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CMLL Leyenda de Plata tournament results: Negro Casas vs. La Mascara

Negro Casas vs La Mascara

During a time of many ongoing or upcoming tournaments, CMLL held their own annual tournament that honors the memory of the most famous and revered luchador in the history of Mexico as La Leyenda de Plata (or The Silver Mask) honors the legend in the silver mask, El Santo.

Friday in Arena Mexico, the Leyenda de Plata tournament final featured a previous winner and legend in his own right, Negro Casas, against La Mascara. The winner gets a plaque. However, a semi-main event trios match stole the show.


Robin & Sensei defeated El Cholo & Artillero

What started off well and got the crowd excited at first soon started to drag. Then, it ended shortly thereafter. It was decent enough for an opener. Técnicos, Robin, and Sensei won the first fall while the rudos won the second. For the third fall, Sensei submitted Cholo and Robin used a tiger driver on Artillero to score the deciding pinfall.

Ultimo Dragoncito & Eléctrico & Astral defeated Mercurio & Demus 3:16 & Pierrothito

The crowd came alive for this minis match, and rightfully so, as it was great. Técnicos won the first fall when Eléctrico covered Demus, and Dragoncito submitted Mercurio. Rudos won the second fall when Pierrothito submitted Eléctrico and Mercurio pinned Astral with a rolling cradle. Técnicos won the third fall when Dragoncito hooked the legs of Pierrothito on a huracanrana to score the deciding pinfall.

There were some great dives in the last fall with Astral and Eléctrico doing stereo Asai moonsaults off the top rope and Dragoncito also did a big dive somewhere in there.

Super Crazy & Sharlie Rockstar & Golden Magic defeated Shocker & Terrible & Rey Bucanero

In a trios match billed as Liga Elite vs. CMLL, Shocker’s team represented CMLL and were rudos. They attacked the Liga Elite team before the match started, and everyone began brawling. The CMLL team pummeled the Liga Elite team throughout the first fall.

After a triple powerbomb on Golden Magic and a elbow drop by Shocker, the CMLL rudos won the first fall via pinfall. The rudos continued to mostly dominate throughout the next fall. They were triple-teaming Super Crazy when he started making a comeback that led into him applying the tarantula.

The Liga Elite team went on to win the second fall when Golden Magic pinned Shocker and Sharlie Rockstar (formerly Charly Manson) submitted Terrible. In the third fall, Rey Bucanero fouled Super Crazy with a blatant kick to the groin causing a disqualification, giving the Liga Elite team the win.

After the match, the rudos stomped and beat on Super Crazy, leaving him laid out.  

Atlantis & Stuka & Diamante Azul beat Ephesto & Mephisto & Luciferno

Of course, the legendary Atlantis was the biggest star in the match, and probably on the whole card, as part of the técnicos. The rudos came out dressed as monks during their entrance. After disrobing from their frocks, they went on to win the first fall when Ephesto covered Atlantis.

Técnicos won the second fall when Stuka pinned Luciferno before Azul also pinned Ephesto. They all six did a tower of doom spot in the last fall.


(Photo: CMLL)

Stuka leapt off the top rope with a torpedo plancha on Ephesto and pinned him. Moments later, Luciferno used a huracanrana on Stuka to even the fall.

To save the day, Atlantis triumphantly rushed into the ring and applied his Atlantia (torture rack) submission hold on Mephisto, submitting him to give the técnicos the victory in the deciding fall.

Místico & Volador, Jr. & Valiente defeated Ultimo Guerrero & Euforia & Gran Guerrero

Notwithstanding the dives and aerial highspots, this was great just with the atmosphere and their timing...and the dives were pretty freaking sweet too. Rudos won the first fall via submission by stretching the entire “Sky Team” all at the same time.


Técnicos won the second fall with Volador executing a top rope Frankensteiner and covering Euforia for a pin, while Valiente also delivered a tombstone into a gutbuster on Gran Guerrero then pinned him.

Amongst wild dives and crazy action in the third fall, Místico squared off with Ultimo Guerrero for a bit. The rudos got several near falls before they went into the finish.

Everyone began brawling, leading into a series of big dives by Valiente and Volador. When the smoke cleared, Místico used La Mistica on Ultimo Guerrero to win the third fall via submission.


(Photo: CMLL)

Leyenda de Plata tournament final: La Mascara defeated Negro Casas

Tiger acted as a second for Casas. Likewise, Terrible accompanied Mascara.

Having won the tournament before, Casas was looking to win another plaque. Instead, he got kicked in the family jewels for no apparent reason, and it cost him the match. They tried their best throughout to build some drama but the finish was flat after the crowd crapped on it.

It was indeed a bad finish, and it took them three falls to get there. Mascara got the first fall via pinfall after he hit Casas in a corner with running double knee strikes. Between falls, Mascara stomped Casas while he was still prone on the mat.  When Casas’ mini tried to make the save, Mascara started stomping him too.

Casas made a comeback and won the second fall via submission with the scorpion deathlock. Late in the third fall, Mascara goaded Tiger to jump on the apron. That distracted the referee so behind the ref’s back and Mascara gives Casas a low blow. He then covered him for the pinfall.

Mascara won the tournament, but he apparently was not done, so he kicked Casas in the head before leaving with his plaque. Casas would eventually rise to his feet and wave to the crowd with his mini joining him in waving to the crowd to end the show.