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Tomoaki Honma begins to regain some movement after scary injury


Tomoaki Honma has started to get some movement back after a scary injury that took place on Friday.

Honma took a draping DDT from Jado in a six-man tag team match held in Okinawa. Most likely the finish of the match would have involved his side winning, but after taking the move, he laid prone on the mat and couldn't move. Jado pinned him and medical assistance was provided and he was carried out, almost motionless, on a stretcher. He was fully conscious and talking at the time.

Honma, according to sources at New Japan, has regained movement in his arms and legs but is still very weak. He is as of yet unable to sit up.

Japanese media reports state that the injury was to the C-3 and C-4 vertebrae in his neck and that he's been moved out of the emergency room. He has said that he is getting better and vowed that some day he will return to the ring.