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AAA Verano de Escandalo results: Brian Cage vs. Alberto El Patron, Rey Mysterio in six-man tag

Submitted by Robert Bihari

AAA ran Verano De Escandalo on iPPV tonight at Arena Monterrey. Video was pretty dark and avoided showing the upper sections as much as they could but I heard from a couple people live the place was only barely over half full with a lot of late arrivers padding that number.

Quality of the feed was a step down from the World Cup and way down from Rey De Reyes. Lots of choppy video as the show went on & random black screens would pop up that said "Poor Signal". Luckily those screens just flashed at times so no action was missed. But had the show gone longer than 3 hours I doubt the feed would have survived much longer without them having to reset it or fix it some other way.

As mentioned the show went almost exactly 3 hours and started right on time which is rare for AAA! No dark match.

Elegido/Pimpinela Escarlata/Dinastia/Fabi Apache vs Machine Rocker/Mamba/Mini Psycho Clown/Taya Valkyrie

Machine Rocker was subbing for Parka Negra who got bumped up. A solid opener with everyone getting a chance to shine. The best stuff was when Dinastia was in there with Mini Psycho Clown. They did lots of creative stuff as a slight preview of their upcoming title match on 6/27. Machine Rocker being inserted here helped a lot as he is one of the more unknown super talented guys in AAA who just needs an opportunity. He based well for Elegido & Pimpinela at various points including taking the old Psicosis bump off the ropes except he flew too high and almost sent himself to the floor!

After a short rudo beatdown they did a dive sequence which saw Dinastia do a twisting plancha on Psycho, Taya did a plancha & Pimpi followed with a weird twisting dive off the first turnbuckle. Kind of a surprise finish with Machine Rocker making Elegido submit to a Boston Crab as Mamba power bombed Fabi.

Aero Star vs Fenix vs Drago vs Laredo Kid vs Daga vs Super Fly vs Bengala vs Hijo Del Fantasma vs Super Nova vs Steve Pain - Alas De Oro

The image to hype the match clearly teased Flamita as the mystery guy but it ended up being Laredo Kid. Not sure why they had to keep that a secret unless he wasn't the original plan. Honestly nothing I write here will be able to describe this match & I would urge everyone out there to find a way to watch this as soon as possible. It was pure madness. As soon as the whistle went there was a quintuple running somersault plancha spot which set the tone of what was to come. Dives everywhere. At the end I think there were 17 or 18 in total. Just one guy after another getting his spots in and ending the sequence with a dive. Steve Pain did a great job in his return here basing for various guys and always being around to make catches on seriously out of control dives. At one point he even took a frankensteiner off the apron to the floor from Drago which looked no fun.

About halfway during the match Daga went to suplex Fenix into the ring from the apron but instead gave him an ill-adivsed brainbuster dropping Fenix badly on his shoulder. As guys kept going the doctor came out to check on Fenix who wouldn't stand still to be looked at. A couple minutes later Laredo Kid did a 450 splash on Super Nova. Fenix was supposed to follow with his own 450 onto both of them but couldn't get the rotation with his presumably dislocated shoulder and ended up double stomping Laredo in the back. The doctor & an official then basically dragged Fenix out of the ring and eventually put him on a stretcher with him visibly crying. Hopefully he's okay.

With Fenix gone the match continued (it never stoped really) and after some more big spots it came down to Drago using his finishing roll-up to pin Aero Star. An amazing spectacle far blowing away CMLL's version of this match called the Reyes Del Aire. Joaquin Roldan presented Drago with a giant Alas De Oro trophy and all the tecnicos congratulated him. Kudos to all 10 guys involved here for risking their bodies for our entertainment.

Psycho Circus (Psycho Clown/Monster Clown/Murder Clown) vs Hell Brothers (Cibernetico/Averno/Chessman) vs Holocausto (Electro Shock/Hijo De Pirata Morgan/Parka Negra) - AAA Trios Titles

Parka Negra was filling in for Kronoz who broke or fractured his ankle a few days ago. He fit in well here as the Holocausto team used a bunch of creative triple team spots throughout the match. It was mostly a brawl with all the heat on the clowns as the crowd eagerly awaited their comeback. When it came it got a real loud pop as they whipped everyone with their belts. Some weapons got involved including some chairs & a board. Cibernetico delivered a vicious baseball swing style chairshot at Monster Clown's head at one point. Later Psycho & Murder clown speared Averno & Chessman through a board inside the ring. The same clowns ended up taking out Pirata & Parka Negra with tope suicidas. Monster Clown followed with a big plancha. Finish came when (cameras missed it) Averno used a low blow on Psycho Clown, Chessman speared him & Cibernetico hit the choke slam so the Hell Brothers won the belts.

After the match the teams all cut promos on each other and brawled some more. The idea seemed to be teasing a cage match at Triplemania with the Clowns putting up their masks, Holocausto putting up their hairs & Hell Brothers putting up their titles.

Angelico/Jack Evans vs Cuervo/Escoria - Cage (Hair Match)

It wasn't made clear until the ring introductions that this was a double hair match. This was actually a really good match far from the spotfest a lot of people were expecting. Angelico/Jack played the underdog role getting beat on and thrown into the cage a lot. They'd make quick comebacks before getting shut down over and over again including Escoria running up the cage as Jack climbed and bringing him down with a wild inverted frankensteiner somehow throwing Jack head first into the other side of the cage. At another point Jack creatively escaped the rudos and jumped off both of them to esape but they brought him back in with a double superplex off the top of the cage. When Jack/Angelico got a short advantage they did their usual double team moves including Angelico assisting Jack into a 450 splash with both his feet ending up kneeing Cuervo in the head. That looked rough.

Both rudos ended up bleeding eventually. Jack looked like he was about to finally escape but decided against it and did a backflip off the top of the cage in order to save Angelico from a 2-on-1 disadvantage. Two tables ended up being set up side-by-side near the corner. Jack/Cuervo climbed one side, Angelico/Escoria climbed the other. Angelico slipped away from Escoria's clutches while Jack threw Cuervo off the top of the cage through one table as Cuervo's head smacked the other table. So the tecnicos jumped down and the rudos got their heads shaved almost completely before they offered a handshake and ended up attacking the tecnicos. This was real good and up until this point the show was a home run.

Alberto El Patron vs Brian Cage - AAA Mega Heavyweight Title

They set the tone right away with Texano seconding Cage & Demon with Alberto. But even worse... Hijo de Tirantes was referee so anyone who has seen any AAA knew exactly where this was going. Nowhere good. Early on Alberto did a tope suicida with such force that he overshot Cage (who did not try overly hard to make the catch) and took a vicious header that could have been a disaster. Luckily he got up looking pissed but not injured. Then the fun began... Texano started interfering freely in front of Tirantes. Demon tried to counteract the interference but Tirantes wouldn't let him and eventually kicked him out of the match. Alberto kept fighting back from the 2-on-1 attack only to be stopped by Tirantes physically jumping in over and over. Cage went for his own tope suicida but Alberto smashed him in the head with a full force chair shot in a really great spot but seconds later Cage was back up on offense so I didn't really get the purpose in that. To add to all the nonsense, when Cage started doing his big moves Tirantes, who had been fast counting Alberto all match long, suddenly decided it was time to start counting normally. Why?

As this nonsense continued the crowd kept getting more and more impatient and not in the good way. Alberto finally got rid of Texano and had the armbar on Cage who tried to escape over and over before finally getting locked in and clearly tapping out. Except Tirantes refused to call the submission. So stupid. Pentagon Jr. & Hijo Del Fantasma ran out to jump Alberto but he took them out including whiffing on a superkick to Pentagon. He then knocked Tirantes down and superkicked him out cold.

Alberto had the win but there was no referee to count. Second ref El Piero slowly made his way to ringside but by the time he got there Cage was back up and used Weapon X on Alberto. Piero didn't know what to do and looked to the crowd for advice. He signalled to them not to cheer, got down and counted 3, Cage got up to celebrate............... and then Piero waived his arms and raised Alberto's hand. I guess Alberto won by DQ but who knows what the DQ was actually for. This was all so dumb and embarassing. Cage beat up Alberto afterwards including draping the American flag on him and posing. Crowd was very indifferent to all this and never got back up for the main event.  The rudo referee spot has it's place on house shows in Mexico but too many times (read: every time) AAA uses it as a crutch for getting out of finishes on major shows. It needs to go away if the promotion is ever going to be taken seriously again or the title is ever meant to mean anything.

By the way, where did Blue Demon Jr. end up going?

Rey Misterio Jr./Myzteziz/La Parka vs Johnny Mundo/El Mesias/Pentagon Jr.

As hinted at - Rey Jr. did his Terminator style entrance which included two guys on motorcycles, an actual Terminator & Rey in a black/silver get-up to match the theme. Myzteziz wore all pink for some reason. Mundo came out to 'Born In The USA' in a t-shirt instead of his Lucha Underground look. This match was very strange. Crowd was not all that into it, likely due to the nonsense they had just witnessed. Wrestlers seemed not motivated at all as the match quickly degenerated into a house show style match where the rudos dominated with weak brawling. They set up Parka for the comeback which he messed up but then Rey/Myzteziz did some combo spots to make up for it. Parka/Mesias did some half-hearted brawling in the crowd.

Parka then worked some spots with the rudos and messed up a headscissors very badly and covered by dancing. This was bad. Then the match just kinda paused with everyone standing around doing nothing. Myzteziz worked a nice spot or two with Mundo and that was it for him. Rey Jr. then did spots with all the rudos and looked great doing assisted ranas & teasing a 619. Parka ended up taking Meisas out with a very soft tope suicida. Myzteziz had the doctor checking on him while on the apron but came back in to do a running somersault dive onto Pentagon. Rey went for the 619 on Mundo who escaped to the floor and Myzteziz dove through Rey's legs with a tope suicida taking Mundo out as Rey backflipped off the ropes onto Pentagon's shoulders for a tornado DDT.

He nailed Pentagon with the 619 and then hit a picture perfect brutal looking flying Canadian Destroyer which Pentagon took like a champ for the win. Aside from the hot finishing stretch this was a completely ordinary house show style match with the weak brawling & not-so-funny comedy from Parka. Never felt like a big show main event. Mundo could just as easily not have even been in the match since Texano was in the building doing nothing.

I guess the big news coming out of the show is they never hyped anything for Triplemania. They kinda teased a cage match with the trios teams & post-show Alberto challenged Cage to a hair match inside of a cage but on the actual show they showed no sign of any directions for the top guys which was a bit disappointing.