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CMLL Arena Mexico results: Reyes del Aire


Images: CMLL

Lucha libre from Arena Mexico on Friday night featured the Reyes del Aire tournament showcasing the “Kings of the Air” in a high flying spectacle.

The 2017 Reyes del Aire featured one lengthy mesmerizing elimination match with a group of tecnico high flyers joined by rudos as their solid bases for an arsenal of high spots. The format allowed for almost constant action as the 16 participants tagged in and out with eliminations occurring via pinfall or submission.

Though not technically on teams like in a Survivor Series match, the tecnicos and rudos did mostly work as two factions throughout the match. The teamwork began to deteriorate as the match progressed and more eliminations whittled away at the field. Much like The Highlander, in the end there can be only one. That sole survivor won.

The main event was also supplemented with an undercard.

Pequeno Nitro & Mercurio defeated Aereo & Acero

After dropping the first fall, the rudos went on to win the last two falls. In the first, an assist from Acero led to Aereo landing a flying dropkick and pinning Nitro. Acero then springboarded into a quebrada and pinned Mercurio.

In the second fall, Nitro pinned Acero after a plancha off the top rope before Mercurio powerbombed and also pinned Aereo.

The third fall built to Aereo applying an armbar, leading to Mercurio breaking the hold by jumping in. That started a series of saves with Acero making a save and so did Nitro.

A series of intricate spots in the closing moments led to Nitro cradling Aereo, scoring a pinfall for the rudos. For the tecnicos, Acero swooped in to score a pin on Nitro only for rudo Mercurio to subsequently deliver a package piledriver for the deciding fall.

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Silueta, Skadi & captain Princesa Sugehit defeated La Metalica, Reyna Isis & captain Dalys

The first fall built to the captains squaring off. Dalys begged off, backpedaling from Sugehit. Her teammates then scored pinfalls with a moonsault press by Silueta on Reyna and Skadi also delivering a backbreaker on Metalica.

Dalys instigated a brawl at the start of the second fall, benefiting the rudas. Team captain Dalys caught the opposing captain in a submission hold to even the falls.

The rudas continued to dominate into the third fall. Sugehit led the charge for a tecnicas comeback. After a parade of dives, Sugehit submitted Dalys to win the deciding fall.

Special edition drink cups featuring Dragon Rojo are available, and continued to get plugged weekly with a sexualized commercial in addition to women modeling the drinkware live in the arena.

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Sam Adonis defeated Rey Cometa

Cometa holds the Mexican National Welterweight Championship, but this was a lightning match so it was non-title and had a 10 minute time limit. It ended after the nine minute mark.

During his entrance, Adonis waved an American flag with Donald Trump's face on it as part of his over-the-top heel American character. That got him a ton of heat in Arena Mexico.

As the match got underway, Adonis flipped over the ropes on a dive to the outside sending Cometa reeling. Cometa quickly recovered with an Asai moonsault. Back in the ring, Cometa sailed into a corkscrew plancha only to get cut off on a tilt-a-whirl.

Adonis briefly got heat on Cometa until Cometa fired up. He climbed the turnbuckles but Adonis tripped him up to set up a superplex.

They traded near falls. Cometa applied a submission hold but Adonis got a rope break. Moments later, Adonis put his feet on the ropes for leverage as he underhandedly pinned Cometa to win the non-title lightning match.

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Stuka Jr., Diamante Azul & captain Atlantis defeated Kraneo, Negro Casas & captain Ultimo Guerrero

The rudos overtook the tecnicos​ at the outset when they jumped them at the start of the first fall. Guerrero ripped at Atlantis’ mask, playing on their rivalry where Guerrero previously lost his mask to Atlantis. The rudos took the first fall as Kraneo pinned Stuka and Guerrero submitted Atlantis.

The rudos maintained their advantage heading into the second fall. Tearing at his mask again, Guerrero revealed a portion of Atlantis’ face. An angry Atlantis fired up and tore into Guerrero. Suddenly the tide turned.

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Stuka splashed and pinned Kraneo, followed by Azul gorilla pressing Casas into a falcon arrow for another pin to take the second fall.

During the third fall, Guerrero and Atlantis built anticipation for their showdown. Guerrero either begged off or powdered out whenever Atlantis tried to square off with him as the fall began. They would eventually collide in the ring.

Meanwhile, Azul ran down the ramp and leapt into a senton on the floor. Casas followed that with a dive off the apron. In the ring, team captain Atlantis applied La Atlantida on opposing captain Guerrero for a submission to win the deciding fall.

Afterwards, Atlantis cut a promo on Guerrero. He challenged him to a title match for the NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship. Ultimo Guerrero accepted the challenge.

Angel de Oro won the 2017 Reyes del Aire in an elimination match

The tecnicos and rudos stood across from each other outside of the ring at the start. In the ring, the lucha was one-on-one with a rotating cast hopping on the apron to tag in. The tag rules eventually gave way to bedlam. It was definitely one of those don't blink or you'll miss something kind of matches.

Soon into the match everybody got involved as a melee developed with a parade of dives and wild moves. For the first elimination, Volador pinned Luciferno after a superkick and a backstabber.

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The parade of high flying continued into the next elimination. Mephisto launched Titan in the air for Cavernario to annihilate him with a flying dropkick. Cavernario then pinned Titan.

Angel de Oro was bumping around and looked on the brink of being eliminated when Gran Guerrero walked into a superkick by Oro. Guerrero fell backwards and Maximo Sexy flew into the ring to splash him. Maximo pinned Gran Guerrero for an elimination.

Teamwork played into two luchadors getting eliminated next. Dragon Lee superplexed the much larger Mephisto while Hechicero simultaneously powerbombed Lee. For dueling eliminations, Volador leapt off the middle rope into a quebrada to pin Mephisto as Hechicero tied up Dragon Lee and submitted him.

Valiente got major hang time moonsaulting off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Cavernario did his infamous crazy splash off the top to the outside. That started a chain of dives seeing Mistico fly and Niebla Roja sail through the ropes. Maximo joined in too.

La Mascara tried dispatching Volador by whipping him into the barricade. Mascara went on to target Valiente with superkicks and flying knees in a corner. Mascara pinned Valiente for an elimination.

Mistico next eliminated Cavernario by submission with La Mistica. That led into a series of exchanges and big moves, one after another in succession.

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Hechicero eliminated Maximo Sexy via pinfall when he executed a swinging backbreaker after being kissed by Maximo.

Caristico submitted La Mascara using La Mistica. The rudos then jumped Caristico for a beatdown. Mistico flew in for the save. Oro once again just fed into a high spot as his star would not shine until the end.

Volador pinned Hechicero after delivering a backstabber to eliminate him. Tecnicos squared off when Volador and Caristico had issues that led to Volador ripping Caristico's mask. Mistico tried to make peace and a shoving match began. Euforia took advantage of the tension among the tecnicos. He caused Caristico to accidentally superkick Volador. Euforia then submitted Caristico to eliminate him.

Soon after, Niebla Roja eliminated Mistico with a flapjack bomb off the ropes. That left the final four. Volador tried a frankensteiner that almost went horribly wrong on Roja. Nevertheless, Volador still pinned Roja for an elimination and three luchadors remained.

Volador was shining the most when Oro trapped him in a submission hold and Roja broke it up. Oro did a dive onto Volador on Roja. They caught him and threw Oro into the first row. Euforia also found himself deposited into the first row for a setup to Volador springboarding into a plancha to ringside.

Volador ate boots when he went for a moonsault on Oro. Euforia then applied a submission hold to eliminate Volador.

Angel de Oro swooped in to submit Euforia for the final elimination to win the 2017 Reyes del Aire.