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NJPW Perth Live Results: Chaos vs. EVIL & SANADA


Submitted by reader Kevin Chiat.

- Young Bucks defeated Juice Robinson & Toa Henare

Fun match with a lot of comedy. Young Bucks are very charismatic performers live, and both Juice and Henare gave strong showings. Henare comes off as having a potential superstar presence. Young Bucks won with the Meltzer Driver.

- Lance Archer defeated Elliot Sexton

Solid big man match with a fair amount of comedy in it. Sexton is a member of TMDK and former MCW Heavyweight Champion. Archer won with his finish.

- Guerrillas of Destiny defeated Yugi Nagata & Mareko

Mareko is one of wrestlers trained through Fale Dojo and he was making is pro debut here. He's a thickly built Samoan and showed potential. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa are both very entertaining to watch up close. Tama does a lot of little subtle humour for the crowd that you sometimes miss on TV. GOD won with Tama using the Gun Stun on Mareko.

- Bullet Club (Kenny Omega, Bad Luck Fale, Gino Gambino & Chase Owens) defeated TMDK (Marcius Pitt, Damien Slater, Jonah Rock & Slex)

Good 8-man tag match. TMDK did not look out of their depth against Bullet Club. Crowd was split, mostly supporting TMDK who were formed in Perth, but cheering for Kenny when he was in.

Wanted to make a special mention of how good Marcius Pitt was in this match, and I very much hope that him and Slater get brought into NJPW on an ongoing basis. Jonah Rock was also impressive and him vs Fale got a big reaction. Omega tried to get a Chase is on the Case chant going for Owens. Omega pinned Slex with the 1 Winged Angel to win the match.

- Minoru Suzuki defeated Davis Storm

Storm is a veteran of Australian wrestling who was one of the founders of EPW in Perth. He also did sometime training at the Inoki LA Dojo in the mid-00s. He was very well received by the crowd as was Suzuki who is fascinating to watch in person. Suzuki won with the Gotch Piledriver in a short but intense match. Storm took a series of chops that were so brutal his chest was red afterwards.

- Jay White & Tomohiro Ishii defeated Mick Morretti & KUSHIDA

Good match. Morretti is a Sydney based wrestler who made a very good impression. White won with the Blade Runner on Morretti. After the match KUSHIDA got in Ishii and White's face in a way that came off like he was challenging them.

- Cody defeated Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles in a triple threat match

Ospreay and Eagles have excellent chemistry together. Eagles should be in the BOSJ tournament this year. Cody got the biggest reaction of the night, and came off like a total main event talent.

At the start of the match Ospreay pointed out that one half of the crowd was cheering Cody and the other half were booing him. This became a thing throughout the whole match, with the crowd playing along with one side of the room cheering him and the other booing him the entire time.

Cody won by pinning Eagles after Ospreay had hit the Oscutter and throwing him away. After the match, Cody tried to do the One Winged Angel to Eagles, but Ospreay stopped him and hit Cody with the Oscutter and then Eagles hit a 450. Possibility that the match might lose something on tape rather than live, but definitely a must-see once it is available.

- EVIL & SANADA defeated Rocky Romero & Okada

Good match, everyone involved was over but it also suffered a little following on from the 3-way. EVIL beat Romero with the STO. Surprisingly for me, they didn't do an angle where Okada chased LIJ away. Instead EVIL and SANADA did the closing promo.

The production crews from Australian promotions were taping all of the shows, so it's likely that a selection of matches from the tour will go up on NJPW World.