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Pro Wrestling NOAH acquired by DDT owners Cyber Agent


Pro Wrestling NOAH has been acquired by Cyber Agent, the same company that has owned DDT since 2017.

The news was announced Tuesday morning by Tokyo Sports with Cyber Agent later confirming. A press conference was held Wednesday with more details concerning the acquisition:

- Under the deal, DDT owner Shanshiro Takagi will now serve as president of Pro Wrestling NOAH, while longtime wrestler Naomichi Marufuji will act as vice president.

- The two promotions will continue to run as separate entities, but will partner with one another for cross-promotion.

- NOAH’s show in Korakuen Hall Thursday morning, the final day of this year’s NOAH junior heavyweight league, will be airing live for free on DDT Universe, the company's online streaming service.

The current plan is to stream NOAH shows on both DDT Universe and Abema TV, a streaming service owned by Cyber Agent. Abema will air NOAH shows starting in February. However, their service is not available to international viewers.