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AAA Verano de Escandalo results: Jeff Jarrett and Fenix appear


Submitted by Patrick Tobin

- Arkangel Divino, Star Fire, Dinastia & El Hijo del Vikingo defeated Ultimo Maldito, Belial, Arez & Lady Maravilla

This was a crazy spotfest opening match, with everyone hitting all kinds of huge moves and dives. The only noticeable botches were Dinastia and Belial not having great timing with one another, and one point where Hijo del Vikingo seemed to almost slip while running on the top rope.

Everyone worked super hard. Star Fire in particular seemed to have something to prove, but Arkangel Divino was the star of the match. Arkangel Divino won with a really spectacular La Mistica on Ultimo Maldito.

- Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata & Lady Shani defeated Black Danger, La Hiedra & Keyra

Keyra was making a surprise debut. Mamba and her continued their feud that they've had going on the indies. Pimpinela almost killed Black Danger with a senton to the outside, landing right on Black Danger's head. Shani pinned La Hiedra.

After the match, Faby Apache came out, pulled off Shani's mask, and challenged her to a mask vs. hair Reina de Reinas title match at Triplemania.

- La Parka came out and cut a promo on the MAD group. Fans chanted "LA Park" at him.

- El Texano Jr., Juventud Guerrera & Killer Kross defeated La Mascara, Maximo & Pagano

Mostly just a match. Kross put Pagano through a table at ringside before later getting the pin on Maximo.

-  Aerostar defeated Golden Magic, Darby Allin, Australian Suicide, Sammy Guevara, and Drago

This was all big moves, but not as wild as the opening match. Allin, Guevara, and Golden Magic were debuting, with Golden Magic debuting as a surprise. Guevara and Allin got in all their signature stuff.

Aerostar pinned Guevara, then rudo ref El Hijo del Tirantes fast-counted for the win. The fans were confused and it seemed like it could have been a botch of some kind. Aerostar and Guevara brawled after the match.

- Juventud Guerrera, Killer Kross (with a guitar), and a limping hooded figure the announcers said was Konnan came out. It was very obviously not Konnan. Guerrera cut a promo, then the hooded man took off his hood and it was Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett challenged AAA Mega Champion Dr. Wagner Jr., who accepted for tonight, making the main event a three-way. La Parka ran out to help Wagner run MAD off.

- Rey Escorpion, Brian Cage & El Hijo Del Fantasma defeated Psycho Clown, Xtreme Tiger & Laredo Kid

This was supposed to be Escorpion & Cage vs. Fantasma & Psycho Clown, but Fantasma and Psycho hate each other in storyline and immediately started fighting. Cage and Escorpion helped Fantasma in a three-on-one until Xtreme Tiger and Laredo Kid ran in. (this was a surprise return for both).

They had an okay match, but the power in the arena went out during it an all the lights went dark. They had to stretch the match out until the power could come back on. Eventually, Cage pinned Laredo Kid with the Drill Claw/Steiner Screwdriver.

- Los OGT's (Averno, Chessman & Super Fly) defeated El Poder del Norte (Mocho Cota Jr., Carta Brava Jr. & Tito Santana)

This was the best match of the night if you like wild brawls. Everyone bled, and people went through tables, hit big dives, nailed each other with a ton of chair shots, and on and on. Throughout the match, Averno kept trying to use a full bottle of beer as a weapon, but the referee kept stopping him.

During a ref bump, Mocho Cota Jr. got the bottle and tried to hit Super Fly with it. Super Fly moved, so Mocho Cota Jr. smashed the bottle right into Carta Brava Jr.'s forehead. Super Fly hit Mocho Cota with a chair before pinning Carta Brava for the win.

El Poder del Norte were emotional getting their hair cut, and Los OGT's cut promos putting them over. All six guys lifted each other's arms when it was all over.

- Jeff Jarrett defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. and Rey Mysterio to win the AAA Mega Championship

Jarrett stalled, and stalled, and stalled, and stalled, and stalled to start. Finally, Wagner and Mysterio started teaming up on him. El Hijo del Tirantes, the referee, started interfering and fast-counting for Jarrett, tripping Mysterio, and so on, until finally Wagner got sick of it and laid him out with a Wagner Driver.

With no referee, someone dressed as La Parka in a ref's shirt ran out (it was clearly not La Parka), counted two for Wagner, and then stopped. Then Jarrett got a pin and fake La Parka fast-counted to give Jarrett the win and the title.

Vampiro ran out afterwards and unmasked the fake La Parka, revealing Konnan. The rest of MAD ran out and laid out Vampiro, Wagner, and Mysterio. At the very end of the show, in a surprise return, Fenix came out to chase MAD off.