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NJPW Strong Style Evolved tickets sell out within 20 minutes


Even though there was an immediate site crash, leaving people who were in the process of ordering tickets shut down and having to reload from the start, costing them tickets they thought they had, it took only 20 minutes for the March 25th New Japan "Strong Style Evolved" show in Long Beach to sell out.

The company put close to 5,000 tickets on sale. The building has been set up for 5,300 fans and some tickets were held back, including many for the Japanese markets for fans there traveling over. Because so few are left, no tickets will be put on sale for the general public in Japan, and the only primary tickets left will be available to members of the New Japan fan club.

New Japan sold out immediately even though it's the second time in the same market and the show is two weeks before WrestleMania. It also sold out without anything announced for the show. The lineup isn't likely to be announced until all angles and match results that would relate to the show have taken place in Japan.