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Lucha Bros vs. Munoz family set for The Crash's anniversary show


Two of the Muñoz family members will clash in November against Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

The Crash announced during this evening's show that Rush & Dragon Lee will meet Pentagon Jr. and Fenix on their 8th anniversary event in Tijuana on November 1. However, Rush later said that it could be any Muñoz family members, meaning father Bestia del Ring could be part of the match.

Dragon Lee is part of the NJPW Super Junior Tag Tournament that takes place later this month and has not been cancelled from that tour.

Rush and Dragon Lee were released from CMLL just hours after the 86th anniversary event took place last weekend, with CMLL claiming it was due to the two not living up to the standards of the organization. There is ongoing turmoil behind the scenes which had led to younger wrestler's guarantees being cut.

There is also a power struggle ongoing that has led to Sofia Alonso, who was put in charge of the promotion following Paco Alonso's death, being demoted.

Jonathan Gresham and CIMA were also announced for the anniversary show.