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NJPW World Tag League Finals report: Evil and Naito vs. Makabe and Honma


The World Tag League finals are nearing an end, as tonight we’ll finally see the winners of this two week tournament be crowned. Evil and Tetsuya Natio, a relatively new team, will fight against one who rarely teams up in Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma. With the aces of the tag division, Anderson and Gallows awaiting whichever team wins, who will make it past the finals and into the Tokyo Dome to face the dominant champions?

Yohei Komatsu and Sho Tanaka vs. David Finlay and Juice Robinson

Really fun match. All four guys worked hard. Not given a ton of time, but looked really good with the time they were given. Robinson, as mentioned before, has really adapted to the style well and fit in here with the likes of Finlay, who is good, and Komatsu and Tanaka, who are great. Robinson and Finlay got the heat on Komatsu. Tanaka got the hot tag and ran wild, soon turned into a ruckus with everyone getting involved. Tanaka and Komatsu hit the dual boston crabs, with Komatsu submitting Finlay.

Jay White vs. Mascara Dorada

This is an interesting match as I don’t think White has had too many singles matches in the year he has been wrestling regularly for the promotion. He did some heel antics early, ripping Dorada’s mask. Dorada did this really cool spot where he walked back to the entrance, ran and gave a hurricanrana over the guardrail to White. They had some good back and forth, with Dorada winning after a springboard hurricanrana and the Dorada screwdriver. White looked good and held his own. He’s really athletic and is a surefire candidate for rookie of the year. Good match.

Bushi came to the ring after the match, wearing his Los Ingobernables hat. He offered it to Dorada. He signaled to the crowd he wasn’t interested, turning his back on Bushi. Bad mistake. He laid him out, then took his mask off to embarrass him. He exited the ring and stole Dorada’s CMLL Welterweight title, so looks like that’s a title program down the road.

Jushin Thunder Liger and Kushida vs. Ryusuke Taguchi and Tiger Mask

The focus here is between Liger and Tiger Mask, who are feuding over the NWA Jr. heavyweight title. Yes, this a repeat of a feud from last year, except Tiger Mask is now the champion. They went at it for a while. Taguchi and Kushida were tagged in and had some nice offense. It’s so hard to take Taguchi seriously with his new butt attack gimmick. I mean it’s fine for opening level matches but if they ever put him in a IWGP Jr. title situation again that’d feel like a waste of time. Tiger Mask and Liger were back in the ring, then Tiger Mask rolled him up out of nowhere with a crucifix for the win. It was fine.

Tencozy, Manabu Nakanishi and Yuji Nagata vs. Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, Tama Tonga and Yujiro Takahashi

Mao-chan was back with Yujiro selling her DVD as if she were Toru Yano. I don’t think their DVDs are the same genre. Typical eight man tag you’d see on a New Japan show. Nothing bad, just kind of there. It was decent overall. Anderson caught Nakanishi with the stun gun, then pinned him after a Magic Killer. Makes sense for them to get a win here as their next challengers are being crowned.

All of a sudden, Truth Martini appeared in a video, highlighting him and the House of Truth. That was random. He appeared with Jay Lethal, who said he will defend the ROH title at the Toyko Dome and questioned who will challenge him. Apparently he doesn’t check the internet I think most of us know who that will be by now (Elgin).

The Kingdom vs. The Addiction

Liger, who was on commentary, went completely crazy for Maria as they made their entrance. Good match but nothing out of this world. Very much a back and forth match. The Kingdom win with a spike piledriver on Kazarian.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Toru Yano vs. Cody Hall and Bad Luck Fale

Not that interesting of a match. Nakamura worked a lot with Hall with Fale and Yano continued their feud. Yano taped up Fales ankle as Nakamura and Hall were in the ring. Hall went for the Razor’s Edge but Yano low blowed him, allowing Nakamura to hit the boma ye for the win.

After the match, Yujiro Takahashi and Tama Tonga ran in. Takahashi beat up Yano with a chair as Fale entered the ring again. Nakamura came back and cleared house, so I guess this sets up a Yano feud with the Bullet Club B squad.

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Michael Elgin, Katsuyori Shibata and Hirooki Goto vs. Yoshi-Hashi, Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii and Kazushi Sakuraba

They did some atypical eight man tag house show gimmicks, including the “everyone brawls out of the ring spot”. Elgin came in and took everyone out, which got him over big time with the crowd. He and Yoshi-Hashi have real good chemistry with one another. Okada and Tanahashi had their big moment that the crowd got into as well, chanting for Okada. Shibata and Ishii worked a lot in the end, doing their usual, stiff offense. Shibata had in in a sleeper and Ishii fought forever until finally being taken to the ground and was pinned after the penalty kick. Good match overall

Shibata dropped the NEVER title on Ishii after the match, so there is your NEVER title program. It’s been done, but then again when it was done those were incredible matches, so not much to complain about. Okada and Tanahashi posed in the ring after the match, the crowd 100% behind Okada.

World Tag League Finals: GBH (Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma) vs. Evil and Tetsuya Naito

They set up a table at one point and Honma set it up like he was going to piledrive Honma through the table but Bushi interfered and instead Naito gave him a neckbreaker on the table. Makabe had a chair wrapped around his neck and Evil grabbed another chair and smacked the two chairs together at one point. Not a fun spot. Bushi came in at one point and gave the mist to Makabe, who took him out while Naito gave Honma a top rope hurricanrana for a nearfall. They worked over Honma for a long time after this. Makabe came back and gave the lairat to both Evil and Naito. Honma came back and helped set up the King Kong Knee drop by Makabe, then followed with a top rope kokeshi for the win. The match was good in spots but overall didn’t feel like a big deal until the ending, which was actually pretty great and heated.