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Lucha Underground 6-3-15 TV Report - Sexy Star vs. Pentagon Jr. Submission Match

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By Jeremy Peeples,

The Big Takeaway

Chavo turned heel on Black Lotus after selling out to Dario Cueto, who threatened Black Lotus with her brother - the monster who killed Bael last week and killed Lotus's parents. Jack Evans also won an ancient medallion by beating Argenis, while the Trios champions beat Big Ryck, Cage, and Daivari to defend their titles. In the main event, Pentagon Jr. beat Sexy Star with the help of Super Fly, who Sexy Star beat a while back in a mask vs. mask match.

Show Recap

Last week, Lucha Underground featured Hernandez's best singles match to date as he lost to Prince Puma in a Lucha Underground title match. Johnny Mundo also used a more physical and grounded style as a heel to earn a victory over Aerostar. In the main event, Fenix was powerbombed to the depths of Hell by Mil Muertes and Bael had his face eaten by Dario Cueto's brother.

We start the show with a rundown of the issues between Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr., including the arm snap of Super Fly. The trios title ladder match is recapped and the super dropkick is shown. Sexy Star beating Pentagon Jr. a month or so ago is shown as well. Last week's murder wasn't shown though. Cueto meets with Chavo, who says that he quit, but Black Lotus is here and was trained by Dragon Azteca.

Cueto apparently hired Chavo to take her out, and Chavo tells Cueto that he's siding with whoever the highest bidder is. Cueto grabs tons of cash, and Chavo tells him to just get him protection in Mexico. A band sings us in as Vamp welcomes us to the show. Striker hypes up tonight featuring the first submission match in company history, and there will be a trios title match too. Jack Evans comes down to the ring as Vampiro talks about the history of the term "gringo". Argenis comes down face the brash young rudo. Cueto tells Argenis that he comes from a great family, but no one cares about him. I loved Evans saying that it's completely true, and Cueto says that Evans lost, so whoever wins the match here gets a medallion.

Match One - Jack Evans vs. Argenis

Striker talks about Argenis's family and Evans cheapshots him. Evans grabs his chin and slams him down hard. Jack hits a round kick to the chest against the ropes, but a springboard rana is countered by Argenis with a powerbomb. Argensis gets a big low blow and a huge pop for it. Evans yells about his testicles, and then kicks Argenis all over. Standing corkscrew moonsault from Evans gets 2. Argenis clips the knee from the front up top, but Evans rolls through with a reverse flying armbar.

Striker talks about Evans being a blue belt in BJJ while Vamp puts over his Muay Thai background. Back elbow hits from Evans. Mid-ring handspring elbow is met with a German by Argenis. Evans is sent to the floor and hits a flip dive. Evans responds with a flip dive into a rana that is not quite smooth, but works. Argenis bonks him into the "rusty" railing for 2. Argenis gets a Backlund lift into a Michinoku driver for 2. Evans gets a backslide with a bridge for the win! This was short, but pretty fun. They don't even show him getting the medallion - instead, they just go to a Star-Pentagon showdown video.

In the locker room, Daiva tells Ryck that they've got a trios title match tonight. Ryck says they should pick The Mack, and Cage kicks Mack's ass to get in the match. He tosses him into the lockers, knocks them down, and then slams him down onto them. Ryck is told to leave his cousin, and does so reluctantly. Chavo tells Lotus that Cueto agreed to let her wrestle, and Chavo told her she can her hands on Motenza and then she kicks Chavo's ass. She knows something's up, and avoids a sneak attack by The Crew, but is jumped by Chavo, who grabs cuffs. Well, this was a series of unexpected things that all worked out nicely.

The band sings us in for the next match - the trios title match. As the heels come down, Striker says that while the challengers may seem thrown together, Cueto must think highly of them. Vampiro chastises them for smoking AND drinking on the way to the ring. The champs come down and Ivie is still on crutches, but in fairly small ring gear. She's hopping down step by step, which seems like a great way to put too much strain on the other foot.

Match Two - Daivari, Big Ryck, and Cage vs. Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico

Angelico kicks away at Cage, who chucks him around. Nice European uppercut by Cage leads to corner shoulder charges, but he rushes in and eats an elbow. He darts off the the ropes and Havoc tags in. They argue and Vamp tells these fools to stop arguing and look at the opponents. Daivari tags in and eats a tilt a whirl headscissors and a Muta-style handspring elbow. Leg trip leads to a standing moonsault for 2.

Ivie yells to be tagged in as Daivari hits a jawbreaker. Corner strike exchange leads to Angelico and Cage tagging in again. Flying forearm smashes to Cage and Ryck help him out, but Cage hits a press slam and Ryck comes in. Ivie sits in the crowd and Ryck gets 2. Ryck beats him down in the corner and tags in Daivari as Vamp calls him a money stooge. Daivari tosses him down for 2. Ryck gets a delayed suplex and Cage tags in to take over for the suplex - love that. A pumphandle slam is countered with kicks from Angelico. Powerbomb hits for Cage and gets 2. Angelico reverses another powerbomb into a schoolboy for 2. Flying knee takes Cage down. Ryck comes in and bowls Angelico over to prevent a tag.

Daivari comes in with a backdrop. Daivari talks smack to Ivie and shoves her down while Texano comes down and helps out the faces leading to a Havoc SSP off the top for the win! This was a really fun match, and it furthered Texano's face turn since he'll help out others in a situation that doesn't automatically help him. Pentagon Jr. vs. Sexy Star is up next.

We return to Cueto's office as Chavo and The Crew bring Lotus in tied up and Cueto threatens he with his brother so he never gets lonely again. And then we just get the "lu-cha" chants and neither commentator has thoughts on this. Well, that's a bit odd. Pentagon Jr. comes down and Striker talks about him leaving a lot of broken bodies in his path. Logically, Pentagon Jr. should've come down second so Sexy could be there to protect Melissa Santos from him if need be.

Main Event - Pentagon Jr. vs. Sexy Star - Submission Match

Pentagon grabs the mic and says he'll break Sexy Star because HE IS...interrupted rudely by Sexy Star. He chops the hell out of her and sends her down. Wind up chop to the chest. Jesus. Corner clothesline from Pentagon is met with a corner lariat, but Pentagon regains control. Pentagon goes for the arm snapper and she avoids it by smashing his face with her knee. Vamp says his 14 year old daughter looks up to Sexy Star while Striker puts her in the same company as Ronda Rousey and Danica Patrick.

Running rana by Sexy sends him to the floor where he eats a flip dive. Sexy kicks away against the stage and then tosses him into the post. Sexy tosses him off the ropes and superkicks him down before getting a leglock and grinding on the neck before modifying it a bit with a neck crank. Pentagon gets her into a tombstone position, but turns it into a submission by locking his body and her knees, leading to her turning it into a makeshift La Mistica.

They trade kicks, but Pentagon wins that war. Pentagon locks on an inverted Edgucator and Sexy gets the ropes. Pentagon responds with a superkick from Hell to the jaw. They go to the floor and she climbs up the barricade for a crossbody block. Sexy gets a spinebuster and a half crab. Super Fly comes in and slaps her and throws her into a package piledriver and locks on the surfboard before adding in a necklock and getting the win. This was pretty good too - another fine night of action here, and Pentagon Jr. gets another dangerous move in his arsenal. Vamp prevents an arm snap as the crowd chants wildly for him. Striker talks about "what Vampiro used to be" setting up him wanting to come back and then Striker says a whole bunch of silly things in a row before we go to the locker room for a monologue with Vampiro running through what he's said before as he headbutts the mirror and finds the darknesss within.