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Lucha Underground 4-29-15 TV Report - Drago vs. Prince Puma Title Match

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By Jeremy Peeples,

Last week, the previously-dysfunctional team of Ivellise, Son of Havoc, and Angelico came together to beat not only their set opponents for the Trios titles, but also The Crew in a surprise main event. This match featured a dive so crazy that Vampiro marked out for it by running around, and can be viewed on Youtube thanks to El Rey picking it as the showcase match of the week. Daivari was also shown in the crowd again, but kicked Texano's ass while Striker had no idea who he was. That was definitely not good. This week, Drago gets his shot at Prince Puma's Lucha Underground Title, but has to risk his career inside Cueto's temple in the process. Other than the Sexy Star vs. Super Fly mask vs. mask match, this company has done an outstanding job of making title matches, gimmick matches, and stipulations mean something.

The show begins with a recap of the Trios tag team champions' journey to the gold. Angelico's crazy dive gets its own slow motion replay. The story of Drago is told, with his series against Aerostar being shown and then Cueto giving him a shot at the title if he risks his LU career. Cueto and the Crew have a meeting. Cueto says he gave them a layup for the titles, and they couldn't get it done. He takes them to a mysterious building and then plays with his key. We learn that Motenza is his brother, and if they disappoint Cueto again, they'll suffer at Motenza's hand.

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Vamp and Striker welcome us to the show and they talk about the stakes of tonight's title match. Melissa Santos is mid-ring with Fenix, who is in our first match. He'll do battle with Killshot. Striker talks about Killshot normally being in a team environment, but going solo for the first time here.

Match 1 - Fenix vs. Killshot

Killshot and Fenix shake hands while Vamp says that Killshot reminds him of an MMA fighter due to his shorts and tattoos. Back and forth arm wringers before a dropdown leads to a dropkick sending Killshot to the floor. Tiger feint leads to a dive from Fenix. Fenix limps into something off the ropes, but eats a nice dropkick and then eats a big dive from Killshot. He springs into nothing and ducks a dive with a Matrix move and nip up before a slap exchange. Fenix goes for a choke, but Killshot gets a lifting snap brainbuster for 2. Fenix gets a series of kicks, but eats a somersault cutter.

Killshot lands a back suplex into a lungblower for 2.5. Fenix tosses him into the corner and gets a flying kick and a basement dropkick. Back and forth on a superplex lift leads to Fenix getting a big kick off the top. Killshot goes for a Super german, but it's flipped out of and he gets a backfist to the face and a big superkick. Fenix gets a running fire thunder driver for the win.

Cage vs. Cuero vs. Hernandez is announced for later on tonight. Cueto meets with Drago and tells him that he never got a thank you. He said that the stipulation works for him because Drago has survived while his king has gone extinct. He doesn't need to be thanked, but after tonight, he thinks he will.

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Cueto meets with Puma and tells him he knows he has second thoughts about ending a man's career, but it will make him a stronger man and a warrior. Hernandez asks Cueto what he's doing and he says he's just talking to Puma. Hernandez says he doesn't care about Puma, who is listening on the other side of the lockers. Cueto says the three way is now a top contender's match and Hernandez says he likes that. Puma is shown heartbroken at his former ally's attitude, while Cueto looks back at the champion happy to have stirred things up a bit.

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Match 2 - Famous B vs. Vinny Massaro vs. Argenis

Famous B is back and he'll face Ricky Mandel and Vinny Massaro and Argenis. Vampiro says they're all here as former victims of Pentagon Jr. Striker says that money is a great incentive to heal. Texano comes in and beats them all down before the match can really get going. Texano tells Daivari to come to the Temple and get the beating of his life. A man in an Aztec pride shirt meets with Cueto outside the Temple. He's Marty "the Moth" Martinez and he has Aztec blood going through him. The Temple is his destiny, but Cueto doesn't have time for him and thinks that while anyone is welcome in his Temple, he'd just be squashed like a moth.

The band sings a song to greet us before the triple threat number one contender's match between Hernandez, King Cuerno, and Cage. Everyone comes out and we get a very quick recap of the issue between them. Clips would be nice.

Match 3 - Hernandez vs. King Cuerno vs. Cage

In an amusing bit, Vampiro says that this three-way match will be the first singles match for Hernandez here. Cage and Cuerno double team Hernandez, who eats a standing Cage moonsault. Cage schoolboys Cuerno for 2. Cage clubs him down. Double superkick to Hernandez. Cuerno clotheslines Hernandez in the corner, but eats a Cage German suplex across the ring. Cage goes for a wacky slam, but gets countered and Hernandez runs wild with kicks and a flying shoulderblock. Cuerno hits a hard overhand chop to Hernandez, who pounces him down.

Hernandez goes for the Border Toss, but Cage hits a leg lariat to send him down. Cage and Cuero land a flapjack/kick combo ala a 3D. Hernandez boots Cage to the floor. Hernandez picks him up for something new - a dominator liftup into an inverted Samoan drop! Marty runs in and declares that "MARTY THE MOTH IS HERE"...and gets beaten up by Cage and Hernandez. So for the second show in a row, "a fan" has gotten involved. This never goes well for companies. Hernandez gets a sitout Dominator on Cuerno for the win.

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An ad for Lucha Underground shows everyone getting out of cool cars and then doing flips and dives. They focused on being "in the zone" because they're now sponsored by Auto Zone - so they've acquired some kind of sponsorship, which bodes well for their future. We return to Vamp interviewing the Trios champions. Ivie rolls her eyes when Vamp talks to Havoc, and takes all the credit. I like that they're not just suddenly friends now. Havoc says that he single-handedly advanced them in the tourney, so he should be captain. Angelico says that the only reason they have the titles is because of his insane dive. Well, they all pretty much have a valid point here.

Vamp says that they spoiled Cueto's plan and he asks if Ivie can even go since she's in a cast. Havoc says they're a team and they'll fight as a team. They all argue while Vamp gives up all hope and just leaves as the most pleasantly-disgruntled man ever. Melissa Santos introduces the participants and explains the stipulation. Drago comes down in a swank red outfit. Puma comes down with Konnan while Striker calls Puma the fightingest champion in wrestling who elevates the title with every defense. We get a break plugging merchandise. Hey, if you can learn one thing from TNA, it's that.

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Main Event - Drago vs. Prince Puma - Lucha Underground Title vs. Career

Vamp says that Drago is feeling fear, and it's now clear that Drago is in orange gear. It still looks cool. They shake to start and we get a tumble exchange before a Drago armdrag and a Puma flying headscissors give each man a brief edge. Electric chair position sets up a rana for Drago that sends the champion to the floor and into position for a tornado dive that hits perfectly.

Drago kicks and chops away in the corner before kicking his knee out from under him. Vamp tells him to be more aggressive here because he's giving the champion a chance to recover. Drago misses a corner charge and eats a missile dropkick. Vamp is a bit more ruthless here, while Puma hits a Fosbury flop moonsault to the floor. Puma gets two off of that and Vamp says that he's showing more of a killer instinct now. Given how much he's buried Konnan, it wouldn't be surprising or illogical to set up Vamp as his tutor down the line.

Puma gets a bizarre backbreaker and spins around into a gutbuster and then does Drago's cradle, but it only gets 2. Puma gets a European uppercut, but takes too long on a corner charge and eats a superkick and a spring-up tornado dive that gets nothing because Puma kicks out instantly. Drago gets a tilt a whirl armdrag and a wacky lucha submission that's a bit like an Octopus stretch on the mat alongside a crossface. Puma gets to the ropes and Striker says Drago isn't taking too many chances here given the stakes.

Puma gets 2 off of a Regalplex. Puma goes for an Alarm Clock, but eats a series of kicks and a rewind rana for 2! Drago lands a power drive elbow, but eats a discus elbow. Drago nails him with one and then a spinning back elbow ala Jon Jones. Drago gets 2 and they get a "this is awesome" chant. Striker says this could be the last time he hears those chants here. Drago slaps away, but eats a hard kick. Puma goes for an Alarm Clock, but spins Drago into the ref and takes him out. Drago gets a Canadian Destroyer, but there's no ref. Hernandez darts in and hits Drago, which pisses off Puma. Puma doesn't want to win this way, but Konnan tells him to show no mercy, so he hits him with a spinning fire thunder driver for the win.

So now Drago's career in the Temple appears to be over, while Puma retains his title with great regret. He hugs Drago and raises his hand. Striker says "thank you for the memories, Drago!". There's putting someone over, and then there's evoking a video package that encompassed Ric Flair's entire 30+ year in-ring career for someone who has been excellent in a six month old promotion. Drago gets a "thank you Drago" chant as he leaves. He meets Cueto and says they'll meet again before Drago goes through a door and an explosion happens. So either he's blown up, he spontaneously combusted, or Drago went through a different door and Cueto just set off an explosion so it would look cool on his show.

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Cueto was the star of the show tonight. He's out to send his own soldiers to their doom, and failing him means you'll either be killed by his brother or fire will envelope your being! This was a really big storyline-building episode of the show. You've got Cueto going from less of a goof to more of a tyrant with a sick and twisted side to him. The Crew is on notice, and while that started the show off with a sense of dread, the fact that the Trios champions aren't getting along does help them out because it means they should have an easier time with far more motivation now. Puma also knows that Hernandez is against him, and has to wonder if Konnan is as well. While he never liked Hernandez, he clearly cares for Konnan, and he wants to do what he can for Hernandez since he's so close with Konnan.

If you would like to see every screenshot taken for the show, just click here for the full gallery.