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AAA Heroes Inmortales live results: Fenix vs. Kenny Omega


The thirteenth edition of Heroes Inmortales, one of the bigger events of AAA’s fall, takes place tonight in Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico.

A four team steel cage match headlines the card. It is a revelos incredibles match, meaning it involves unusual tag teams, usually rivals being paired together. Psycho Clown & Rey Escorpion will faces Averno & Dr. Wagner Jr., Pentagon Jr. & Texano Jr. and Chessman & Pagano.

In the co-main event, Fenix will defend the AAA Mega Championship against AEW’s Kenny Omega. Omega issued the challenge back at Triplemania, which Fenix accepted.

Two other title matches will take place tonight. Drago will defend the Latin American title against Daga. A three way tag match for the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship will also take place. Champions Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla will defend against Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami as well as Chik Tormenta & Latigo.

Join us for live coverage starting at 9 p.m. ET


After introductions, Fenix came out for a promo and talked about his match against Kenny Omega later tonight, bringing up their history. 

There is a big memorial in the ring for Antonio Peña, who died in October of 2006. This show has been held every year since his death. They had a video showing highlights of his career, then had technicos in the ring as Arturo Rivera spoke.

La Parka came out for a promo, saying that Orizaba was his home. Konnan came out with his crew, which included La Parka Negra. Konnan said no one cared about him or remembers Antonio Peña. La Parka Negra says that he is the one that rules this place. La Parka laid everyone out but Dave the Clown then snuck into the ring attacked him from behind. 

Vampiro then came out as he laid out Dave with a chokeslam then very slowly did ten punches to Konnan in the corner. Konnan fouled him as the rudos walked away unscathed.

Lady Shani, Pimpinela Escarlata, Octagoncito and Draztik Boy defeated Australian Suicide, Demus, Mamba, Vanilla and Michael Nakazawa

I guess this was the match, anyway.

Demus and Octagoncito started things off. Mamba came in but got taken out by a hurricanrana. Australian Suicide comes in but was also taken out. Lady Shani and Vanilla came in, then Mamba and Pimpinela. This did not sit well with Nakazawa, who came in and oiled himself when grappling with Pimpi. The English announcers had zero idea who Nakazawa was.

Rudos got the advantage as Nakazawa rubbed the oil all over Octagoncito. I guess he is in this match as he’s doing spots and the referee doesn’t seem to care. Draztik Boy dumped people out of the ring and did a crazy suicide dive to the floor, laying out Demus. This was followed by other big spots to the floor Octagoncito (big tope con hilo that looked nasty), Australian Suicide (shooting star press) and Vanilla (corkscrew).

Shani met Mamba on the top rope and hit an iconoclasm then hit a fisherman’s buster suplex for the win. Fun opener even though we may never know if Nakazawa was in the match or not.

Villano III Jr. & Lady Maravilla defeated Keyra & Latigo and Nino Hamburguesa & Big Mami to retain the AAA World Mixed Tag Team titles

Lady Maravilla tells Nino Hamburguesa she doesn’t know why he still trusts Big Mami. Mami responds by attacking Maravilla, starting the match. Keyra and Latigo wipe everyone out early on, but Villano III spears Keyra to the floor. Mami takes a baking sheet and attacks Maravilla with it.

Big Mami and Hamburgeresa lay out Latigo and Keyra with splashes, but Villano and Maravilla attack them with baking sheets. Mami immediately came back with a black hole slam on Keyra. Hamburgeresa did a somersault suicide dive to the outside, and Mami followed with a crossbody off the apron.

Latigo takes Hamburgeresa to the top rope as everyone comes in for the tower of doom spot, laying out Hamburgeresa. Latigo then takes Maravilla to the outside and hits a suplex on the apron. Villano then hit a spanish fly on Latigo on the concrete floor.

Big Mami hit a gory bomb on Maravilla, but Maravilla fell to the floor in pain. Nino Hamburgeresa, who has a transparent crush on Maravilla, wasn’t sure what to do. This gave the opening for Villano III to attack, hitting a cutter through the table that looked ugly. Maravilla then threw a chair full force into Mami’s head and pinned her to retain the titles.

Maravilla told Hamburgeresa to come to the ring. She said she got what he wanted and called him some words and slapped him. Big Mami said she has been disappointed by him again. She can’t stand this anymore. Essentially, she dumped him. She said is now looking for vengeance against Lady Maravilla.

Daga defeated Drago to win the AAA Latin America championship

The new Abismo Negro Jr. was seconding Daga, while Lady Shani cornered Drago.

After some grappling, they take it to the floor. After Drago exchanges words with Abismo, the action is taken back to the ring where it's pretty even until Daga took control. He took Drago to the outside and smashed his face into the announcer’s table, then throws him into the post.

Drago came back with a roll-up but Daga kicked out at two. Daga hit a series of kicks, a double foot stomp then a superkick. He followed that with a sitout powerbomb then a springboard cutter. Drago planted Daga with a tornado DDT. He started his comeback, but Daga cut him off with a headbutt. Both fell, with Daga covering Drago for a two count.

Daga cut off Drago and hit a superplex. Drago fires back by sending Daga to the floor and landed a big sommersault suicide dive to the floor. When they were back in the ring, Abismo misted Drago, which eventually led to the finish where Daga fouled Drago then pinned him. This was good enough but nothing particularly special.

Puma King, Octagon Jr and Dinastia defeated, Abismo Negro Jr., Arez & Super Fly

Arez and Dinastia start things off, but Superfly kicks Dinastia in the back as the rudos quickly gained control. Arez goes after the mask of Puma King as he attacks him with a baking sheet. Puma King fell out of the ring and was whipped by the lumberjacks with straps.

Octagon Jr. tagged in as Super Fly fell to the floor and started to get whipped. Triple tope con hilo to the floor by the technicos. At this point the lumberjacks go after one another. Puma King at one point had Super Fly down but heel referee Hijo de Tirantes didn’t bother making the three count. Pump King then dumped him to the floor as everyone beat him up.

Octagon Jr. then hit a corkscrew to the floor as the lumberjacks just kind of stopped doing what they were doing earlier. Everyone did dives. Back in the ring, Octagon Jr. hit Abismo Negro Jr. with a driver then landed a 450 splash for the win. Another fun, solid match.

El Hijo del Vikingo won the Antonio Pena Copa

La Parka Negra and Hijo del Vikingo started things off. Tritton, making his debut, followed next, then Taurus, who wiped everyone out with power offense. Iron Kid was next. He did some offense but was taken out by Taurus and Tritton. Faby Apache follows, making her the first woman to enter this tournament.

Hiedra was next as she exchanged offense with Iron Kid. He’s the first eliminated following a destroyer by Hiedra. Fabi Apache eliminated La Parka Negro as Aerostar came out next. Tritton was then eliminated. 

Monsther Clown comes out and goes after Aerostar, ripping his mask. Aerostar hits a back cracker and goes after his own mask. Dave the Clown followed as he suplexed Faby Apache and speared Hijo del Vikingo. Faby Apache dumped Hiedra. Aerostar got eliminated too.

Murder Clown was next as Monsther Clown was quickly eliminated. Murder Clown threw Vikingo into the turnbuckle then hit Taurus and Dave with a 619. Dave the Clown is eliminated next as its Monster, Faby Apache, Vikingo and Taurus are left.

Murder is the first eliminated by Taurus after Faby dropkicked Taurus into him. Taurus then threw Faby into Murder Clown, eliminating her. Taurus dominates Vikingo but he then came alive with a foot stomp for a near fall.

Vikingo hit a destroyer then a poison rana followed by a springboard 450 splash for a two count. Taurus cut him off with a rodeo driver on the apron The two wound up on the top rope and hit what I can only call an inverted stunner off the top rope for another two count. 

Vikingo then laid out Taurus with an amazing code red on the apron then followed with an inverted 450 splash for the win. These last few minutes between Taurus and Vikingo were great, with people throwing money into the ring after the match.

Kenny Omega defeated Fenix to win the AAA Mega Championship

They go to the floor early, with Omega landing on the floor rough. Fenix took advantage then hit a big dive on Omega on the side side of the ring. Fenix then hit what looked like an inverted code red for a nearfall.

Omega came back after sending Fenix back first into the barricade. He took it back to the ring and hit a backbreaker, then applied a sharpshooter. Omega kept taking down Fenix with chops as Lady Shani, for whatever reason, came to the ring.

Fenix regains control and hits a springboard crossbody. Omega intercepts Fenix with a dropkick off a springboard. Omega went for the Rise of the Terminator but Fenix hit a superkick. Omega hit a v-trigger, but Fenix jumped over the turnbuckle, floated over Omega and hit a German suplex in a real cool spot.

Omega and Fenix wind up on the top rope when Fenix lands a spanish fly to the floor. Omega fires back with two dragon suplexes. Fenix catches Omega on the apron and hits a neckbreaker, but Omega cut him off again and hit a v-trigger. A buckle bomb follows, then a sitout spinebuster.

Fenix was busted open at this point, possibly through the nose. He escaped from the One Winged Angel then hit a sitout piledriver for a two count. Fenix then takes Omega to te top rope, but ended up on the apron. 

Fenix went for a super rana off the top rope, but Omega powerbombed him instead, the piledrove him. Fenix kicked out, but Omega finished him off with the One Winged Angel for the win. Excellent match with great heat. The crowd way into Kenny Omega, more than you would think.

Omega acted like he was going to shake Fenix’s hand after the match, but then dismissed him and waved the title in his face.

Pentagon Jr. & Texano Jr. defeated Chessman & Pagano, Psycho Clown & Rey Escorpion and Dr. Wagner Jr. and Averno in a relevos increibles cage match

Everybody’s beating each other up to start things off. This kind of went off the rails quickly. Lots of brawling. Easy to lose track of who is teaming with who, and the rudos and technicos are beating each other up either way so it's kind of a moot point.

Dr. Wagner is the first to leave, then Texano, as everyone else is taken down with a tower of doom spot. Pagano is completely busted open at this point, I think from a steel chair shot to the head. They haven’t gotten the memo about that down here. Pentagon, Escorpon, Psycho Clown and Averno fight on top of the cage. Everyone gets off back inside the cage except Psycho Clown, who wipes everyone out with a crossbody. Pagano manages to use this opportunity by escaping the cage. 

Psycho Clown spears Chessman, who is also bloodied, into a table as he escapes. It’s down to Chessman and Averno against Pentagon, who is being worked over with tons of weapons. He mounts a comeback, Chessman manages to escape, leaving it with Pentagon Jr. and Rey Escorpion. 

Pentagon sets up a bunch of chairs. Escorpion cuts him off but Pentagon manages to hit a package piledriver on top of a bunch of chairs (ow???) and starts climbing out, escaping for the win.

Immediately after the match the rest of the Mercenarios jump Pentagon and take him back inside the ring. Fenix and Psycho Clown hit the ring to make the save. They pose in the ring to close out of the show.

Like any AAA show, there was a ton of crazy things and lots of stuff I did not completely understand. But the co-main event was excellent, and everything else was at least fun. Not much to complain about here.