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Jerry Lawler suffered stroke prior to WrestleMania weekend

Jerry Lawler suffered a stroke shortly before WrestleMania weekend.

On the latest episode of Dinner With the King, Jerry Lawler talked to his co-host Glenn Moore about a stroke that he suffered on 3/21 shortly before going to the WonderCon event in Anaheim. As he described it, he and his girlfriend were together when she noticed that one side of his face was paralyzed and was slurring his words. He was taken to the hospital, where he had trouble communicating with others and had a high blood pressure rating of 296/145.

Three days after suffering the stroke, he was able to talk again and felt much better. He was released from the hospital a few days after the stroke on 3/24. The only people he had told about the situation prior to the podcast were Kevin Dunn and Triple H.

Despite being hospitalized over a stroke just a few weeks prior, Lawler was at WrestleMania weekend, hosting the Hall of Fame and also doing commentary for the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal during the WrestleMania pre-show. He also appeared at the WrestleCon Supershow, doing an angle with Joey Ryan where he threw a fireball at Ryan’s genitals.