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CMLL 84th Aniversario live results: Mask match doubleheader


The oldest lucha libre promotion in existence continued a storied tradition with its 84th anniversary show on Saturday evening in Mexico City.

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre presented the 84th Aniversario from Arena Mexico headlined by two mask matches for what is traditionally the biggest show of the year on the CMLL calendar.

Niebla Roja unmasked after losing to Gran Guerrero in the main event. In the other mask match, Princesa Sugehit became the first luchadora to lose her mask on an Aniversario show after being defeated by Zeuxis.

With rudos winning the mask matches, the tecnico side won most of the trios matches. The one trios match with two heel teams was won by a defacto babyface opposing a team captained by a foreign menace. While the tecnicos won a majority of the trios matches, rudos won the opening match.

Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora & captain Hechicero defeated Blue Panther Jr., The Panther & captain Stuka Jr.

​​​​​​The opener was the Hechicero show, and that was not a bad thing at all. The other luchadores did a lot too, but Hechicero stole the show. His team of rudos won the first and third falls to take the match.

The tecnicos won the first fall, and the rudo fans were displeased. Panther Jr. gave Hechicero a super German suplex. A moment later, Stuka launched into a torpedo splash on Hechicero. The tecnico captain then covered the rudo captain for the pinfall. The rudo fans loudly booed as Hechicro was shining before being pinned.

Hechicero avenged the setback in the second fall. He eliminated The Panther via pinfall with a bridging cradle. When Stuka went for another torpedo splash, Hechicero caught him in a body scissors and tied him into a knot for a submission to even the falls.

In the third fall, Dragon Rojo eliminated Panther Jr. by pinning him with a double foot stomp off the top. Polvora then executed a super sit-out Dominator before pinning The Panther to win the match.

Diamante Azul, Valiente & captain Marco Corleone defeated Cuatrero, Forastero & captain Sanson

​​​The tecincos dropped the first fall only to rally and win two straight.

La Nueva Generacion Dinamita ganged up on the tecincos to pick them off one-by-one in the first fall. Valiente was eliminated after being pinned with a springboard flying elbow. Los Dinamitas then all teamed up on Azul, and he was pinned after taking a missile dropkick.

The tecnicos made a comeback in the second fall. Marco Corleone sprinted down the ramp and leapt into a flying crossbody on Sanson. The tecinco captain then pinned the rudo captain to even the falls.

Stereo submissions ended the match after a parade of dives. Valiente submitted Cuatrero and Azul submitted Forastero for the tecincos to win the match in the third fall. 

Barbaro Cavernario, Felino & captain Negro Casas (w/ El Perico Zakarias) defeated Sam Adonis, Kraneo (w/ Mije) & captain Rush

La Peste Negra ("The Black Plague") won the battle of rudo teams in two straight falls. A disqualification in the second fall cost the other rudo team as Adonis and Casas continue feuding.

For the first fall, Cavernario springboarded into a splash on Rush. Kraneo tried to save his teammate by going for his own splash. Cavernario moved and Kraneo splashed Rush. Cavernario piled on top of both to pin the opposing captain.

The finish in the second fall began with Felino and Cavernario doing dives. Adonis missed a senton bomb in the ring. Casas went for a cradle, but Adonis countered. From the mount position, Adonis started strangling Casas. Adonis refused to break the blatant choke, and the referee called for a DQ.

Zeuxis defeated Princesa Sugehit in a mask match

Sugehit became the first woman to lose her mask on a CMLL anniversary show. She unmasked after being pinned in the third fall. She won the first fall, and then dropped two straight to Zeuxis.

Negro Navarro was in Zeuxis' corner while Shocker was the second for Sugehit.

The match opened with a brawl that spilled onto the entrance ramp. Zeuxis pummeled Sugehit and whipped her into a staircase. Back in the ring, Sugehit fired up. Zeuxis had her in a fireman's carry when Sugehit shifted into a hurricanrana. She hooked the legs and cradled Zeuxis for the pinfall to capture the first fall.

Sugehit returned the favor in the second fall, but not before a receipt for the earlier brawl on the ramp. Sugehit whipped Zeuxis into the staircase -- much like Zeuxis had done to her beforehand.

They wrapped up the first fall with Sugehit doing a tilt-a-whirl headscissors into an armbar. Sugehit was cranking on the arm when Zeuxis countered the hold and used a bridging cradle to pin Sugehit.

The third fall opened with Zeuxis doing a dive through the ropes. They brawled around ringside and threw drinks on each other. Sugehit also threw Zeuxis over the barricade into the lap of a women sitting in the first row. Sugehit nearly wiped out on a springboard as she tumbled to the floor. 

In between fighting at ringside, they traded pinning attempts in th ring with Sugehit countering a Romero Special into a pinning attempt. After another near fall, they went back to the floor. They eventually got back in the ring for a long series of near falls and highspots. 

Sugehit countered a submission hold into a Code Red for a slow two count. Heel referree Tirantes would could slow throughout the match until the finish.

Sugehit sent Zeuxis sailing off the top with a flying arm drag. Zeuxis looked beaten, but Tirantes counted slow again. Shocker pitched a fit at ringside.

Sugehit applied an armbar, and Zeuxis got a rope break. Sugehit got several more near falls, and Zeuxis also got in a few.

A codebreaker and a senton from Sugehit put Zeuxis down for a close near fall. A few seconds later and Sugehit appiled a Black Widow -- only for Zeuxis to get her foot on the ropes.

Sugehit gave Zeuxis a Michinoku Driver, and Tirantes delayed his count. Zeuxis had plenty of time to kick out at two and half.

At the finish, Zeuxis executed a Spanish Fly for the three count.

Princesa Sugehit unmasked as Ernestina Sugehit Salazar Martinez, age 37, with 21 years experience as a luchadora.

Volador Jr. (w/ KeMonito), Flip Gordon & captain Caristico defeated Satoshi Kojima, Mephisto & captain Ultimo Guerrero

Cooling off the crowd as the buffer between mask matches, this started off slow and deliberate. The tecincos rallied from a deficit to win by capturing the second and third falls. Kojima delivered a cutter off the middle rope to pin Caristico in the first fall. 

A tecnico comeback led to the action picking up in the second fall. After stereo flip dives dives by Flip and Volador, Caristico submitted Guerrero with La Mistica for the tecincos to even the falls. 

Mephisto kicked mascot KeMonito, and Volador made the save. Moments later, Mephisto gave Volador a super Devil's Wings for a near fall. Volador countered with an Asai moonsault.

The tecincos scored dual pinfalls in the third fall. Gordon hit a 450 splash to pin Guerrero, and Volador covered Mephisto after a super Frankensteiner.

Gran Guerrero defeated Niebla Roja in a mask match

Gran Guerrero won the second and third falls to take the mask of Niebla Roja.

Ultimo Guerrero was the second in Gran Guerrero's corner. Niebla Roja's brother, Angel de Oro, was in his corner.

Roja did a dive at the outset of the match with a tope through the ropes. They brawled on the floor with Gran Guerrero gaining an advantage. Guerrero was dominating when Roja hit a springboard crossbody. Guerrero rolled through to reverse a pinning attempt, then Roja rolled through with another reversal to pin Guerrero in the first fall.

Into the second fall, Guerrero caught Roja and powerbombed him on the floor. Back in the ring, Guerrero submitted Roja with a modified wristlock using his leg to grapevine the arm. That evened the falls at one apiece. A docotor checked on Roja between falls, which played on Roja coming into the match with an injury.

They brawled on the floor again. Roja ripped Guerrero's mask and did a flip dive to the outside. The near falls and false finishes began deep into the third fall.

Guerrero escaped a Boston crab, and then Guerrero kicked out after taking a Code Red. Roja got another near fall with a hurricanrana.

They brawled on the outside again. Roja leapt off the barricade into the waiting arms of Guerrero for a powerbomb in an aisle at ringside.

Roja delivered a running Liger bomb for a two count. Roja followed with a super Frankensteiner for another close count. Guerrero got his knees up on an attempted lionsault and Roja kicked out.

Guerrero used an inverted super powerbomb for another near fall. Roja countered with a schoolboy, but Guerrero once again kicked out. Roja then picked up Guerrero for a chicken wing facebuster off the middle rope. Guerrero still got his shoulder up at two.

In the closing moments, Guerrero picked Roja up in a fireman's carry. He flipped Roja into a Michinoku Driver to score the deciding pinfall.

Niebla Roja unmasked as Sergio Raymundo Chavez, age 31, with 11 years of experience as a professional luchador.