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NJPW Melbourne live results: Okada & Omega face off in six-man tag


Submitted by reader Will Taylor

New Japan Pro Wrestling's tour of Australia continued today, with Festival Hall in Melbourne hosting the second stop of the four-show tour. The rivalry between Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega continued as they were on opposite sides of the six-man tag main event.

- Lance Archer defeated Elliot Sexton

Archer did a promo before the match and said if he's learned anything from the meet and greet, it's that Melbourne sucks. He won with the Blackout in a physical match.

- Yuji Nagata defeated Chase Owens

Nagata hit a back suplex to win. The crowd wasn't too hot for this, but there were some chants for Nagata.

- SANADA & EVIL defeated Bad Luck Fale & Gino Gambino

SANADA low-blowed Gambino and rolled him up for the pin.

- Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks defeated Juice Robinson, KUSHIDA & Toa Henare

The crowd was super into this match. The Bucks and Cody were the most over people in it, but Robinson and KUSHIDA received chants as well.

Cody did the Kenny Omega Terminator pose and got mostly booed by the crowd. The Young Bucks looked confused but did a triple dive with him. Henare was pinned after the Bucks hit him with the Meltzer Driver.

Following the match, Cody cut a promo and mentioned that his father also wrestled at Festival Hall. Cody said the Bullet Club is fine, but Matt Jackson replied that it isn't because things aren't right with Omega. They filmed a bit for Being the Elite where the whole audience screamed "F*ck The Revival."

- Damien Slater & Marcius Pitt defeated Robbie Eagles & Mick Moretti

This had lots of good wrestling, but the crowd wasn't really into it. Slater and Pitt won with a double-team cutter on Eagles.

- Jay White defeated Slex

White used the Blade Runner to win.

- Minoru Suzuki defeated Jonah Rock

The crowd loved Suzuki. He won with the Gotch piledriver and received a standing ovation from the fans. After that, he grabbed a mic and said "I will be back" to a huge pop.

- Kenny Omega & Guerrillas of Destiny defeated Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii & Rocky Romero

Omega and Okada got the loudest reactions on the show, but The Young Bucks, Cody, and Suzuki were close. Tanga Loa and Romero worked much of the match, so the pop was massive when Omega and Okada finally faced off and did their moves.

The Bullet Club team won after Omega hit the Cross Rhodes and the One Winged Angel on Romero.

Omega did a promo after the match and said this part of Bullet Club is fine, but Cody is not and he will deal with him. Omega thanked the crowd to end the night.