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Lucha Underground July 15 TV results & recap: Puma and Mil Muertes confrontation

By Jeremy Peeples,

Last week, we got an even more fun show than usual. Pentagon Jr. had a skit with his master and swore vengeance on Vampiro's real name of Ian Hodgkinson for going soft, while The Mack and Cage had a fun little opener. Vamp and Pentagon were the stars of the show as we also got a sit-down interview with Pentagon once again insulting Vamp.  Mil Muertes destroyed Son of Havoc to set up both his own title match and the Trios Title match on Ultima Lucha. The main event was a crazy 8-person tag won by Johnny Mundo thanks to cheating to beat Sexy Star. The show concluded with the usual sendoff being changed up by Pentagon Jr. jumping Vamp, dousing him in gasoline, and getting a match against him at Ultima Lucha after threatening to burn him alive.

The show begins with a recap of Dario Cueto finding seven ancient medallions and wanting to give someone on his roster immortality. After that, we get a bit of the Sexy Star-Super Fly feud and the Pentagon Jr. and Vampiro issue. Dario Cueto meets with Pentagon Jr. about the medallions - Pentagon Jr. doesn't want them, and if he did, he'd just snap his arm and take them. Pentagon Jr. said he wants to force Ian Hodgkinson to accept his challenge. Pentagon Jr. said the Master will be revealed when he is ready. Mexican Dubwiser is our band, and Striker gives a shoutout to one of them having an M. Bison outfit on.

Striker says that with the main event set for Ultima Lucha, we'll have more stuff with the ancient medallions. I like this - the focus shifts from the top title to the secondary goals, and gives them time to seem important. Bengala is in the ring to face someone, and it turns out to be Daivari. Striker calls Daivari a millennial.

Bengala vs. Daivari

Vamp says he's pissed off by Daivari's attitude, and he throws his drink on the fans. Bengali's Ultimo Dragon zebra cosplay gear is something else. Bengala gets a big wacky armdrag and then flips to the floor onto Daivari. Daivari distracts while Ryck attacks on the floor. Bengala gets a handspring elbow and a DDT into a victory roll for 2.5. Superkick gets 2 for Bengala. Daivari tosses Bengala into the ropes, but he opts to dive onto Ryck. Bengala goes up, but gets superplexed while Vamp talks about wanting to take a bet. Luckily, it's just on how many bad things he can say about Bengali. Heel cheating backfires and a deadlift German wins for Bengala while Striker makes a ton of bad cat jokes. Striker hypes up Ultima Lucha while Vamp says he has to go for a bit, and he comes to the ring to a huge Vampiro chant.

Vamp says he's been around a long time and has wrestled for 30 years. For weeks, Pentagon Jr. has been pushing him to have one more match - which gets a "one more match" chant. He says his time has come and gone and he has no ego, but he got covered in gasoline and was nearly lit on fire. He can dig that though because Pentagon Jr. reminds him of himself. Pentagon tells him to stop crying and stop talking crap. He came here wanting an answer for Ultima Lucha, and the fans chant to Vamp that he's still got it.

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Vamp says his name is Ian Hodginson, and Pentagon says his name is what and gets a big chant going. Vamp says that he can go back to his master with his answer - Ian Hodgkinson isn't who Pentagon is going to face, resulting in a big Vampiro chant. Ian says that Vampiro is coming back to kick his ass - so basically, Foley had three faces and Ian has two. Vamp lifts him up and drills him with a chokeslam before going into the people amid a huge "Vampiro" chant.

In the locker room, Sexy Star gets ready and reaches into her bag - which has Super Fly's mask in it. We get clips of their mask vs. mask match and she leaves the mask on top of her bag. I hope she doesn't have an iPad in that bag because she didn't lock it up or anything. Vamp says he's ready to kill somebody, and Striker says that he's got a job to do. Melissa Santos is mid-ring for our medallion match.

King Cuerno vs. Killshot

Well, this sure is a random match. The ref holds up the medallion, and my money's on the guy who is over. Cuerno pushes him into the corner and chops away with knife-edge chops and a sick overhand one. Killshot lands a big dropkick and a corner elbow before doing a snapmare and a basement calf kick for 1. Killshot is sent to the floor and Cuerno goes for the Arrow of Death, but he gets kicked. Cuerno gets sent to the floor and hit with a wonky-looking flip rana. Cuerno kicks Killshot, before Killshot does the same to him again. Striker says that this medallion could give you power in Lucha Underground - isn't eternal life a bigger deal?

Killshot gets another apron kick and a froggy crossbody for 2. Cuerno lands a big flying knee and sends him to the floor. Cuerno hits the Arrow of Death to a huge "lucha" chant from the fans. Cuerno can't get the Thrill of the Hunt, but gets a sick dragon sleeper with a back bridge for the win. Striker hypes up the next match - Sexy Star vs. Super Fly.

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Super Fly comes down to a new theme and tons of boos. Sexy Star comes down while Striker says she is blurring the gender lines in wrestling. What now? I know the story they're trying to tell, but that isn't even happening in this company. Striker says this is their third match and Vamp says it's a medallion match.

Sexy Star vs. Super Fly

A dueling Let's Go Sexy/Super Fly chant breaks out and Sexy chops him leading to a Super Fly dropkick. Sexy knees him in the balls and gets an armbar for the win. Well, this sure made Super Fly look bad - and it didn't make Sexy Star look good either. She comes off like a coward. Marty the Moth comes out while Vamp says he wants to call him a jerkoff, but he won't...but you just did. Marty introduces himself and wants a shot at her medallion. Sexy accepts giving us.

Sexy Star vs. Marty the Moth

Armdrag sends Marty into the corner. Marty catches her off a crossbody and really delays the scoop slam for whatever reason. Sexy kicks and chops him while Vamp asks about Marty's possible Facebook aliases. Marty gets a figure four and it's reversed. Marty goes for a slam and Sexy wins after La Mistica to defend her medallion. Prince Puma confronts Mil Muertes next.

Striker hypes up Ultima Lucha on August 8 and they run down the card with clips. Alberto vs. Mundo, Texano vs. Blue Demon Jr, Disciples of Death vs. Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico, Hernandez vs. Drago, Vampiro vs. Pentagon Jr., and Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes are shilled perfectly. If you only ever saw this show, you would know what the big picture issues were for Ultima Lucha, and it's something WWE and TNA could learn from.

Dario comes out to an "El Jefe" chant. Dario says that in three weeks, we'll get Ultima Lucha for the biggest prize in lucha - the Lucha Underground Title. But, since he is impatient, he wants them to face off now. I like that we get a logical reason for this stuff happening. Puma comes out while Striker says that the show has had only one title, and if nothing else, LU has the best-looking belt in Lucha Underground. Puma doesn't have Konnan, while Muertes lacks Catrina.

Catrina shows up on the steps and Cueto asks her to leave. She can teleport, so I don't think that will work. Mil's goons attack, but Konnan kicks ass with the pimp stick. However, it's used on him and he takes what we'll generously call a bump for that. Catrina smashes the bag with the rock in it and Konnan bumps for her. They bring the coffin out and put Konnan in the same coffin he was put in. They wheel it away and Mil flatines him. This was all pretty great stuff - they efficiently built up everything on the big show.