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AAA TripleMania XXIV results: Psycho Clown vs. Pagano


Australian Suicide won a battle royal for the 2016 Copa TripleMania featuring La Parka, Elegido, Taurus, Hernandez, Pimpinela Escarlata, El Hijo del Pirata Morgan, Daga, Super Fly, Zorro, and Mamba

Battle royal didn’t last very long, with La Parka being the final man eliminated. Last two in the ring were Daga and Australian Suicide, and it turned into a singles match. I guess this is similar to the Gauntlet for the Gold TNA used to do.

Lots of fast-paced action. Suicide hit a really cool shooting star press to the floor.

Australian Suicide won with a corkscrew but Daga had his foot on the ropes. He was awarded the cup after the match, but Daga jumped him, destroyed the trophy, and took off his mask.

Averno & Chessman went to a no contest with Mary & Faby Apache

This wasn’t bad when it was just a wrestling match, but it was also full of interference and weapons and there wasn’t a finish to boot. Gran Apache was the special referee. The women jumped the men at the start and ran wild.

Heel ref action started as Gran Apache stopped his daughters from doing anything, allowing the men to jump them from behind. Faby did a cool hurricanrana to the floor but was posted by Averno. Averno was about to hit one of the sisters with a bottle, but Gran Apache stopped him, which got him sent packing by the rudos.

Faby was about to pin Chessman after a hurricanrana but Averno hit her with a light tube. Gran Apache made the save, but then Ricky Marvin came out and laid him out with a chair. Marvin then bit his forehead when he was busted open. Faby was somehow busted open as well. No finish it seems as Faby was stretchered out and Gran Apache went to the back.

Drago & Aerostar defeated Paul London & Matt Cross, Hijo del Fantasma & Garza Jr., and AAA Tag Team Champions Angelico & Jack Evans to win the titles

Fenix no-showed, so Garza Jr. took his place. Largely a stunt show, but a fun one with a bunch of cool dives. Aerostar has the coolest entrance gear. Fantasma and Garza did stereo moonsaults to wipe out two teams.

Matt Cross did a Sasuke special that connected on the outside. London hit a shooting star press but Fantasma broke it up. Fantasma took him to the outside and did a suicide dive, then Aerostar followed with a huge tope that largely sent him into fans past the barricade.

Aerostar did a big corkscrew dive, wiping out most of the teams as London went to do something on the top rope but Drago misted him, kept rolling him around, then pinned him to with the match.

They did their Hall of Fame ceremony next. They inducted “Love Machine” Art Barr, as well as Dorian Roldan himself in what I guess was a surprise. I didn’t know you could induct yourself in your own hall of fame.

Johnny Mundo defeated Latin American Champion Pentagon Jr. to win the title

Solid match. Taya cut a promo before the match saying tonight would be Perromania. A lot of it was Mundo working on Pentagon and taking him out with some big moves, including a corkscrew to the outside.

Mundo missed Starship Pain, which allowed Pentagon to lay him out. Hernandez grabbed Pentagon but Mundo superkicked Hernandez, then superkicked the ref. Pentagon hit the double footstomp and went for the Pentadriver, but the referee was still down.

Taya came into the ring and turned on Pentagon, hitting him with a low blow. Mundo covered for the win and the title.

Vampiro came out with the Lucha Underground guys for the next match and cut a promo, then introduced Rey Mysterio Jr.

Rey Mysterio Jr., Prince Puma, & Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Matanza Cueto, Mil Muertes, & Marty "The Moth" Martinez

Another match that had a lot of good action. Dragon Azteca in particular looked really good. Matanza and Muertes were good in playing the heel monsters. Muertes and Matanza were going for stereo powerslams, but Azteca and Puma slid from behind and managed to send them to the outside. They tripped up the Moth then did a double dive to the floor.

Mysterio, Puma, and Azteca picked up the win.

Simon Pegg was on the video screen doing a short promo for Star Trek Beyond, or as it’s known in Mexico, Star Trek: Sin Limites.

AAA Mega Heavyweight Champion Texano Jr. defeated Brian Cage and Dr. Wagner Jr. in a triple threat match to retain his title

This was also pretty solid, though the stream wasn't perfect for all of it. Cage was going for the screwdriver when Texano transitioned into a roll-up and got the win, retaining the title.

Psycho Clown defeated Pagano in a mask vs. hair match

I wouldn’t say this was a bad match, but it was more spectacle than a wrestling match. Tons of weapons and dangerous moves used throughout, sometimes to the point of overkill. It’s something different enough that it stands out, but it went just a little too long for what it was supposed to be.

They took each other out with a bunch of dives in the early part of this match. Psycho Clown's mask was ripped up and he was already a bloody mess as there were steel chair shots and barbed wire already in play.

They brawled to the outside where Psycho Clown laid out Pagano with a Spanish fly from on top of the barricade on top of a bunch of chairs... ouch.

Big senton to the floor by Psycho Clown took out Pagano. Both guys were busted open now. Psycho Clown, channeling Abdullah the Butch, grabbed a fork and stabbed Pagano on the forehead.

Pagano went for a splash on a prone Psycho Clown, but he dodged at the last moment and was sent through the table. Pagano countered back with a back suplex onto a table in the corner of the ring. Psycho Clown splashed Pagano from the top rope while covering himself in barbed wire, then hit a Canadian Destroyer. He followed that with a powerbomb onto two chairs, then took out another table.

Oh, here we go -- thumbtacks were introduced and Psycho Clown suplexed Pagano through the table. Psycho Clown was about to make the cover when suddenly Damien and Nicho (original Psicosis) hit the ring and laid him out.

Dr. Wagner Jr. then came out to make the save. They hugged it out, but it was a swerve as Wagner laid him out as well. Pagano covered and heel ref Tirantes Jr. made a fast count, but Psycho Clown still kicked out. They set a table on fire. As they were setting this up, Psycho Clown recovered and speared Pagano through the table and pinned him, saving his mask.

Dr. Wagner cut a promo after the match challenging Psycho Clown to a mask vs. mask match. They did the same promo last year but with Caristico and Rey Mysterio Jr. and that never came to fruition. These kind of challenges usually don't pan out. After both Psycho Clown and Pagano cut promos, Pagano’s hair was cut.

Not a bad show at all. Can’t speak for those that listened to English commentary, but aside from some stream issues here and there this was was a million times better than the trainwreck that was last year’s show.

I should mention that I watched the version with Spanish commentary. From what I understand, I picked the right choice as reports were that this was not Matt Striker’s night. Just all of his normal quirks that turn people off were well represented, apparently.