro Ishii 4

Tama Tonga 2

Toru Yano 2

Juice Robinson 2