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Lucha Underground 4-22-15 TV Report - Trios Champions Crowned

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By Jeremy Peeples,

Last week, Drago won the best of five series with AeroStar and was reward a title shot. However, if he doesn't beat Prince Puma and claim his championship, he will be banished from the Temple forever. King Cuerno also beat Prince Puma last week in a trios match to put himself in that hunt and also place the Cage, Texano, and Cuerno team in the trios title match tonight. The Mack looked great in a three way match against Cage and Son of Havoc, but Cage's Weapon X prevailed. Pentagon Jr. tried to sacrifice Melissa Santos to his master, but before Vampiro could get involved, Sexy Star beat him to the punch. Tonight, the first trios tag team champions will be crowned in a three-way trios match - the first one in the history of Lucha Underground.

This week's show begins with a trios title tournament recap and the Pentagon Jr./Santos issue. Black Lotus tells us she's been training for eight weeks, and we see El Dragon Azteca tell her to come with her so she can kick a ton of ass in silhouette. Her training concludes by beating up Azteca for a bit, but him getting the edge to end the vignette. Vampiro and Striker start the show with the trios titles on their desk and Vampiro telling us several times that they have the best fans in the world. Vampiro talks about Sexy Star fighting tonight to start the show against Pentagon Jr.

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Match 1 - Sexy Star vs. Pentagon Jr.

A dueling chant starts the match off and Sexy takes him down and chops him before kicking him while he's kneeling. She goes for a reverse monkey flip and eats a big kick to the stomach. Vampiro talks about women being sacrificed to the gods many years ago while Sexy gets a brief edge with some corner shots. Sexy gets 2, but eats a nasty running kick to the back of the thigh. Vamp talks about doing bad things in a past life and still paying for it - he knows what Pentagon Jr is going through and understands it. Sexy goes for a somersault dive, but eats an Implant Buster for 2. Pentagon goes for the armbreaker, but Sexy rolls out of it. Sexy gets into a game of cat and mouse and wins it with a corkscrew headscissors into a DDT for 2. Sexy dropkicks a kneeling Pentagon and gets a flip dive to the floor.

They're on the floor until 9, but a Sexy charge leads to a poweromb lungblower that is quite low for 2. A second one hits and he goes for the armbreaker. Santos cheers her on here. Sexy gets a spinning lungblower for the win and a gigantic proclamation from Melissa Santos about her winning. A huge "Sexy" chant breaks out. Vamp says he almost wants to cry while Striker hypes up the trios tag title match. This was really good and they found a way to do a believable man vs. woman match for the first time in the promotion's history too.

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Back in the Temple, Mundo trains and is met by Alberto. Alberto mocks him for losing last week  and says that the Mundo-Puma match made him want to come to the Temple. Mundo tells him to watch what he says, and to chill out. Alberto and Mundo have no chemistry together, and Mundo is one of the worst actors on this show. Striker announces that Drago vs. Prince Puma will happen next week. Cage, Texano, and Cuerno come out first for the three-way trios elimination match. After the break, Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico come down. In a nice touch, Ivellise enters separately. Ryck and the Family come down after them and Striker hypes up the competitors.

Match 2 - Cage, Texano, and King Cuerno vs. Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico vs. Big Ryck, Killshot, and The Mack

Killshot and Angelico double-team Cage, but he dominates Angelico anyway. A big knee from Angelico sends Cage down. Cage responds with a double suplex. Texano and Cuerno double team Angelico with a series of moves - including a double team Codebreaker for 2. A Texano flapjack to Killshot gets 2. He chops Angelico down so hard that he does a flip! Angelico is such a great babyface in peril against a dominating Cuerno. A double team Cuerno-Texano flapjack goes awry somehow and Angelico fights back for a brief advantage. Killshot runs around and nails a double knee to Cuerno. Mack and Havoc are in with Mack hitting a swinging slam. A "Son of Havoc/Willie Mack" dueling chant breaks out and Mack hits a flip dive. Havoc does his dive fake-out, but eats Cage's discus lariat. Ivie lands a seated senton off the apron to the floor while Cage and Ryck duke it out mid-ring.

Cage slams Ryck and does a moonsault off the top to the floor onto the pile. Well, that'll be a GIF on the Lucha Blog tomorrow. Angelico gets a jumping knee to Ryck. Angelico and Texano fight on the apron and Angelico hits a flying knee sending them both into the crowd. Daivari attacks Texano. Striker says he has no idea who this is and calls him a shah. Daivari is still ripped. Striker now recognizes him, but can't think of his name. Well, thankfully TNA owns "Sheik Abdul Bashir" Killshot dives onto Texano with a sick double stomp and takes that team out.

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Ryck runs wild and Ivie holds her ankle after the dive. Mack chops away to Angelico in the corner. Killshot comes in and gets a swank basement axe kick for 2. Ryck drops an Abby elbow for 2. Ryck pie-faces Ivie and sends her to the floor. Mack gets a big dive onto Angelico and a huge "Willie Mack" chant while Vamp says that warrants a hug for Striker. These two are the most fun commentary team in wrestling. Angelico kicks out of a Ryck corner charge and sends Mack to the floor. Killshot gets a blue thunder lungblower, but Havoc tags in for the save. Killshot sends him down for 2. Killshot goes for a super reverse rana, but Havoc hangs on.

Ivelisse tags in and climbs up top to dive onto Ryck and Mack, but she gets caught. Havoc lands a reverse rana on Killshot and dives onto the pile to save her. Fall of the Angels corner to corner Razor's Edge hits and gets the win! Cueto congratulates them for winning the match...but there's one more hand-picked team that they have to beat. They will have to face The Crew in a no DQ match to win the titles.

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Main Event - Son of Havoc, Angelico, and Ivelisse vs. The Crew for the Trios Tag Titles

The Crew attacks Havoc and Angelico on the floor. Cisco attacks Angelico in the crowd. Bael goes after Ivie. Cisco nails a chop on the post to Angelico. Ivie is mid-ring with Bael injured and Striker says nothing she's done warrants this. Havoc makes the save, but he eats a corner forearm from Bael and then a sliding dropkick from Cisco. Angelico and Cortez fight in the crowd while Bael chokes Ivie out with a kendo stick. Cisco gets a suplex to Havoc off of a short balcony...kinda. Havoc climbs up and moonsaults off the balcony to Cisco. Angelico dives from the top of the Temple into the ring to save Ivelisse! She grabs the kendo stick and nails The Crew. Angelico and Ivelisse get a huge chant and Havoc hits an SSP while Angelico gets a double stomp for the win! This was fantastic! It was really clunky, but super-fun. Striker goes on and on about how great this team is and how this show has been around for so little time, but has already delivered tons of great matches and moments and this was another example of them. Striker talks about everyone's story and how they've all overcome odds in pro wrestling and now, they're champions. A huge "you deserve it" chant closes the show. Wow.

Striker was just amazing for the last few minutes here just totally putting everyone over like a million bucks. Each trios match was fun and very good in different ways. The main event had a special feel to it. Kind of like EC3 vs. Rockstar Spud, it may not have been something you can quite equate into a star rating, but everyone on the face side felt like far bigger stars afterwards than they did going into it. Go out of your way to watch this show.

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