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Young Bucks confront Omega & Ibushi, move up to heavyweight


As the storyline of the Bullet Club's fracturing continued, a future match between The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi appeared to be inevitable coming out of this morning's Honor Rising show.

A promo by Omega at the end of the event led to Matt & Nick Jackson making their way out to announce that they're officially moving up to New Japan Pro Wrestling's heavyweight tag team division. Before the Bucks confronted them, Omega & Ibushi defeated Cody Rhodes & Marty Scurll in the main event and Omega said he and Ibushi are the best tag team in the world.

After the Bucks left, Omega asked if their comments were a challenge and called it a dream match.

In his post-show comments, Omega said he's still best friends with the Bucks and would have wanted to speak with them in private about this, but he isn't someone who runs away from what he believes in. He said he believes he and Ibushi are the best team in the world, and they have no choice but to prove themselves if the Bucks think they're the best.

No date or location for The Young Bucks vs. Omega & Ibushi (or how soon the match will happen) has been made apparent yet. The Bucks had been indicating that a move up to heavyweight was coming prior to making the official announcement today.