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Will Ospreay questionable for New Orleans after injury


Will Ospreay appears to have suffered a neck injury in today's IWGP Junior Heavyweight title match against Marty Scurll at Sumo Hall in Tokyo.

The match, arguably the best match thus far of 2018, was going along fine. Ospreay was selling his neck but that was the story of the match, and late in the match delivered a Spanish fly off the apron. In rotating, his head hit the apron and he suffered a bad gash and was bleeding heavily.

The doctor immediately came out and it was clear he was concerned, but Ospreay wouldn't let him near him and continued to wrestle for several more minutes before retaining his title with the OsCutter

Believe it or not, Ospreay said he felt fine during the entire match, but when he got backstage when the match was over, he said the pain was excruciating.

He said he was determined to be able to do his matches in New Orleans this coming week, but that may not be possible. He is currently in the process of flying back from Japan and will be getting his neck checked out shortly after he lands.