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CMLL reportedly fires Maximo Sexy and La Mascara


Super Luchas magazine reported that both Jose & Felipe Alvarado, better known as Maximo Sexy and La Mascara, were fired from CMLL stemming from the incident yesterday morning where a number of members of the Alvarado family destroyed the car of Jose Gutierrez (Ultimo Guerrero) in a story that may have even more significant ramifications.

The incident was seemingly that the Alvarado family expected that the position of the head of the company controlled wrestlers union would go to a family member, and Felipe in particular expected he would get the position his father held. There was apparently a meeting on Thursday where Gutierrez spoke negatively about Jesus Alvarado (Brazo de Oro, who passed away on April 28th), and the next morning the furious family destroyed his car in a private parking lot at Arena Mexico.

Gutierrez said he was pressing charges so now police are involved in the situation.

There are many questions because other Alvarado family members. most notably Super Porky, still work for CMLL. Super Porky is currently out of action due to health reasons but is one of the most enduring stars in Mexico. Felipe is close with the Munoz family, which includes Mistico, Rush and Dragon Lee, and the Casas family is related to the Alvarado family by marriage.

Maximo was off last night's show in Arena Mexico, where he was scheduled in a trios main event and replaced by Marco Corleone without explanation. La Mascara wasn't booked on the show.

Maximo Sexy was the CMLL World Heavyweight Champion and La Mascara was the CMLL Light Heavyweight Champion. CMLL owns both names.

What makes this even more of an issue is that Psycho Clown was one of the family members who was there while the car was being destroyed, except he was unmasked. Because the footage could make mainstream news, it also affects AAA's biggest match of the year, Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. in a mask vs. mask match.

AAA would look bad in not punishing Psycho Clown, and would expose their biggest money match in years if they did get rid of him. There's also the thought that AAA, who has lost a lot of talent, would welcome the recently fired members of the Alvarado family.