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AAA Triplemania XXVII live results: Cain Velasquez debuts


AAA’s biggest card of the year, TripleMania XXVII, takes place tonight in Mexico City.

The card will be headlined by Blue Demon Jr. putting his mask on the line against Dr. Wagner Jr.’s hair.

AEW will be represented on the card, as a rematch from Fyter Fest will take place. Kenny Omega, making his AAA debut, will team with The Young Bucks to take on Pentagon Jr., Fenix & Laredo Kid.

In a most interesting six-man tag team match, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez will make his professional wrestling debut, teaming with Psycho Clown and AEW’s Cody Rhodes against Taurus, Texano Jr. and a mystery partner. Cody is seeking revenge after an attack by his opponents several months ago.

Other title matches include Keyra defending the Reina de Reinas championship in a TLC match and Big Mami & Nino Hamburugesa defending the mixed Tag Team Championship in a four-way bout against AEW’s Sammy Guevara & Scarlett Bordeaux, Lady Maravilla & Villano III Jr., and Australian Suicide & Vanilla.

The pre-show starts at 8 p.m. EST on AAA’s Twitch account, with the main card starting an hour later.


Astrolux, Arkangel Divino and Dragon Bane defeated Aramis, Arez and Toxin

This was a wild opener, exactly the kind you need on a big show like this. If you love matches that go 200 miles an hour with tons of hot spots, this is for you.

Dragon Bane and Aramis have good chemistry with one another, they start things off. Lots of fast action. Lots of dives to the outside that takes everyone out. Triple 450 splashes by Divino, Arez and Bane for a two count.

Astrolux came in and faced off against both Toxin and Aramis, then tagged in Divino who did a cool springboard super rana off the top rope. Toxin jumped on Divino and laid out Bane with a reverse rana. 

Bane did a crazy tornillo on the outside, with Aramis following up with a big dive. Arkangel cut off Toxin and gave him a hurricanrana to the outside that wiped everyone out. Astrolux soon followed with a running spanish fly to the outside. 

After all the wreckage, Dragon Bane landed a 630 on Arez for the win.

They opened with a ceremony that involved flags with the AAA logo and the two people who were in charge of AAA, founder Antonio Pena and Joquain Roldan.

Lady Maravilla & Villano III Jr. defeated Big Mami & Nino Hamburgeresa, Scarlett Bordeaux & Sammy Guevara and Australian Suicide & Vanilla for the AAA Mixed Tag Team titles 

In-ring wise this was just there. Lots of stuff going on. Some cool moves, and Hamburgeresa and Mami are way over, but they're very limited.

Bordeaux and Vanilla went at it soon after the bell. She planted Vanilla with an iconoclasm as Suicide came in for the save. They took out Guevara with a 619 by Suicide into a German suplex by Vanilla. Suicide took out Guevara with a big dive.

Big Mami came in and confronted Bordeaux, then hit Vanilla with a Gory bomb. Maravilla and Villlano came in and confronted the champions. After botching some sort of double team maneuver badly, Villano lifted Hamburgeresa on his shoulders and planted him. They stacked both Maravilla and Villano together as Hamburgeresa hit a running cannonball in the corner.

Vanilla and Suicide came back in with stereo dropkicks as they took out people on the outside with splashes. Bordeaux and Guevara came back in, but Guevara was dispatched as Big Mami stinkfaced Bordeaux in the corner.

They built up to a spot where Hamburgeresa took out everyone with what I guess was a dive to the outside. That led to Big Mami laying everyone out with a crossbody to the outside. Back in the ring, everyone went after one another. Big Mami whipped Maravilla but she fell, grabbing her leg. Nino Hamburgeresa, who is currently in a love triangle between her and Mami, tended to Maravilla as Big Mami splashed Villano. Right before she was able to cover, Maravilla low blowed Hamburgeresa and rolled him up for the titles. 

Big Mami cut a promo after the match, calling out Lady Maravilla.

El Hijo del Vikingo, Myzsteziz Jr. and Golden Magic defeated El Nuevo Poder del Norte (Mocho Cota Jr., Carta Brava Jr. and Tito Santana & Pimpinela Escarlata, Mamba and Maximo

This was alright, much like the other matches with fast paced action. 

Everyone came out and did things to start things off. Mystesis, Tito Santana, El Hijo de Vikingo came in. Puedo de Norte came in dominated until Vikino took out one of them with a giant hurricanrana. Mamba took out Myzsteziz outside which allowed Pimpi and Maximo to come out with big dives. Golden Magic followed, then Vikingo, but I don’t know what he did because the camera freaked out upon execution.

Vikingo and Mystesis brought out a table. Back in the ring, Maximo was dragged out of the ring by Norte as Mocho did a big dive that sent Maximo through the table. Golden Magic took out Mamba and delivered a 450 but Pimpi came in and broke it in. Norte came back in, but Maximo and Mamba came in for the save. The other team all did stereo sunset flips for a near fall.

Pimpi took out everyone on the outside with a dive, Cota followed soon after. Brava and Vikino were in the ring as Vikingo landed a running death valley driver into the turnbuckle, then hit the inverted 450 splash for the win.

Pagano won the Copa TripleMania

The good news is that since the rules were explained this year, it was better than the other Copa Triplemania matches in the past. It's still a battle royal, and not a very good one, but at least it was more coherent.

Daga and Eclipse Jr. started things off. Seems like minute intervals in between entrants. Drago came in, then Superfly, followed by Murder Clown, who came in and started to throw people around, including a fallaway slam/samoan drop combo on a number of wrestlers. Drago and Superfly took chokeslams.

Aerostar came next on top of a platform way above the ring. If you thought his last insane stunt didn’t scare him, well you’re right because he did a big crossbody at least 20-30 feet in the air. Monsther Clown. Aerostar ripped up Monsther’s mask; Monsther then retaliated with a steel chair shot. Puma King followed next.

Superfly was the first eliminated as Konnan came out next. He’s wearing a Donald Trump t-shirt. He low blowed Drago and watched as the Clowns and Daga beat up everyone else. Chessman entered next, then guess who? Vampiro. Konnan wasn’t happy about that. Vampiro took everyone out as he and Konnan went at it, with Vampiro eliminating Konnan. 

Pagano came next as Vampiro just straight up left without being eliminated. Averno came in, then Rey Escorpion, followed by La Parka, who i think is the last person in. Daga and Averno work together against Puma King but he fights through, taking out Averno with a top rope hurricanrana for an elimination. Chessman grabs Puma King soon over and dumps him to the outside.

Meanwhile, Dave the Clown comes in and distracts La Parka long enough for him to be rolled up and eliminated. Pagano and Daga went at it, with Pagano scoring the elimination over him by dumping him to the floor. Rey Escoprion comes in and legdrops Rey Escorpion. Despite working with him, Escorpion gets upset with Escorpion as he ends up getting eliminated.

The last two are Pagano and Chessman. Pagano hit a cutter that Chessman took badly as Chessman countered with a spear. Pagano fought back and finished him off with an air raid clash off the top rope for the win.

The lights went out as suddenly LA Park was in the ring with his sons. Park jumped Pagano and destroyed the trophy as the sons beat him up with a steel chair. He said a lot of words that I know are bad words. I believe he made a challenge to Pagano, mask vs. hair. He then said some words to Marisela Peña before leaving. I dont think this is the hair vs mask match people want, but it's probably the one that is most feasible.

Keyra came out to the ring in a wheelchair, as she blew out her knee a couple of weeks ago. It seems like the title is now vacant and the winner of the TLC match will become the new Reina de Reinas champion. Chika Tormenta turned over her wheelchair and was beating on her when Ayako Hamada came out to take Keyra’s place. 

Tessa Blanchard defeated Lady Shani, Taya, Faby Apache, Chik Tormenta and Ayako Hamada in a TLC match to win the Reina de Reinas championship

This felt like a shorter version of a standard type of hardcore ladder match. Everyone worked hard and did spots you'd expect in a TLC match. A good brawl.

Hamada came to the ring and started beating on people with the chair. Lots of weapons. Taya introduced a staple gun and stapled 8x10’s on Tormenta’s forehead. Faby got the gun and put a few staples on Taya’s head as well.

Taya took out Hamada with chair shots as they were both on the ladder, but Tessa came in and took her out with a Canadian destroyer. Shani planted Tessa with a sitout piledriver. She introduced a piledriver as she gave Hierda a DDT into the tacks.

Tormenta set Taya on top of a ladder but Tessa attacked her and shoved her off the post, sending her to the floor and missing the ladder. Tormenta was taken out by medical staff as Taya and Tessa battled on top of the ladder. Tessa got the better of it and grabbed the title.

Faby Apache wasn’t happy and spat at Tessa after a confrontation. Taya also got into it with Tessa.

Cain Velasquez, Cody Rhodes and Psycho Clown defeated El Texano Jr., Killer Kross and Taurus

Killer Kross was the mystery tag team partner.

So if you’re wondering how Cain did, I can tell you...he looked good! He was protected well and did some cool spots, including a hurricanrana. The match as a whole was designed to get him over as a wrestler, and while the match wasn’t much to speak about it, it did its job well overall.

Psycho Clown and Texano start things off. Psycho gets the better of things and tags in Cody, while Taurus is tagged in. Cody hits a long vertical suplex and a superkick that sends Taurus tagging in Killer Kross. Cody motions to Cain and tags him in.

Nobody wants to fight Cain as they all tag in one another. Taurus tags in and landed a hurricanrana. Yes. Kross came in and after Cain slapped him, his partners came in and took out everyone. 

Texano came in with his rope and started attacking Psycho Clown in the ring as Kross posted Cain on the outside. He threw him back in which allowed Texano to whip Cain with the rope. Cain came back with a spinning heel kick to Kross as he and Psycho Clown double teamed Taurus, with Cody joining in. Taurus was taken to the outside where Cody did a suicide dive. Kross was set up on a table that collapsed as Psycho Clown went on the apron. Cody set it back up as Psycho splashed Kross through the table.

Cain grabbed Texano, rolled him around then put him in the kimura for the submission.

Cain's wife and daughter were seen at ringside after the match. The rest of Los Mercenarios came in and jumped Psycho Clown as Cody and Cain chased them off, then celebrated with people at ringside, including a photo op with Marisela Peña.

Pentagon Jr., Fenix and Laredo Kid defeated Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks

This was real good, about on par with their Fyter Fest match. The crowd wasn’t as hot as that match, but it picked up towards the closing moments of the match, giving it a hot finish.

Nick and Fenix were in first and traded some really nice offense. Omega and Pentagon Jr. followed. The Elite hit superkicks on their opponents, but they countered with huge dives to the outside.

Matt worked on Fenix in the ring as Nick and Omega beat up the others on the outside. The Elite continued to dominate the match, putting everyone in stereo sharpshooters. Pentagon avoids a crossbody attempt by Nick as he fights off the trio. Fenix comes in and makes the save, with Pentagon giving Matt a piledriver on the apron.

Laredo followed with a spanish fly on Omega and a swanton by Fenix, but Matt pulled out the referee before he could count to 3. Lucha Bros. and Laredo Kid took everyone out with superkicks as a ref bump soon followed. A flurry of offense sends everyone down except Omega. Fenix hit a cutter, but the referee was still out. 

The Elite land a triple low blow as they all plant their opponents with powerbombs. Nick assisted with a double Indytaker, but Fenix pulled out the referee. Omega ripped off the mask of Fenix He lifted him for the One Winged Angel but Fenix grabbed the mask and hit a reverse rana that looked pretty ugly, he landed right on his head.

After an assisted package piledriver, Laredo Kid hit a 450 splash on Omega. They then hit another assisted package piledrive, this time on Matt. Laredo Kid and Fenix hit double suicide dives as Pentagon covered Matt for the win. 

Kenny Omega took the mic after the match. He told Fenix that he wanted his belt (AAA Mega title) and he'll come back to Mexico to get the title shot. Fenix said he’s excited about this match and his answer is yes. Omega says he’s happy that he accepted his challenge, but he just made the biggest mistake of his life as he will prove that AEW is better than AAA.

Blue Demon Jr. defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. in a hair vs. mask match

This was one of the bloodiest brawls I’ve seen in some time. Both men bled early and by the end there was literal puddles of blood everywhere. Blood and guts is a term that’s been thrown around a lot recently; if you want to see a real bloody match, this is going to be it for some while.

They started outside of the ring as they brawled. Wagner was already bleeding about a minute into the match. Demon blasted Wagner with a beer bottle. Wagner took down Demon but Demon jumped right back. They brawled around the ring, and when back in the ring Wagner began to rip Demon’s mask.

Blue Demon, who is literally pouring blood out of his forehead, grabs a hammer and starts attacking Wagner with it. He sinks in a Fujiwara armbar, but Wagner grabs the ropes. Wagner throws him headfirst into a baking sheet on the post.

Demon applies another submission, but Wagner grabs a leg and gets himself free. Wagner tapped at one point, but heel ref Tirantes didn’t see it. Wagner rolled him up, but Demon kicked out. He also kicked out of the Wagner driver. After a third, Blue Demon’s entourage pulled the ref away. He came into the ring with a literal ragged looking rock. Wagner’s reps took Blue Demon away as Blue Demon blasted Wagner with the rock and got the pin.

After the haircut, Dr. Wagner Jr. said that he is officially retiring from pro wrestling. Cubsfan is saying he is literally booked for a match tomorrow, so write this one down. Blue Demon says that none of the Wagners will ever come close to being what his son will be.