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Alvarado family members destroy Ultimo Guerrero's car in strange incident


A strange incident took place on Friday morning at Arena Mexico as footage was captured that showed several members of the Alvarado family destroying Jose Gutierrez aka Ultimo Guerrero's expensive car.

The incident took place in the parking lot and among the family members who appeared were CMLL World Heavyweight Champion Maximo Sexy, La Mascara, Brazo de Platino, Psycho Clown (without his mask), and Robin (also without his mask). Most were standing around while the others smashed up the car.

According to the Cubsfan, who has been at Arena Mexico, the parking garage is a public area. The video that was shot started being passed around within the pro wrestling world Friday morning until somebody leaked it on Facebook before the show started.

It is unclear what the reason for the attack was, although Super Luchas speculated that it had to do with the wrestlers union. Jesus Alvarado, better known as Brazo de Oro of the Alvarado family was head of the wrestlers union. He passed away on April 28th. Super Luchas claimed that Gutierrez was named the new head of the union and the Alvarado family was furious. They claimed for some reason that the CMLL security did not stop the attack. About 90 seconds of footage was shown.

Maximo Sexy was scheduled for the main event of last night's show, and was replaced by Marco Corleone. La Mascara wasn't booked on the show, but is also one of CMLL's top stars. Psycho Clown is one of the most popular wrestlers with the AAA promotion.

Ultimo Guerrero worked the show and shot his long-building angle with Niebla Roja. There was no acknowledgement of the incident either in the commentary or any storyline on the show.