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Lucha Underground 5-27-15 results & TV report: Prince Puma vs. Hernandez title match

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By Jeremy Peeples,

The Big News

Prince Puma retained his title against Hernandez and The Crew's loss last week resulted in one of them being killed off by Dario's Cueto's "monster" brother. Mil Muertes also powerbombed Fenix through the ceiling of Cueto's office and sent him to Hell in the process to win their death match.

Last week, Marty the Moth debuted against Prince Puma and did fairly well against the champion. Daivari also paid off Big Ryck to be his hired thug and take out Texano during their match to give him his first win in the company.Johnny Mundo had a sitdown interview with Vampiro and explained just why he tossed Alberto through Cueto's office window. Speaking of that busted window, one of The Crew went flying through it during the show's Crew vs. Havoc, Angelico, and Ivelisse trios title ladder match. It featured not only that, but a slew of other crazy things, including an Angelico dropkick to the ladder off the office. It was a pretty good show overall and yet anotherå easy watch for Lucha Underground. This week, Hernandez gets his title shot against Prince Puma and Mil Muertes returns from the grave to fight Fenix in a death match.

This week's show begins with a recap of Mil Muertes's life and demise in the casket match before being revived by Katrina. The history of problems between Prince Puma and Hernandez is run down to set up tonight's match, while Mundo's attack on Alberto is shown too. Black Lotus arrives at the Temple, but Chavo tells her that Dragon Azteca wants her to be protected. Chavo says his grandfather was there when her parents were killed, and the Guerreros hate the Cuetos as much as she does. Well, that's a ridiculous thing to add to the story. Striker and Vamp run down tonight's card while Varmp rocks out to the house band.

Mid-ring, Melissa Santos introduces Aerostar. Striker says that he lost the best of five series to Drago, but wound up still having a job. Mundo comes down, and Santos has a nice silver dress and matching tiara. Striker says the fans appreciate all of the luchadors.

Match 1 - Aerostar vs. Johnny Mundo

Mundo and Aerostar have a little tieup won by Mundo. Mundo grinds his boot into his face with him pinned against the ropes. Striker says that Mundo didn't just shatter Cueto's window, but he shattered the glass ceiling. Aero gets a top rope 619 and gets 2 off a springboard splash. Mundo gets him on the apron and stomps his head in. Aerostar prevents a dive by dropkicking the knee and hitting a flip dive. Aerostar gets his knee kicked in while coming into the ring and Mundo hits a neckbreaker over the knee and a Russian legsweep for 2.

Mundo hits an awesome raw liftup slam right out of the Brock or Swager playbook. Sidearm choke by Mundo is locked on, but Aero gets the ropes. Vamp talks about there being a drinking game for whenever he says "brother", so he says it a bunch. Apron high kick from Aero leads to a springboard double knee strike for 2. Aero prevents the End of the World, so Mundo just beats him up with punches. Aero goes for a tornado DDT mid-ring, but Mundo hits a northern lights suplex into the buckle and gets the End of the World for the win. Mundo going for a more grounded, realistic style is far better for him.

After a break, Vampiro meets with Sexy Star who says she isn't afraid of Pentagon Jr. We get a montage of arm snapping and Vamp asks if she's still friends with Super Fly after unmasking him. Vamp says she let Fly get his arm snapped and she says she couldn't get to him. Vamp says Cueto made Sexy vs. Pentagon Jr. in a submission match. She says she's got a lot of submissions, and the Sexy Star vs. Pentagon Jr. rivalry will end next week.

Melissa Santos introduces the next match - Hernandez vs. Prince Puma, so the death match will be the main event. Hernandez has new velvet tights and a black top - each adorned with a white crucifix. Puma comes down slapping hands while Konnan greets him at the bottom of the steps.

Hernandez vs. Prince Puma - Lucha Underground Title Match

Puma uses his speed to evade Hernandez, but he eats a flapjack soon enough. Puma gets a sliding dropkick to the knee and a sliding kick to the head. He sends Hernandez to the floor and does his own strut against him. Outside-in shoulderblock is met with an armbar Codebreaker from Puma. Puma gets a darting corner crossbody and kicks him down, but only gets 2. A pair of uppercuts are met with a mid-ring bodyblock by Hernandez. Hernandez chops him in the corner before doing a surfboard with the ropes.

That only gets 2. Some shoulder blocks in the corner lead to a big leaping senton by Hernandez. Hernandez picks him up off a sunset flip attempt, but eats a kick. Cracker Jack sends the champ from one side of the ring to the other and only gets 2. Hernandez gets an over the shoulder backbreaker and a Train Wreck for 2. Puma kicks him off a corner charge, but eats a rock a bye baby powerbomb for 2.  A back elbow prevents a Border Toss, and Puma gets a chair while Konnan distracts Hernandez on the apron. Puma nails him with a chair and dashes into the ring. Puma gets a dive to the floor to prevent a countout.

An apron Border Toss hits Puma just like it did in the tag match where Hernandez officially turned on him. Hernandez can't get a Border Toss into the balcony area, but Puma runs past him and hits a corkscrew moonsault off of it on the floor! Big dive hits, but only gets 2 while the 630 misses! Inverted torture rack drop gets 2 for Hernandez! Puma goes for a leaping move, but Hernandez plants him with a powerslam. Hernandez's splash is met with a pair of knees and then a kneeling superkick and more kicks get a 2.9!

This is by far the best match Hernanez has ever had. Puma goes up, but gets taken down. Puma avoids a superplex and lands a series of punches and kicks. He finally sends Hernandez down and gets the 630 for the win! This greatly exceeded any expectation you could really have going in, and Hernandez worked really well with Puma.

Back in the Temple, Melissa Santos announces that the death match is next. Fenix comes out first in flame red and yellow with black trim. Fenix does his ropewalk and spins off into the ring. Mil Muertes and Katrina come down to the ring with three new enforcers. Muertes has traded in his blue-striped gear for black, which looks better.

Main Event - Fenix vs. Mil Muertes - Death Match

A Fenix dive is met with nothing, and Muertes just punches him down. Muertes chops him in the corner as we see the enforcers on the floor. Muertes powerslams Fenix down, but Fenix gets some kicks to the back. He knocks Fenix down as Vamp says Mil scares the shit out of him. Fenix crotches Muertes up top and eats a corner-to-corner kick. Fenix gets an Asai moonsault, but eats a shortarm lariat. Muertes grabs a chair and just clobbers Fenix's head in. Well, that was needless. Muertes smashes Fenix's head into the barricades, but Fenix fires back with kicks and dives off the top of them to take Mil down.

Fenix only gets 1 off of that. Fenix gets a series of kicks on the mat and standing, but he is hiptossed to the floor by Muertes. Muertes climbs up top and dives onto Fenix with a crossbody block. That was insane to see given how huge he is. Mil smashes him into the announce table and nails another chairshot to the head before breaking a land-speed record while running up the steps with Fenix in a fireman's carry.

Muertes and Fenix fight on top of the office, and MUERTES POWERBOMBS HIM THROUGH THE CEILING OF DARIO CUETO'S OFFICE! The ref bangs on the door to be let in and Striker says we'll go to a break. Wow. That was in-freaking-sane! After the break, we get the first replay in the history of the show and the goons break down the office door. They carry Fenix out much like Mil was carried out, but without the casket. Muertes hits the snap flatliner and scores the win via three count. So then a death match in LU is just a regular match with no DQ apparently. Katrina gives Fenix the lick of death while the heels stand tall. Cueto meets the Crew in his brother's lair and he forces them to choose a member. They choose Castro, who is put against the bars and seemingly killed as blood splatters the faces of the other two members Well, that got dark pretty quickly. This was yet another really good episode of the show, with two must-watch matches.