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CMLL cancels events amid coronavirus outbreak


The last major promotion that was still running regular events in front of live crowds has shut down.

CMLL, the world's oldest wrestling company, announced today that effective immediately, starting with tonight's show at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City, everything is on hold. They had already announced late last night that their Guadalajara shows on Sundays and Tuesdays were off.

Shows announced as well for tomorrow, Tuesday and Friday at Arena Mexico, the famed cathedral of Lucha Libre, are canceled. This coming Friday's show was one of their biggest events of the year, El Homeaje a Dos Leyendas, built around Felino vs. Cavernario in a hair vs. hair match.

Lucha Libre AAA’s Rey de Reyes event, which was scheduled for March 21 in Merida, has also been postponed.

It now appears that last night's show at Arena Mexico will be the last pro wrestling event before a live crowd for the current time period.