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AAA TripleMania XXVIII live results: Kenny Omega vs. Laredo Kid


Triplemania XXVIII takes place tonight in Mexico City.

AAA’s biggest event of the year will be held under different circumstances this year. The show was moved from August to December, and there will be no crowd due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The main event will have Pagano and Chessman battle it out in a hair vs. hair match. The co-main event will feature AAA Mega champion Kenny Omega defend the title for the first time this year, taking on Laredo Kid.

A special trios match featuring Marvel characters will also take place. Leyanda Americana (Captain America) and Arcano (Spider-Man) will battle Terror Purpura (Thanos) and Venenoide (Venom).

The Lucha Brothers will also be in action, taking on Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr. and Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion in a three way tag match for the AAA Tag Team titles.

Join us for live coverage starting at 8 p.m. EST.


The show opened with a rundown of the card. Non-wrestlers such as a band and what appeared to be an influencer appeared.

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., and Tito Santana defeated Maximo, Mr. Iguana, and Dinastia

Dinastia is replacing Nino Hamburguesa in this match. AAA doesn’t announce card changes.

Basic, good opener. Everyone looked good and is exactly the kind of match you want to open up a show.

Match started with the technicos sending the rudos to the floor. Mr. Iguana came in and attacked. He looked real good, he used his stuffed pet iguana. Rudos took him out to the floor and attacked. 

Maximo mounted a comeback, with Iguana leaping to the outside with a giant tornillo. Maximo and Dinastia followed with dives of their own. All three technicos went for a pin, but everyone kicked out. Rudos did the same, also no dice. Heels came back. Carta Brava Jr. hit a big driver on the outside of the ring that took out Dinastia and hit the Shield powerbomb on Iguana and focused their attacks on him in the ring. Mocha Cota Jr. then pinned Iguana with a frog splash.

They held a Hall of Fame ceremony for La Parka, who passed away in January. This is not to be confused with LA Park, the origina La Parka, who is wrestling on the card later tonight There was a cool Day of the Dead like ceremony as people danced to a song that kind of sounds like Thriller. I don’t think AAA can use that music anymore due to copyright issues. Both Marisela Pena and Dorian Roldan said words. A video package then aired showing a number of AAA wrestlers talking about La Parka.

The Lucha Brothers (Fenix and Pentagon Jr.) defeated Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr. and Rey Escorpion & El Texano Jr. to retain the AAA Tag Team titles

This was another real good match, lots of action. Don’t know if I would have bothered with the Pentagon injury, but I guess it was to build drama to the finish, which is fine.

Octagon and Myzteziz dumped out everyone and dived on the Lucha Bros., but Escorpion and Texano followed with dives of their own. Back in the ring, everyone took turns working on each other in the corner, with the Lucha Brothers getting the advantage over Octagon and Myzteziz. Octagon Jr. did this amazing springboard dive that took out Escorpion. Teaxano and Myzteziz followed with one of their own, though Octagon’s looked much more spectacular.

Octagon hit a springboard cutter on Fenix, but only got a two count. Fenix floated over Octagon and hit a German suplex for another two count. Myzetziz and Escorpion were in the ring, with Escoprion hitting a DDT for a two count. Pentagon and Texano found themselves in the ring and started to chop one another Pentagon went to pin Texano, but while Myzteziz had the referee distracted, Escorpion came in and struck Pentagon in the knee with a barbed wire baseball bat. A little extreme.

Pentagon was taken out of the arena by doctors as Escorpion and Texano focused on Fenix, ripping apart his mask. Myzteziz and Octagon came back, but were again laid out. Fenix, whose mask was mostly off, made a comeback, connecting with a big dive. He came back to the ring where he and Myzteziz exchanged offense.

Myzteziz hit a shooting star press, but Escorpion pulled him out of the ring. Pentagon came back in and helped his brother, despite his leg being injured. They hit the double foot stomp/package piledriver combo on Myzteziz to retain the titles.

Taurus came in and helped Texano and Escorpion beat up everyone. El Hijo del Vikino, in street clothes, came out and cleared the ring of the technicos. He went for a reverse rana on Taurus that did not look great, but followed that with an amazing springboard rana on Escorpion from the apron to the floor that looked tremendous. 

All the technicos celebrated with Vikingo.

Lady Shani won the Copa Triplemania Femenil

This was fine overall, but there were some spots that were pretty rough and felt pretty long by the end.

Heel referee Hijo de Tirantes is officiating this match.

Lady Maravilla and Lady Shani started things off. La Hiedra was next as she and Shani went after one another. Faby Apache was next and immediately went after both Hierda and Shani. Mamba followed, then Hades, who did some spots and didn’t look all that great. Chik Tormenta entered next, blocked a sunset flip by Hades, tripped her on the apron and dropkicked her to the floor, marking the first elimination.

Mamba and Hiedra focused on Faby Apache as Big Mami followed next. Pimpela Escarlata entered last and cleared house. Escarlata and Mamba, the exoticos, battled it out briefly before everyone else came in. Big Mami was eliminated after she was on the apron and was booted to the floor.

Escarlata kissed Tormenta, but was eliminated by Mamba, who was then eliminated by Faby Apache. Tirantes got involved and helped Tormenta go for a missile dropkick on Faby by grabbing Faby’s air, but Tormenta hit Tirantes by accident. Shani took advantage and eliminated Tormenta.

Hierda hit a driver. The rest of the rudas, along with Tirantes, helped eliminate Faby. It boiled down to Hierda, Maravilla, and Shani. Hierda and Maravilla focused on Shani. Together, they landed a real weird-looking submission that only lasted a few seconds. 

Shani managed to eliminate Hierda, now making a singles match where the match can only be won by pinfall or submission.  Shani went for a submission but Maravilla rolled her up for a two count. Maravilla went for a DDT that did not connect at all and looked really bad. She connected with a kick for a two count. Shani came back and landed an iconoclasm for another nearfall.

Shani took Maravilla to the floor and went after a number of submissions, including a really cool looking double arm submission that allowed Shani to get the submission victory, winning the battle royal.

La Hierda came in after the match and attacked Shani with a baking sheet. Faby Apache came in to make the save. Flamer, who is making her debut for the promotion, came out to help Hierda, then Hades came in to help Shani. Flamer, Hierda, and Maravilla ended up getting the advantage and laid everyone out.

Despite that, Faby and Hades helped Shani up as she posed with the trophy.

Monster Clown, Psycho Clown, and Murder Clown defeated LA Park, Hijo de LA Park, and Blue Demon Jr.

This was fine, but not much to talk about. A basic weapons match with one or two cool spots by the Clowns.

What I think is a traffic cone was introduced early. Hijo de Park suplexed Murder Clown into the cone. A large oil canister was also introduced. Murder Clown took Hijo del Park out of the ring, and the other clowns came in with dropkicks that sent them to the floor. They all climbed on another and splashed Park.

Park came back with a brief advantage, but Monster Clown laid him out with a swinging slam. Park came in and attacked with a strap, and dodged an attack that sent one of the clowns colliding into Monster Clown. Hijo de Park and Blue Demon focused on Psycho Clown. They ended up arguing when Demon went for a cover for some reason. I guess they aren’t friends.

The Clowns came in and cleared house. Monster Clown went for a dive on LA Park that looked kinda scary, but did connect. Psycho Clown then hit a Spanish fly on El Hijo de LA Park and scored the win.

Blue Demon and LA Park brawled after the match. 

Tortura Purpura and Venenoide defeated Leyenda Americana and Arcana

This is a crossover with Marvel, so we are basically getting Capitan America and Spider-Man vs. Thanos and Venom.

Tirantes is the ref for this match as well.

Americana and Arcana double teamed Venenoide early. Veneoide tagged in Tortura. Americana held his own until Veneoide attacked Americana from behind, giving Tortura to hit a stalling suplex. Americana tagged in Arcana and the two looked great as a team.

Venenoide came in and started ripping on Arcana’s mask. Venenoide connected with a giant backbreaker and tagged in Tortura, who latched on with a giant bear hug. Arcana escaped, avoided a suplex attempt and connected with a spinning kick that opened the way for him to tag in Arcana. 

Americana tagged in and cleaned house, Arcana wiped out Veneoide as Americana hit a death valley driver and Aracna hit a frog splash for a near fall. Tortura went for someone off the top rope, but Americana grabbed him and hit a northern lights suplex for a nearfall. Tortura fouled Americana, which sent in Veneoide and Arcana. After some more back and forth, Tortura pinned Americana with a drill claw, so Thanos may be Brian Cage. 

Yes, the Marvel babyfaces lost to the Marvel heels. I have no idea why.

After the match, the lights went out. A lady dressed as maybe Ms. Marvel cut a short promo.

Lady Shani was interviewed about her Copa TripleMania win.

Kenny Omega defeated Laredo Kid to retain the AAA Mega Championship

Excellent match. Laredo Kid more than held his own against Omega and was excellent in his role as one of the top babyface in the company. Wasn’t a big fan of the interference finish, but it does play into his new heel role.

Chain wrestling to start things off. They ended up on the outside, with Omega throwing Laredo into the barricade, then slammed him back first into the apron. He then took Lardeo and suplexed him back first on the top of the barricade.

Omega continued to focus on Laredo’s back until Laredo made a comeback, working on Omega’s knee. Laredo crotched Omega on the ropes and hit a cutter for a nearfall. Omega cut him off, went to the apron and struck him with a death valley driver. Omega took him over to the announcer’s area where the Day of the Dead people were also sitting. Omega attacked Vikingo, who was seconding Laredo. The two ended up taking out both Omega and his second, Michael Nakazawa, with crossbodies off a tire set prop.

Omega went for his rise of the Terminator tope con hilo, but Laredo moved and he crashed into Nakazawa instead. Laredo followed with an Asai moonsault to Omega on the floor. Laredo Kid went for a phoenix splash, but Omega dodged and connected with a v-trigger. Snap dragon suplex followed, then another.

Laredo Kid caught Omega in a roll up, but Omega kicked out and went for a One winged Angel. Laredo countered with a reverse rana and hit a 450 splash for a near fall. Laredo continued to focus on Omega’s knee. Laredo went for a springboard but Omega countered with a v-trigger and a double underhook piledriver. Laredo jumped off the top rope, but Omega powerbombed him and hit the v-trigger for another close nearfall.

Laredo cut off Omega on the top rope and hit a giant Spanish fly and covered, but Omega put his foot on the rope. Laredo Kid hit a 450 splash on Kenny’s knee and locked in a submission, wrapping both legs. Omega struggled, but did make it to the ropes.

Omega cut off Laredo and buckle bombed him, then hit another powerbomb . V-Trigger, One Winged Angel attempted, but Laredo rolled through and locked in what looked like a modified heel hook. Omega struggled, but finally made it to the ropes. Laredo went back to the knee but Nakazawa got involved. Omega jumped Laredo, then hit the One Winged Angel to retain the title.

El Fantasma came out and congratulated Kenny Omega after the match. Laredo Kid went for a handshake, but Omega didn’t oblige. The announcers, in English, pushed that Kenny Omega had changed since aligning with Don Callis and he was looking to collect many titles across various companies.

Pagano defeated Chessman in a hair vs. hair match

They held no punches as this started, trading German suplexes. Big Pagano dive into the barricades. Weapons got involved, including a ladder and a baking sheet. Back in the ring, Pagano jumped off the top rope and hit a hurricanrana. Pagano with a plancha off the top rope onto the floor on Pagano. They continued to trade offense both outside and inside the ring. Chessman hit a belly to belly suplex into a ladder.

Pagano fired back with a knee and a blockbuster.  Chessman brought back the baking sheet but Pagano drilled him with a codebreaker on the sheet for a nearfall. Pagano went outside and set up a ladder, but Chessman was there when Pagano re-entered the ring. Pagano went for a diving cannonball tope to the outside on Chessman, but Chessman dodged and Pagano instead crashed into the ladder. First sight of blood.

Chessman opened up Pagano’s wound. Chessman sent Pagano to the outside and went for a suicide dive but Pagano dodged, sending Chessman head into into a bunch of set up chairs on the outside. That looked so brutal. Sure enough, Chessman is bleeding everywhere too now. Pagano hit an air raid crash but Texano and Escorpion came in to interfere. Lady Shani tried to get involved, but they laid her out with a triple powerbomb off the top rope.

Shani was stretchered out as Octagon and Myzteziz came in to even things out. Pagno and Chessman made it to the top rope and somehow both men ended up falling through a table. They then did it again, this time with Pagano kind of powerbombing Chessman off the top rope through another table. Pagano went for a cover, but Chessman kicked out.

Pagano beat up Chessman with a broken ladder and moonsault with the ladder, but Chessman dodged. Pagano hit an exploder.  The two ended up brawling over to the announcer’s area, where Chessman grabbed a guitar. For whatever reason, Chessman decided to use the guitar on Hugo Savinovich, who fell to the floor and immediately bladed. Okay!

The two ended up brawling onto a platform. Pagano grabbed him and launched off with an air raid clash through a table that was on top of a pick up truck, that was enough for the win.

Chessman was stretchered out back to ringside, where they taped up his ribs and rolled him back into the ring. He has to lose his hair, after all. A lady came into the ring and started to cut off his hair. Pagano celebrated as the show ended.

Very solid show overall. Watch the Tag Team title match and the top two matches, as they are all great in different ways. It’s tough without a crowd, but they managed to put on a pretty strong show regardless.