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AAA Triplemania Regia live results: Five-way Mega title match


A new AAA Mega Champion will be crowned Saturday in Monterrey, Mexico, in a five-way main event.

After Kenny Omega had to relinquish the gold due to undergoing various surgeries, Hijo del Vikingo vs. Samuray del Sol vs. Jay Lethal vs. Bobby Fish vs. Bandido will now determine the new champion. Vikingo was set to originally set to challenge Omega for the belt.

The AAA Tag Team titles will be on the line as FTR (with Vickie Guerrero) will defend against AEW Tag Team Champions Lucha Brothers in a feud that is also raging in AEW.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez will return to the ring as he teams with Psycho Clown and Pagano against L.A. Park and Los Mercenarios (Rey Escorpion and Taurus).

The eight-match pay-per-view will also see La Faccion Ingobernable (Dragon Lee and Dralístico) against Laredo Kid and a partner to be named; a number one contenders' match for the AAA Trios titles, and more.

Our live coverage begins at 7:30 PM Eastern.


Las Toxicas (Flammer, Lady Maravilla & La Hiedra) defeated Faby Apache, Lady Shani & Sexy Star 

This was a mess. 

This became a lumberjack match before it started; commentary was utterly surprised. 

A Toxica and Star traded german suplexes to open the match. Star sent her opponent to the outside, where the lumberjacks, armed with whips, returned the action to the ring. Each babyface (Star, Shani, and Apache) took their turn at sending a Toxica to the outside to be whipped. 

At some point, the lumberjacks started whipping each other; there was a lot of running around and general lawlessness. Somehow, in the whip fulled chaos, Las Toxicas gained advantage. The babyfaces sent the heel referee to the outside to reset the match. A new official filled his place.

Star hit a one-handed electric chair driver, leading to a heel breakup. Every competitor then hit the ring leading to a multi-woman top rope spot. Before the faces could capitalise, the heel lumberjacks grabbed the new official by the ankle, allowing the old heel official to count a quick rollup in favour of Las Toxicas. 

Konnan hit the ring and began to cut a promo, but he was interrupted by Cibernetico who entered the arena on a motorcycle. Konnan fled to the ring floor, leaving Cibernetico alone in the ring to cut a promo of his own. According to the English commentary team, Cibernetico is here to “rid AAA of Konnan”, and he “has acquisitions against Konnan” that will soon come to light. 

Nueva Generacion Dinamita (El Cuatrero, Forastero & Sanson) defeated Nuevo Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr. & Tito Santana) & Los Vipers (Abismo Negro Jr., Arez & Psicosis)

This was a mess too, but at least it was a fun watch. 

The teams started to brawl before the match began. Nuevo Poder del Norte cleared the ring before hitting all six of their opponents with dives. Back in the ring, Nuevo Poder del Norte took turns killing Psicosis with a metal pan playing an important role. Los Vipers eventually retreated, allowing Nueva Generacion Dinamita to take control from Nuevo Poder del Norte. 

Nueva Generacion Dinamita’s control over Nuevo Poder del Norte was cemented, but Los Vipers took advantage when the match spilt outside. After Los Vipers laid waste to Nueva Generacion Dinamita with metal pans, they played the isolation game. This allowed Nuevo Poder del Norte to recover, hit the ring with chairs, and take control back. 

Nuevo Poder del Norte sent Abismo through a table with a wicked dive, but the other two Vipers immediately retook the match with chairs. Arez set up a table with light tubes that Psicosis, his partner, went through. This mishap allowed Nueva Generacion Dinamita to send Arez through a table and pin him for the win. 

After the match, Cibernetico hit the ring again and cleared it of Nueva Generacion Dinamita before celebrating with Los Vipers, a stable he founded over 20 years ago.

La Empresa (DMT Azul, Puma King & Sam Adonis) defeated Chessman, Murder Clown & Dave The Clown 

This was bad, really bad. 

The match opened with a brawl that nearly left Murder without a mask. Dave and DMT hit dives, leaving Adonis and Chessman alone in the ring. Unfortunately for Chessman, this was short-lived as Puma and DMT hit the ring with a pan and chair to swing control in their favour. The trio took their time picking apart Chessman and the clowns. 

La Empresa took some time to set up a pair of light tube/sheetrock contraptions. This backfired as Chessman and the clowns sent their opponents through the crafts. Murder launched La Empresa’s vale to the outside before hitting an impressive dive. The clowns and Chessman then took their time delivering punishment to La Empresa. 

A group of clowns (not Murder or Dave) hit the ring to help La Empresa. La Empressa and their clowns tried to light a table on fire but failed; they still drove Murder through it. Dave tried to rally, successfully taking out all his opponents and some rival clowns, but the horde of clowns proved too much. Dave was unmasked, and La Empressa celebrated. 

A stretcher came for Chessman, but Adonis tried hitting him with a moonsault; he missed. At some point, Murder was unmasked. Oh, and the match ended; commentary didn’t notice, and neither did I.

The Lucha Brothers cut a passionate promo about their history in AAA. FTR’s manager, Vickie Guerrero, in return cut an awful anti-Mexico promo. FTR then took the microphone and insulted lucha as such. A brawl ensued, leaving the Lucha Brothers with a small victory before their match later tonight. 

Dragon Lee & Dralistico defeated Willie Mack & Laredo Kid

This match had its moments, but it wasn’t for me. 

Willie Mack was revealed to be Laredo’s mystery partner before the match got underway. 

As the match began, a song played, prompting a sensual dance from Mack, but Dralistico stopped the number with a dropkick. Laredo and Lee started the wrestling portion of the match with back and forth grappling. Once the pair established their equal footing, a striking brawl broke out, leading to all four men hitting the ring. 

Mack and Dralistico traded strikes before Laredo successfully took out both his opponents. Mack landed a Samoan drop, Laredo a splash reading to a near fall. An electric chair cutter followed by a standing moonsault led to another. 

Dralistico sidestepped Mack. Lee was in position, allowing his team to recapture control. Lee and Dralistico focused on grounding their opponents, but this was short-lived. Laredo sent his opponents to the outside, allowing Mack to hit a stunning dive. 

Laredo hit a Spanish fly, forcing a breakup and triggering a four-way exchange. Lee hit Mack with an impressive powerbomb to end the sequence, an impressive sight. Lee sent mack to the outside. With Laredo isolated, Dralistico and Lee tried to finish the match but failed. Dralistico hit Laredo with a beautiful dive of his own, leaving Lee alone in the ring. 

Mack snuck in, hit Lee with a nasty forearm for another near fall. Mack climbed to the top rope in desperation only to meet Lee’s knees upon descent. Lee hit Mack with two knee strikes to close the match. 

After the match, Lee challenged Laredo for the AAA Cruiserweight Championship; Laredo accepted the challenge. 

AAA Tag Team Champions FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) defeated The Lucha Brothers (Fenix & Pentagon Jr.) in a ladder match to retain

Another less than stellar outing. One thing that this match did have going for it was crowd attention; the people cared about the Lucha Bros and hated FTR, so that’s something, I guess. 

In another unexpected twist, this match was made a ladder match at some point. Again, the commentary team was seemingly as surprised as I was. 

Before the match could start, the teams began brawling outside the ring with ladders. Harwood and Penta fought in the crowd as Fenix and Wheeler traded blows outside the ring. The Lucha Bros entered the ring only to jump from it moments later. 

Fenix and Penta set up a ladder and began the slow climb; FTR interrupted them for the first in-ring sequence of the match. FTR gained the advantage, tearing at their opponents’ masks and brutalising them with a metal pan. A ladder to the groin and DDT left each Lucha Bro recovering. 

FTR tied Penta’s mask onto the rope as Vickie choked him with an American flag. FTR then pledged to the flag to a chorus of boos. FTR climbed to the top, forcing Penta to abandon his mask to save the championships. Penta stopped FTR from winning and re-masked.

Penta set up a table in the centre of the ring that was already broken before trying to retrieve the belts again. Vickie provided a distraction, throwing some kind of powder in the eyes of Penta that sent him crashing into the table. Harwood then successfully retrieved the belts to retain their championships. 

Cain Velasquez, Pagano & Psycho Clown defeated Los Mercenarios (Rey Escorpion & Taurus) & L.A. Park

Was this match good? No. Did this match have interesting Velasquez/Park interaction? Sure, and sometimes, that’s all you can ask for. 

Velasquez and Park opened the match with a staredown and taunt off. Pagano and Taurus started the wrestling portion. The opening exchange was methodical, at least for lucha, with neither man gaining significant advantage; this continued as Escorpion and Psycho entered the fray. 

Once Velasquez and Park shared the ring, things picked up somewhat. Velasquez scored a double-leg takedown, Park a headlock takedown. The pair then tried striking before everyone hit the ring, causing the match to break down. 

On the outside, metal pans and chairs allowed the heels to steal advantage. Velasquez and Park fought deep into the crowd as Escorpion and Taurus isolated Psycho in the ring. 

Velasquez was subdued by all three of his opponents but managed to overpower them. With help from Psycho (and a mop), Velasquez took control of the match. Pagano and Clown hit dives, leaving Park and Velasquez alone once more. 

Velasquez locked in a heel hook, prompting El Hijo De LA Park and LA Park Jr. to hit the ring. Park flattened Velasquez with a nasty chair shot before the lights went out. Enter Rayo de Jalisco Jr. This distraction allowed Valasquez to lock in an armbar, forcing the tap.

After the match, Jalisco cut a promo; he was interrupted by Nueva Generacion Dinamita. Nueva Generacion Dinamita jumped Jalisco and the winners, but they withstood the attack. 

Hijo Del Vikingo defeated Bobby Fish, Jay Lethal, Samuray Del Sol and Bandido in a five-way to win the vacant AAA Mega Championship

This style of match does very little for me, but I can see how many would enjoy this. Regardless, Vikingo is insane, and his future is infinitely bright. 

The match opened with Vikingo and Samuray isolated in the ring. The pair had a back and forth sequence before Lethal involved himself. Lethal and Vikingo isolated next, and Lethal showed advantage. As more men filed in, Lethal maintained his lead. 

Fish caught Lethal with a kick, leaving Fish standing across from Bandido. Bandido and Fish traded strikes, but again, Lethal entered the ring to take advantage. Bandido sent Lethal to the outside and maintained control as Vikingo entered the ropes. Small momentum-shifting interactions such as this continued for some time. 

The mid-to-late match continued to escalate with everyone trading moves. With multiple near falls and no clear leader, the wrestlers began throwing everything at each other in isolated sequences. After probably a dozen dives, Vikingo hit Samuray with a spectacular springboard followed by an even more stunning top rope splash to close the match.