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Takeshi Morishima announces return to professional wrestling


Takeshi Morishima is set to return to the ring by the end of this year.

He made an appearance during a Riki Choshu produced event held earlier today and announced his return to pro wrestling after a three year absence. Interestingly, his return bout will not be for Pro Wrestling NOAH, where he spent most of his career, but instead will be for another Riki Choshu produced event called Genesis on October 15. His opponent has not been named.

Morishima retired back in April of 2015 after doctors told him that he had abnormally high glycated hemoglobin, which could lead to diabetes. He was set to have a retirement match later that year, but NOAH announced in December that his contract was expiring and that they would no longer have a retirement show for him. Since retiring, Morishima largely removed himself from pro wrestling.

Originally an All Japan dojo graduate, Morishima jumped with the rest of the roster to form Pro Wrestling NOAH in 2000. After a run in Ring Of Honor, where he won their world championship, he was brought back to Japan and had a successful career, winning the GHC Heavyweight title three times.