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CMLL reveals lineup for 86th Aniversario show


The full card for CMLL’s 86th anniversary show has been announced.

The main event is a seven man steel cage match where the last person inside the cage will lose their hair. Ciber The Main Man, Ultimo Guerrero, Gilbert el Boricua, Volador Jr., Negro Casas and Big Daddy will be the participants in this match.

Another high profile match has Marcela defending the CMLL World Women’s championship against Dalys la Caribena. A minis mask vs. mask match is also set, with Microman challenging Chamuel.

Additionally, a Mexian Naitonal Trios title match will take place as champions Forastero, Cuatrero and Sanson will defend against the team of Caristico, Mistico and Valiente.

Here is the full card for this year’s anniversary show, which takes place on September 27th at Arena Mexico:

  • Ciber the Main Man vs. Ultimo Guerrero vs. Gilbert el Boricua vs. Volador Jr. vs. Negro Casas vs. Big Daddy where the last man in the cage loses their hair
  • Forastero, Cuatrero and Sanson vs. Caristico, Misticio and Valiente for the Mexican National Trios titles
  • Microman vs. Chamuel in a mask vs. mask match
  • Mephisto, Ángel de Oro and Niebla Roja vs. Gran Guerrero, Euforia and Dragon Lee
  • Marcela vs. Dalys la Caribena for the CMLL World Women’s title
  • Dulce Gardenia, Diamante Azul and Titan vs. Hijo del Villano III, Hechicero and Rey Bucanero
  • Stigma, Audaz and Rey Cometa vs. Misterioso Jr, Tiger and Virus