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PAC wins Dragon Gate's Open the Dream Gate title


The man formerly known as Neville was won gold in Dragon Gate.

PAC defeated Masato Yoshino today at Fantastic Gate 2018 inside Korakuen Hall to win the company’s top single title, the Open the Dream Gate championship. Yoshino had held the title for 177 days, winning it back on June 10. 

This comes after a long period where PAC’s contract was frozen by WWE after he walked out before an episode of Raw back in October of 2017. He remained sidelined with his contract situation up in the air until August, where it was reported he was no longer under WWE contract. He then resurfaced in Dragon Gate a few months later, aligning himself with the R.E.D stable on October 2.

PAC is scheduled for a number of dates in the United Kingdom. The most high profile bout is a match between him and Will Ospreay that will take place at a upcoming RevPro event on February 15.