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FMW star Hayabusa dead at 47

Eiji Ezaki, best known as Hayabusa, passed away on Thursday from bleeding on the brain. He was just 47.

Ezaki started as the masked Hayabusa in Mexico in 1993 and came back to Japan in 1994 as the FMW representative in the Super J Cup. Hayabusa was the best flying wrestler in the promotion, an innovator in his era, and grew to be the top star in the promotion after the retirement of Atsushi Onita. He also used the name H.

He had remained the top star in FMW until he suffered a career ending broken neck when he slipped on the ropes doing a quebrada (the same move Chris Jericho uses as the lionsault) in a 2001 match with Mammoth Sasaki at Korakuen Hall. The injury left him paralyzed.  After wrestling he attempted to make it as a singer while working in a wheelchair.

He was eventually able to walk and last year in a public appearance in front of many of the biggest stars in wrestling like Genichiro Tenryu, Kenta Kobashi and Keiji Muto, he got out of his wheelchair and was able to, with the aid of a cane, walk to the ring.