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Lucha Underground 4-15-15 TV Report: Drago vs. AeroStar finish their best of 5 series


Last week, Super Fly lost his mask to Sexy Star in a nothing match due to Dario Cueto being an out of touch owner. Prince Puma also beat King Cuerno, so the prince toppled the king and we also got a brawl between these men and their allies who will team with them in the trios tournament. That continues tonight and we'll also have the final Drago vs. AeroStar match in their best of five series.

The show opens with a recap of the trios title being created by Cueto and Puma's team with Mundo and Hernandez being formed. We get a brief rundown of Hernandez helping Puma and the champion not wanting the help, and a rundown of the Drago-AeroStar rivalry. We go to the roof of the Temple with Cueto talking to AeroStar looking up at the heavens and Cueto telling him that while he looks to heaven for help, Drago uses Hell to guide him. AeroStar looked so cool here with his flashy outfit against the night sky.

Melissa Santos introduces Texano, King Cuerno and “They Call Him” Cage coming out for the opening match against Johnny Mundo, Prince Puma, and Hernandez. Hernandez is back in his LAX shorts and wifebeater instead of his short tights.

Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, and Hernandez vs. King Cuerno, Texano, and Cage

We return from a break to Striker saying that whichever team wins this will go onto the tournament finals. Hernandez and Cuerno start things off while Vamp buries Konnan a ton. Cuerno avoids a tieup and superkicks his stomach before chopping him in the corner. Hernandez responds by blessing his hand and chopping him in return. Fallaway slam into the powerbomb is countered, so he goes for a tree slam out of a sunset flip, but that's avoided until he finally grabs him for a gorilla press.

Texano darts in and runs wild in the corner before getting a tilt a whirl Oklahoma stampede in the corner and a Mundo tag brings him in. He gets a series of kicks in the corner while Texano was in a tree of woe and then finishes it with the capoiera legdrop. Puma and Mundo get a series of machine gun kicks to Texano, who fires back with an overhand chop to Puma's chest.

Cuerno comes in and they pull Puma to the corner while Mundo talks to the ref and distracts him in the process. Puma fires back with a series of standing kicks to make his own save before Mundo comes in. Great spot where Hernandez comes in to run wild and then he tosses Mundo above into a corner dropkick to both Texano and Cuerno. Cuerno gets a kick off the mat to Mundo's stomach and sends him to the apron, but he comes back with kicks. Texano runs in for a spinebuster for 2. He locks on a half-crab, which works on the back and the leg that Cuerno has hurt before.

Mundo gets to the rope and Cuerno tags in. Nice snapping flying standing elbow smash from Cuerno to Mundo gets 2. Striker sings “A Man Called Sting” while Cage comes in for a second before Puma gets tagged back in. Hernandez clotheslines Cage over the top and he dives onto Texano and Cage. Mundo and Puma superkick party prevents the Arrow of Death dive from Cuerno, leading to them hitting a double corkscrew dive to the other heels and Hernandez.

A “this is awesome” chant breaks out and Puma eats a series of heel corner shots before a 619 hits and sets up the Flying Chuck and a springboard 450 for 2. Puma gets him up, but can't slam him – Cage responds with a catch powerslam, but Mundo jumps in for a springboard spear to Texano. Puma gets a spinning blue thunder bomb, but can't get a cover. Puma rolls through the Thrill of the Hunt for 2. Texano Kos him with the bull rope and then Cuerno hits the Thrill of the Hunt for the win. Cuerno celebrates with the buckhead and Cuerno comes out and makes a preview of the trios tag title match between one of the members of each trios tag title finals team facing off next. This was a crazy match, but a lot of fun.

Back to the Temple where Cage is mid-ring, so he'll be that team's representative. The Mack is out for Ryck/Mack/Killshot, and Vampiro asks why Cueto's turned on by this kind of weirdness. Son of Havoc comes out for his team and gets a huge “Son of Havoc” chant – it's amazing how even with about the same amount of people in the building, the stars of Lucha Underground come off as much bigger than those in TNA because the fans are so passionate.

Cage vs. Son of Havoc vs. The Mack

Cage avoids a sunset flip and just tosses Havoc around for it. Mack sends Cage into the corner, but he eats a boot. Mack flies around with a Miz-style corner lariat before Havoc comes in and back elbows him and gets 2 off a standing moonsault. Cage picks Havoc up and back suplexes him down. He forearms Mack, but Mack responds with a running jumping knee. A suplex sets Cage up, but Havoc attacks him up top. Daivari is shown in the crowd on his tablet. Havoc hits a rana off the top sending Mack kind of on top of Cage. Havoc gets a Rousey armbar and Mack sentons Havoc to avoid a submission.

Cage lifts Mack up top and chops him. Havoc gets a Tower of Doom powerbomb leading to Mack rolling to the floor. Havoc gets a springboard double stomp to Cage and then dives to Mack on the floor. Cage catches him on a dive and suplexes him on the floor. Cage hooks a leg, but only gets 2. Weapon X is avoided by a Mack spinkick. Mack puts Havoc up top, but he eats a ton of elbows to set up an SSP. Cage pulls Mack out to prevent it since it's one fall to a finish, so he of course comes in to win with Weapon X – which takes eons to set up and actually do.

Perfectly fine little match here, but only Mack really shined in it. He comes off as being really special, but would definitely benefit from being in better cosmetic shape. A split-screen highlight reel is shown for the Drago vs. AeroStar rivalry, and that will be our main event.

We return to the Temple with Cueto talking to Drago in the bathroom about being impressed by him. Tonight, AeroStar wants to go to the top over him, and Cueto tells him that the dragon could emerge tonight as the man who impresses him the most. Melissa Santos tells everyone that Pentagon is here to dedicate his next sacrifice to his master, but he goes after Santos. This was played off very realistically and Vamp dropped his headset to come help, but before he could, Sexy Star dropkicked him and sent him packing before calling him an asshole. Striker says they're still on the air and the main event is next.

This was done absolutely perfectly – you could almost see it coming since there was no one else in there with Pentagon, but it was still a surprise and there was no “she's trapped in a ring” bit since he always had a hand on her and could theoretically do damage at any time. Cueto says Melissa is shaken up, so he'll do the honors. He gets a what chant, but continues on introducing AeroStar first. AeroStar is in white and gold while Drago is in blue and Vamp talks about him representing the darkness here.

Drago vs. AeroStar in Match 5 of the Best of 5 Series

Back and forth suplex is avoided, but Drago gets a brainbuster for 2. Vamp puts over how Eddie Guerrero did that and knocked guys out with it. AeroStar gets a springboard senton after some strikes in the corner. He goes up again, but Drago gets a tree of woe and a dropkick. Sitout Dominator hits for Drago and gets 2. Double-down off a double clothesline leads to a springboard dropkick sending Drago to the floor.

Trust fall on the floor hits for AeroStar. Drago comes back and gets a dropkick against the ropes. Drago lifts him up for a torture rack-style move, but Aero comes back with a DDT for 2. Drago misses a corner charge and Aero gets a reverse bronco buster for 2. Drago is in a 619 position and Aero gets a double knee shot to the back and 2. Aero goes for a la mahistral, but Drago gets a big lariat for 2. He grounds AeroStar and pounds away before tugging at the mask. Drago sends him to the apron and dropkicks his knee to send him to the floor. He gets some cocky kicks to the head and slams him on the floor.

Drago gets a table and Cueto is smiling. Drago attacks with punches and goes for something, but Aero stops him and puts him on the table. He gets a double jump dive and lands with his head seemingly smacking the floor while Striker yells “holy shit”. Aero nails a sprinigboard senton, but it only gets 2. Aero gets a cradle for 2, and Drago gets a flip out of a sunset flip into a dropkick. Drago kicks away while Aero gets punches, but eats the blockbuster DDT. Tail of the Dragon cradle lands and gets the win!

Drago and AeroStar hug and get a huge ovation. Cueto tells him that the unique oppurtunity will be a shot at the Lucha Underground title, but there's a catch – if he doesn't win, he's banned from the Temple forever! In a great bit, he immediately runs to his office to avoid a pissed off Drago. This was a super-fun show with everything serving a greater purpose. The only real standout match was the opener, as none of the other matches really had much time to be special. They've done a phenomenal job with building up the trios tag titles, and that should result in a great three-way trios match next week.