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CMLL wrestler Thunder passes away at 34


Luke Fordward, the CMLL wrestler known as Thunder, passed away today.

Daniel Lopez, (Hall of Famer El Satanico), his trainer and the father of Fordward's girlfriend, had reported a few days ago that he was gravely ill and needed a miracle.  It is believed that he passed away due to lung cancer.

In a translation of a quote by Fredo Esparza, Lopez talked about Fordward.

"I don't have the words to thank everyone for so many prayers and blessings," wrote Lopez. "Friends, family, confidants, every fan since all this has served.  Luke Fordward "Thunder," member of my family has left us today and I know that thanks to all of you best wishes his road was illuminated.  It hurts so much what we are going through and today he has beaten the damned cancer, but starting today we have much more strength from all of you to continue fighting and more importantly to cover to gran luchaadora, my daughter Daniela, and with the help of our angel that is now with God, we will come out of this difficult moment. Once again, thank you to everyone.  We will miss, you Luke,"

Fordward had been used as a headliner in CMLL until disappearing a few months ago.