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NJPW/CMLL Fantastica Mania results: Family tag tournament begins


The NJPW and CMLL Fantastica Mania tour continued this morning in Chiba. 

The traditional family tag team tournament got under way with two first round matches, and Tetsuya Naito, KUSHIDA, and Ultimo Guerrero were among the stars featured on the undercard. 

Full match reports and results are below:


A decent opener. 

Gedo and KUSHIDA started off. KUSHIDA and Taguchi used a series of quick tags and worked over Gedo's left arm. Gedo tagged Forastero, and he had his arm worked on as well. Ishimori tagged in, and they did a comedy spot where Taguchi blindly worked over KUSHIDA's arm by mistake. 

Titan hit a tope con hilo. Taguchi and KUSHIDA missed with pescados, and Gedo and Ishimori fought them on the floor. Inside, Forastero went for Titan's mask, and Ishimori went to work on his arm. 

KUSHIDA tagged in, and found himself triple-teamed. Taguchi got a tag and ran wild with hip attacks and ankle locks, before Gedo jumped in and cut him off. KUSHIDA came in for the save, and hit a handspring elbow and a plancha. Taguchi hit a plancha, and Titan hit a springboard crossbody. 

Titan used a crossface, but Forastero escaped, hit a tilt-a-whirl slam, and used a head and arm choke for the submission win. 


These guys are capable of so much more, it was kind of surreal to see them working a second match on a house show type of pace. 

Shingo and SHO started with some power spots. YOH and BUSHI jumped in, and SHO and YOH hit some tandem offense. Shingo outsmarted them, and YOH accidentally knocked SHO from the apron. 

They went to the floor, and Shingo posted YOH. BUSHI teased unmasking both SHO and YOH. BUSHI used a neckbreaker for a near fall. BUSHI and Shingo hit their tandem leg drop and senton. 

YOH hit a dragon screw, and SHO jumped in and hit a dropkick. There were more power spots with SHO and Shingo, and SHO got the edge this time. He hit a lariat for a two count. He went for a suplex, but Shingo cut him off. SHO finally got the suplex, but Shingo popped right up and hit the pumping bomber into a double down. 

BUSHI and YOH got tags. YOH hit a flying forearm, missed a back elbow, then hit a neckbreaker for a two count. SHO and YOH hit stereo knees on BUSHI, and knocked Shingo off the apron. BUSHI hit a double rana. 

Shingo came in for a double team. Shingo hit YOH with a lariat, and BUSHI hit a backstabber. SHO also came in and hit BUSHI with a backstabber. Shingo and SHO did a clothesline to the floor spot, and they landed awkwardly. 

YOH hit BUSHI with a dropkick to the knee, then followed with a la magistral cradle for the pin. 


Lots of really cool dives in this one. 

Angel de Oro and OKUMURA started with some chain wrestling. OKUMURA worked some holds. de Oro hit a dropkick. Audaz and Namajague tagged in for some quick lucha spots. Cavernario and Soberano jumped in and did a really nice sequence, ending in a stalemate. 

Cavernario offered a handshake, but it was a trap, and his team tripled up on Soberano. They triple-teamed Audaz next, isolating him in their corner. OKUMURA tried directing traffic, but there was dissension in the ranks. 

It was de Oro's turn to be triple-teamed next. He made a comeback with a dropkick and a Sasuke special. Soberano and Audaz hit dives as well. Cavernario and Soberano had another nice sequence. 

de Oro and OKUMURA jumped in. de Oro did some nice flying and picked up a near fall. Namajague broke up the pin. Audaz hit a crazy dive, de Oro hit a crazy dive, and Cavernario hit a crazy dive. 

The finish saw Soberano hit his tornillo off the top, then another springboard leg drop on OKUMURA. Soberano pinned OKUMURA. 


Not much to this one. 

Terrible and Kojima's gameplan early was to chop the hell out of each other. Kojima missed an elbow drop. Terrible missed a leg drop. Henare and Naito tagged in. Henare has changed his look a little bit and has new gear. Henare hit a standing moonsault for a two count. 

Naito hit an inverted atomic drop, and Terrible jumped in for a high kick. The action spilled to the outside. Naito sent Henare into the first several rows of seats. Naito used a chair. Terrible used a headlock on Kojima. 

Back inside, Terrible went to work on Henare's legs. Naito hit the combinacion de cabron for a two count. Naito stomped on Henare's back, and taunted him with short kicks. Henare hit a Samoan drop. Kojima tagged in and hit machine gun chops on Naito. Kojima hit a top rope elbow for a two count. 

Naito and Kojima exchanged strikes, and Kojima hit a DDT. Naito hit a flying forearm, then tagged Terrible. Terrible hit a series of strikes, a slam, and a top rope splash, picking up a near fall. 

Kojima made a comeback and hit a Koji cutter, then tagged Henare. Henare hit a tackle, but Naito jumped in and cut him off. Henare sent Naito outside, then hit a Samoan drop for a two count. 

Terrible and Henare traded chops. Terrible fired up and hit a left hand. Henare came back with a headbutt. Kojima and Naito jumped in. Naito hit Kojima with a neckbreaker. Naito and Terrible hit stereo dropkicks on Henare, and Terrible used a Styles clash for the pin. 


A ton of star power here, but not a ton of action. 

They stalled a lot early. The Guerreros took a cheap shot at Caristico before the bell. They did a celebration to psych themselves up, which Tiger, Liger and Caristico then mocked in a comedy spot. 

They did some more comedy, with Tiger offering Gran a handshake, then pulling it away. Caristico and Ultimo got in and stalled some more, before finally locking up. They exchanged holds, then stalled again. Caristico was begging the crowd to get into it. Caristico took off Ultimo's mask and made a big show of it. He's a few years late on that one. Caristico hit a dive into a flying headscissors on the floor. 

Liger and Templarino got in for the first sustained action of the match. Liger sent Templarino to the floor, and the Guerreros jumped in to the ring to triple up on Liger. They did a human pyramid spot, but Caristico broke it up with a thrust kick. 

Liger made his own comeback, hitting a senton off the apron. Tiger jumped off the top into a slam from Ultimo for a near fall. Tiger used a victory roll for a near fall. Ultimo rolled to the floor, and Tiger hit a high cross off the post. 

Templarino and Caristico jumped in as the legal men, and Caristico used la mistica for the submission. 


Atlantis has really slowed down since I saw him last. Atlantis Jr. is going to be good, but he's still green. Cuatrero and Sanson are a fine team, but they don't stand out on their work alone. 

Atlantis and Cuatrero started off with some mat wrestling. Atlantis Jr. and Sanson came in and traded holds on the mat as well. Sanson got the upper hand with an enzuigiri, then raked the eyes. Atlantis Jr. came back with a headscissors and a suicide dive. 

The dive did more harm than good for Jr., as while he was on the floor, Cuatrero and Sanson worked over Atlantis. When Jr. finally got back inside, he ate some tandem offense. 

Jr. came back with backbreakers, and Atlantis jumped in. He hit a crossbody off the top, and a series of backbreakers. Jr. hit a dive, and Atlantis hit a crossbody off the post to the floor. Cuatrero hit a plancha on Atlantis. 

Jr. and Sanson battled on the top rope, and Sanson hit a Sanson special, then pinned Jr. to win this first round battle. 


A good match, but it was missing something. They worked hard, they did a lot of moves, but it fell short of a great match to me. 

Dragon and Flyer started off. They began trading holds, hip tosses and armdrags. Good, but not as crisp as you would expect from Dragon. Flyer hit an Asai moonsault, and Volador hit a suicide dive. 

Back inside, Volador and Flyer took control of the match. Flyer hit a dropkick in the corner on Dragon. Volador took the referee, and Flyer tried to unmask Dragon. Dragon came back with a rolling dropkick on Volador, but Flyer cut him off. 

Mistico came in and ran wild. Mistico and Dragon hit stereo topes. Back in the ring, they each hit dropkicks. They were exactly as crisp as you would expect from Dragon. 

Dragon and Volador traded kicks, which got a good reaction. They fought on the top rope, and Dragon hit a double stomp. All four guys jumped in, and Volador hit a Canadian destroyer on Mistico. Mistico hit a DDT on Volador. 

Dragon and Mistico hit stereo dropkicks on Flyer. Dragon hit a Spanish fly on Volador. They went back to the top, and Dragon teased another stomp, but Flyer cut him off with a Spanish fly off the top. 

Volador hit a thrust kick on Mistico. Mistico came back with a springboard rana. Mistico dumped Volador to the floor, then hit a moonsault to the floor. Inside, Flyer hit a Canadian destroyer on Dragon for a two count. 

Dragon hit a suplex, and used a powerbomb for a near fall. Dragon hit a knee strike, then hit desnucadora for the pin. 

An easy show to watch, but nothing here was must-see.