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Jimmy Havoc joins AEW roster


Jimmy Havoc is the latest to join the AEW roster.

During the second episode of the Road to Double or Nothing, AEW staff including Cody, Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels and AEW Coordinator Michael Cuellari are seen watching a video of Havoc cutting a promo. Cody liked the video and told his staff to contact him.

The official AEW account on Twitter later posted an image with the hashtag #allelite. Matt Jackson later commented “We’re pumped to have @JimmyHavoc on our roster! Welcome to the team.”

MLW, who Havoc has worked for in the past, posted a tweet today saying that he was returning to the promotion soon, signaling he’ll still be able to work other promotions.

Havoc has wrestled throughout the United Kingdom since breaking into wrestling in 2004, wrestling for Progress Wrestling, Defiant and ICW. He was also part of a Impact Wrestling UK tour back in 2016, and won the CZW Tournament of Death in 2017.

At the end of the video, Cuellari mentioned that someone had called, with the person’s name being bleeped out, and said that it seemed personal. Cody agreed it was personal, then said he would call him back when he felt like it. Cuellari brought up that he still didn’t have an opponent for Double or Nothing as the video ended.

You can check out the second episode of Road to Double or Nothing below.